Sunday, 27 July 2014


James Reeves has blocked me on Twitter because I was frantically trying to tell people who were proposing Michael Mansfield QC to take over the investigation that Baroness Elizabeth Butler Sloss has resigned from.

I kept trying to tell people that I had contacted Michael Mansfield QC a few year ago and begged him to investigate the institutional child abuse and cover ups, and the secret family court forced adoptions and fosterings, and the use of syndromes that were invented by American paedophiles in the UK secret family courts, and that Michael Mansfield refused to get involved.

I suggested Judith Reisman as the right person to take over the enquiry, as she has been campaigning against the Kinsey Institute for decades, but no-one wanted to know, and James Reeves has blocked me over this, claiming I was attacking him when I wasn't, all I was doing was urging him to listen to what I was saying about Michael Mansfield!

Its weird when people accuse you of attacking them when all you've tried to do is show them the truth, and thats why I am posting the photo I took of what he said to me on Twitter, as it doesn't make any sense to me that he's treating me like this, but I also had the same thing when I tried to tell him and others about John Hemming.

I feel sad about posting this as James is a victim of child abuse as well, but I'm just not going to let them treat me like this any more, sidelining me, ignoring me when I try to tell them the truth, and falsely accusing me of being aggressive.

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