Monday, 28 July 2014



Zoompad said...

And he also phoned me up and told me my case was "not cost effective", I have no idea what he meant by that.

I would like to meet him and fling that letter into his face, he is a liar as he said on day 1 of the enquiry "NO STONE WILL BE LEFT UNTURNED", I felt like crying when I heard him say that, as he'd already blocked some of us from the enquiry from giving evidence even before he said it, and that makes him a bare faced liar.

All I wanted was a few measly minuites to tell what happened to me. I am Pindown child abuse victim and was sent to EMERGE (Survivors Trust) Councelling but they made me go to St Georges Psychiatric Hospital for it, and thats one of the places I was abused at as a child, and they opened me up and I got very upset, as I always do, talking about it, the session was an hour, and at the end I had to go home on the bus, and I just remember walking in between two triggering hideous places, St Georges and Stafford Prison, and I collapsed in the road, and someone called for ambulance, it was so scary as my whole body turned trembly, like I was made of jelly, and I couldn't talk, it was like my whole body just shut down

Zoompad said...

At A and E, the nurses were furious with me when they found out I was not a road traffic accident, ad they physically assaulted me in fromt of approx 40 witnesses and CCTV cameras right in front of the big doctors desk, and they were mocking me as I lay weeping on the floor, I just wanted to be swallowed up through the floor, I felt like a zero, what they did, and thats what I wanted to tell the enquiry, but Robert Francis wouldn't let me, and I would like to ask him to his face why he blocked me and others from the enquiry, and why he lied and said that no stone would be left unturned, when quite clearly huge dirty great boulders were covered up!

Anonymous said...

I had not heard of robert francis but this is just awful.
It has been exposed on zoompad that shambala the youngs peoples festival sponsors PIE and peter tatchell, well i found out today that the secret garden party festival had a homosexual disco right in the middle of a family festival, the traders nearby were furious, w2e were disgusted.
can you imagine the kick up if there was a heterosexual disco ?

Anonymous said...

my personal opinion for whats its worth is that the government is reponsible for all the sex attacks on boys in the care homes and orphanages, by making homosexual perversion legal and encouraging it, has given many pervs the courage to attack young boys

Anonymous said...

barbara only the people of satan would encourage child sex and homosexual perversion
read this to see who they are

Anonymous said...
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Zoompad said...

The comment containing the link above didn't work, thats why I have removed it.

I haven't published another comment, the disgusting one wishing Peter Tatchell good look and carry on raping little boys, I won't post any of your vile comments if I can possibly help it. May God make an example of you to all the other wicked and cowardly ones who mock the Lord by preying on children, may God punish you so that all the others witness it and know that the hand of God has been lifted.

Zoompad said...

I'm sorry but I don't really understand whats going on in Gaza, and don't really understand what its got to do with the UK. How can you even expect me to be reliably informed by television and newspapers, after the disgusting way I and other Pindown children have been treated, after the Pindown over up and reabuse of victims? The media tells you what they want you to believe, and its not necessarily the truth.

David Cameron has enough trouble governing this country, without getting involved in other countries, him funding people like Peter Tatchell to go to Russia stirring up trouble has got us into a fine mess with Putin, what are they trying to do, start up WW3?

To me, whats going on in Palestine is a disgrace. Two nations who claim to love God showing their love for God by using the gifts of Gods earth to blow one another to pieces. How can anyone understand that, it is stupid!