Saturday, 19 July 2014


Dear Stephen,

I am quite sure you read this blog, certainly some of your close friends do, so I thought the easiest way to send you a letter would be to do it on my blog.

I know you suffer from depression, so do I, I suffer from PTSD, because of the abuse I suffered as a child, and the reabuse since. Depression is a horrible thing, like a dark tunnel that you can't see light at the end of, it is very frightening.

I like to watch Highway to Heaven with Michael Landon and Victor French, it is a beautiful program, both those men were flawed, as all human beings are, but both were Christian believers who loved God, they couldn't have made such a program if they had been otherwise. I don't know if you have seen that program but if you haven't you should have a look at it, its being broadcast on the UK True Entertainment channel (61 where I live) and you can get it on DVD. I am sure you already do have a copy of the Holy Bible.

Watching that program made by those two Holy Spirit inspired yet flawed Christian men has put it in my mind to do this open letter to you.

Do you want to be truly free of your re-occuring depression? Why don't you ask Jesus to forgive you for blaspheming against him, you have done, by comparing him with Oscar Wilde, making out that Oscar Wilde was a Christlike figure. Oscar Wilde was a man tormented by his own sin, what he did was evil, and instead of repenting of his sin he tried to blag it out, and now people are making him into some sort of hero, instead of shunning him in terror, as one of the unsaved!

I'm not going to compare you to Oscar Wilde, because you have a concience and its so obviously pricking you. THATS whats causing your depression, and that concience is a gift from God, given to you to prick you into turning from the things that are wanting to pull you into wickedness and damnation. We all have a concience, its proof of Gods love, and we can all choose wether to listen to that concience or to ignore it - that is the free choice that God has given to all of us.

I am urging you to put your faith in Jesus Christ, I am praying for your soul. I don't hate you Stephen, even though your involvement with Stafford Police and these dodgy awards has affected me personally, thanks to the Lord speaking to me via that old television series I realise that whatever happens to me in this world I have the blessed assurance of eternal life in paradise, so anything that happens to me here is only temporal, sad as it is, I have all eternity to make up for the vale of tears in this life. Jesus said we were to bless even our enemies, to turn the other cheek and to pray for those who persecute us, to TRULY wish to share the Bread of Heaven even with those who persecute us.

I hope you will get to read this and to fully understand what I am trying to say

With the love of Jesus Christ, BarbaraRichards aka Zoompad


Anonymous said...

i would not bother talking to vermin like stephen fry, i am not prejudiced against perverts
but young boys must be protected.
norfolk college then called norcat
has many tales of stephen fry taking lads out to his home for parties which ended in boy nobbing antics
and frys support for peter tatchell shows who he is

Zoompad said...

I thought I would try appealing to his better nature, if he has one, he needs to know that children are being abused, and he could actually do something to stop it, if he chose to, instead of feeling sorry for himself for having unnatural urges.

We all have temptations of one kind or another to overcome, but overcome them we can, with God's help, if w choose to humbly beseech God to help us, rather than telling wicked lies about God in order to try to justify our own sinful human desires