Thursday, 31 July 2014


I have told Eileen Fairweather the freelance reporter all about disabled children including my son being taken to Drake Hall prison from the special school they attended for PE lessons.

She has contacted me before to ask me to remove certain comments, disinformation,posted anonymously about her, from this blog, which I have done, and apologised for them too, as its difficult for me to know who is telling the truth and who is lying, plus for quite a long time this blog was unmoderated, and comments were automatically posted without me necessarily seeing them, as at first I didn't know how to run a blog, I've had to learn things as I've gone along, we didn't do blogs on the CLAIT course I took in Stone when I first learned how to use a computer.

Eileen wanted me to keep quiet about this, but I can't do that, and I hope she can appreciate why, given my background and all the awful things that have happened. I know a lot of people from a lot of countries read this blog, good people and bad people, I hope the bad ones are shaking in their boots, and I pray for God to bless the good ones with wisdom and courage.


Anonymous said...

Ask Eileen has she finished the book she was writing about Mr D Panton and Islington care homes ?

Zoompad said...

I don't know. She's now told me that she can't write about the taking of my son and his schoolfriends from Walton Hall Special School to Drake Hall Prison for PE lessons without us the parents consent or knowledge until September.

I dread to think what is going on in Eccleshall concerning vulnerable special needs children. I don't think any of those children can or should have to wait until September before someone actually does something to investigate!

Zoompad said...

Dear Barbara,

It sounds from your reply to my question that the prison visit/s were in 2010 or 11, or possibly even earlier, given that your son started at Drake Hall in 1997 - if, say, he was not then a five year old, but older?

If so, I'm afraid that that it will be impossible for me to place a news story about this, as it is a longish time in the past, and editors tend only to want to cover events that are happening now. That is sometimes frustrating but unfortunately beyond my control.

It is still of course a deeply worrying thing to have happened.

I'm sorry I can't be of help.

Very best wishes,


Zoompad said...

So basically, unless it happened three seconds ago the newspapers wont touch it.

The same old time limitations. but I'd bet that if someone could drag something juicy about me to damage my integrity, the newspapers the British Buggery Club Sky and all the others would be there like a shot and I'd have my name and picture plastered all over everywhere, just like Jade Goody did!

Anonymous said...

Hi. How can I contact Eileen Fairweather please. I'm a desperate mum who has lost her children.