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This order appears to give the right to strip the assets of people suspected of terrorism, and restrict their travel. Which sounds like a good idea, until you start to examine the people involved in this.

Jack Straw, for example. This man, whilst in his position of authority at the Ministry of Justice has allowed thousands of ordinary UK mothers to be treated to CIA styled deliberate systematic psychological torture in the secret family courts. Mr Straw can not pretend that he had no idea that these crimes were not being committed, as he was kept well informed by people who were being tortured. The torture methods have mainly been used against women and children, a different method of mind manipulation has been used on men, something more subtle, which I will explain in a future blog post.

It's difficult to describe the horror of the secret family courts, but I will do my best. It is as if you had been sucked into the Frank Kafka novel, "THE TRIAL". What happens is that you get summonsed to court, and encircled by people who are more like robots than people. You are presented with paperwork which you find it difficult to understand - you are overwhelmed by paperwork. You try to find out the reason that you have been taken to court, as you cannot think what you are supposed to have done wrong, and you are accused of vagaries such as having a bad attitude, or being spiteful. You try to get to the root of why you are being labelled so, and the more you dig the more confusing paperwork you have to deal with, and you cannot sleep because of the worry and confusion, you lose your zest for life, you start falling prey to all sorts of illnesses and generally feel really run down and exhausted. This can all go on for years, I know of cases which have lasted 10 years. All this time you are threatened, you are threatened with imprisonment, with losing your children, your home, and living under such continuous terror day and night causes depression. On top of that, you are threatened that if you tell anyone about the court case you will be committing contempt of court and could be jailed for two years and have everything taken away from you, your children, your home, the whole lot.

This is terrorism.

Jack Straw is fully aware of all of the above and he has not only allowed it all to happen, he has deliberately tried to bring in even more tighter secrecy around these illegal torture chamber courts. At the same time, he allowed a Libyan terrorist who blew up a plane load of people to go back to his own country, to a hero's welcome!

So this is the reason I think it is well worth looking at this document and seeking to understand the real reason Mr Straw and his New Labour cronies were so very keen to rubber stamp it.

2006 No.1250
2006 No.1249
1. This explanatory memorandum has been prepared by the Department for Constitutional Affairs and is laid before Parliament by Command of Her Majesty.
2. Description
2.1 These Orders will allow the Channel Islands and Isle of Man to give effect to Resolution 1636 (2005) adopted by the United Nations Security Council on 16 October 2005. They will enable the Island authorities to introduce measures, such as travel bans and asset freezing orders, against individuals suspected of involvement in the terrorist bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, on 14th February 2005.
3. Matters of special interest to the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments
3.1 None.
4. Legislative Background
4.1 The Orders are made under section 1 of the United Nations Act 1946 which empowers Her Majesty, by Order in Council, to make such provision as appears necessary or expedient for enabling measures under Article 41 of the UN Charter (not involving the use of armed force) to be effectively applied to any part of Her dominions.
5. Extent
5.1 These Orders apply to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man only.
6. European Convention on Human Rights
6.1 As the instrument is subject to negative resolution procedure and does not amend primary legislation, no statement is required.
7. Policy Background
7.1 United Nations Security Council Sanctions apply to the Crown Dependencies and Statutory Instruments are required to give effect to them in the Islands.
7.2 The Orders follow the Lebanon and Syria (United Nations Measures) (Overseas Territories) Order 2006 closely but include adaptations and modifications relevant to the Crown Dependencies. They have been drafted by DCA lawyers in consultation with the Law Officers in the Crown Dependencies. The final text of the Orders has been agreed with the authorities in the Crown Dependencies.
7.3 The UN Security Council, in adopting resolution 1636, decided that all states are to take certain measures against individuals suspected of an involvement in the planning, sponsoring, organizing or perpetration of the terrorist bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, on 14th February 2005. The bombing resulted in the death of former Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafiq Hariri and 22 others.
7.4 The Council also decided that all such individuals suspected by the Commission, or the Government of Lebanon, of involvement in this incident at any level should be subject to travel restrictions and freezing of assets measures.
8. Impact
8.1 No Regulatory Impact Assessment has been prepared because there is no regulatory impact for the UK Government. Responsibility for the introduction of any travel bans or asset freezing measures within the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man rests with the Islands’ own authorities.
9. Contact
9.1 Any enquiries about the contents of this memorandum should be addressed to: Mrs S Smith, Crown Dependencies Branch, Crown Division, 6.04 Selborne House, 54 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5QW

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Zoompad said...

Oh yes, and whilst we are talking about terrorism, I have reason to believe that New Labour politicians are involved in what happened in London yesterday, the spurring on of rioters to go on a smashing expedition, which has left over 50 people injured, at least two of them seriously. I wrote to my own MP and to Mr Cameron over a month ago to express my concerns.