Friday, 17 December 2010


I have just recieved yet another letter from another distraught woman who has been subjected to what I can only describe as deliberate systematic psychological torture by the ILLEGAL secret family courts. This lady is not some piece of working class mentally unbalanced dog poo like myself, some piece of human scum who was put into a Pundown home - probably deserved all they got, "those kids were no angels" ect ect ect. SHE IS A MIDDLE CLASS PROFESSIONAL.

Now we have two types of court in this country. One is the court which is sanctioned by the Crown, the authority of which comes from the Word of God, which is why people are required to take an oath to swear they are telling the truth on the Holy Bible. This is the "12 good men and true" system that has given this country the reputation for having the best and fairest judicial system in the world.

And then there are the one judge courts. No jury, no accountability. And the worst of them is the secret family courts. Think about it. SECRET COURTS. No reporters allowed. No public gallery. No recording.

We have secret courts in the UK.

And these secret courts don't just prey on so called working class scumbags like me any more - they are after the middle classes now. Ask Jack Frost, author of "The Gulag of the Family Courts"

I have given this poor lady the information she needs to get some support and help. She has been to every newspaper in the country to tell her horrific story, but had no response.

The lady was so grateful that I replied to her cry for help. I'm just grateful that I saw it. I do not know a single person who has gone through these secret illegal courts who have not had their health affected. I know that some people have also committed suicide.

We all have to support one another.

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