Friday, 31 December 2010


Gazza has just said something very enlightening on his Blog of Doom.

"As this Blog is coming to a close next month it brings everything together in a fantastic way and Diane Smith has done an excellent job for which we commend her."


Hmmm, now who is this Diane Smith? You see, some very nasty comments have been made about me, which Gazza has confirmed have come from Staffordshire. Posting crap in my name, the fake ZOOMPAD, complete with my water colour self portait, which I have not given anyone permission to use, the origional watercolour self portait being in my possession.

There is a Diane Smith in Staffordshire, a lady with pretentions of grandeur, the spin doctor of David Kidney MP who I met at the Democracy Club in Burslem and who launched into an attack on me and accused me of telling lies concerning the abuse I suffered as a child in a PINDOWN childrens home, Chadswell Assessment Centre, which was being run by paedophiles, and later in St Georges Psychiatric Hospital Stafford where I was kept on an adult mixed sex ward for a year, with schizophrenics, sex abusers, drug addicts and depressed people as my only companions, and denied access to my Grammer School education which I had won a scholarship for, at the same school the Poet Laureat Carol Ann Duffy attended, Stafford Girls High School. As I have well documented proof of my childhood, I was pretty annoyed when the nasty old bitch accused me of lying, and said so in no uncertain terms. She also slagged off Julie Bailey, from Cure the NHS, who has tried to get answers as to why so many people, including Julie's own mother, were treated in a vile way at Stafford Hospital. To top it all, Diane Smith was crowing about how her hero David Kidney had wiped the floor with David Cameron in the Stafford local election a few years ago. So when the nasty old hag wrote to the Stone Post letters and tried to stir up trouble and get students to protest at the Conservative Conference in Birmingham, I wrote to David Cameron to inform him of the fact that she is Kidneys spin doctor and sent him a copy of the letters page out of the newspaper as I thought it was my duty to inform the PM of any incitement to riot, especially when it appeared to be politically motivated.

So, is this the same DIANE SMITH or is it a different DIANE SMITH?

I think another letter to Mr Cameron might be a good idea, under the circumstances.

Thanks for the useful info Gazza! You just can not keep your big trap shut can you mate?


rico sorda said...

Hi Zoompad

The Troll Gazza thought Diane Simon ( Jep Journo) was called Diane Smith. He has referred to her as Diane Smith.

Do not worry about the Troll

Have a nice New Year


Zoompad said...


I did think of that possibility myself.

But I know Diane Smith has taken an interest in the corrupt Jersey spin doctors blog site, so I am keeping an open mind on this. There is information on that blog of doom which only someone with access to my confidential documents could have known. I know who has illegally obtained that information, and I know their associates.

Gazza is quite stupid and has a big gob. He has a tendency to let things slip in his haste to post malicious spite. He drops clangers.

Anyway, the truth will all come out.

Zoompad said...

And I have recently found out that the last MP for Stafford David Kidney, who Diane Smith is spin doctor for was involved in the Pindown child abuse cover up, so he is a liar, because he's another one who pretended not to know anything about it, yet he's in the actual Pindown report, WHAT A LIAR!

No wonder they tried to cover up the Pindown report by taking it out of all the libraries and not giving us Pindown victims a copy!