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I was not going to make a special post, but when I read what the JERSEY HAUT DE LA GARENNE MURDER FARCE blog - a blog which is being run by two wicked men, who are puppets of the wicked politicians who have tried to cover up the Jersey Haut de la Garenne child abuse and possibly murder scandal, I thought I had better make an exception in this case.

They have taken my identity and they are posting malicious and hateful things using my identity.

PLEASE, Stafford Police, PLEASE will you investigate what these terrible people are doing and have done? It would be so easy to investigate these people. I know Stafford Police were not happy about me because I was abused as a child, but I did forgive Stafford Police for what was done to me as a child, you have the letters I sent expressing that forgiveness. It was all because of when I was a child, and the fly spray incident, the police in Stafford hated me for that, but I had no idea that I had done anything offensive at all just as I had no idea what an "Ice School Cap" was. That is the reason Stafford Police hated me and did that bad thing to me at the police station, I am absolutly sure, and why I was treated so badly. I was told by my brother that there was a big bluebottle in the room, and that is why I came in and sprayed the room. My brothers detested the police, because they were always in trouble, but I did not spray that room with fly spray because of any hatred of the police, but because my brother nagged and nagged me to, because there was a big bluebottle in the room, and I was completly innocent of any nasty reason for doing it. I was a very clever child, but for some reason - and I suspect the fact that ASPERGERS SYNDROME is genetic in our family, I really had no idea at the time that "Bluebottle" is a derogatory name for Policeman. But I can understand why Stafford Police would have been so angry, but what a way to take revenge! I have suffered so much because of what was done to me, even if I had been a wicked girl, and had meant to cause offence, I would have paid for what I did with interest. But I know that I was not a girl with a wicked heart, I was not the sort of girl to deliberatly cause grief to anyone. I was not a nasty girl and I am not a nasty lady either. I do not have a single bone of spite within me and that is the truth. I was a gentle girl, there was a girl at my primary school who esed to wet herself, and smelt of urine all the time. The other kids were nasty to this girl, this was at Doxey Primary School, but I deliberatly sat next to the girl because I felt sorry for her because noone would be friends with her, because of the smell of urine. That is the sort of girl I was, that was my character, and I praise God for that girl now because if it was not for sticky out bits of memory like that I would have believed all the lies that have been said about me, that I was a nasty rebellious malicious little scumbag from the moment I dropped out of my mothers womb!

So when I wrote that letter to Inspector Humphries I meant it absolutly from the heart. I can forgive Stafford Police for the past, because I can see that the motivation on those police officers part was not wicked paedophilia or anything like that, but anger. People do get angry and do wrong things, but I expect the men who did that to me have probably never forgotten what they did, as these things from the past do haunt people in their memories, we do not forget these things. If I thought that those men were motivated by evil lust I would never have been able to forgive them, but I know that was not the case, and so I can. But I have a right to live as well and I ought not be persecuted and hounded over and over and over again. I want to live, and I want not to have to obliterate all my childhood memories and pretend certain things never happened.

But this is what those creeps have posted onto their blog, pretending it is from me. They wont post any of the real comments that I send any more. I have repeatedly asked them to stop this wickedness, but they wont publish those real comments that I send any more. It would be so easy to trace the IP address of all these remarks, please please please will Stafford Police please investigate this?

"Zoompad said...
Lenny Harper is an arrogant tosser who was well out of his depth, so I agree with everybody on here. Cut the crap, just give us a name of a missing child you numpty!

The accredited media are right in ignoring this fool of a man, its the same old self centred rubbish but just another day, similar to the jailbird Syvret.

P.S. If the Staffordshire Police are reading, ***K YOU PLODS !!!

Nobody is gonna get Zoomy!

December 29, 2010 "


Zoompad said...


Zoompad said...
I have learnt so much from Ian Evan's corrupt Police Blog and Stuart's hatred of Minty & Co that I am now going to declare war on the Staffordshire PIGS!

We don't need Police, they are all corrupt, members of Masonic Lodges and bully Bloggers like me who just want to finger child abusers without trial!

So if you are reading Staffordshire Police, don't bother knocking on my door again or there'll be trouble!


December 29, 2010

Zoompad said...


Gazza said...
Dear Zoompad

Whatever your hatred of the Staffordshire police is will you stop trolling this Blog and posting utter nonsence.

We have marked your log-in as follows and will submit a report unless you stop immediately:

IP Address
Country United Kingdom
Region Staffordshire
City Stafford
ISP Virgin Media
Visit Length - Multiple visits spread over more than one day.

Now you have been warned.

Gazza :-x

Zoompad said...


Anonymous said...
Zoompad like the others are completely ga ga.

See they are all excited about Lenny Henry saying its cellars now and not voids. Who actually gives a toss what they are? Its time for these idiots to move on because I for one am sick of hearing about it all now. So they had it bad, well tough, thats life for crying out loud.

Zoompad said...


How very obliging of you GAZZA, to publish proof for all to see of the hacking and harrassment of myself onto your blog!

I have not lost hope that there are good officers in Stafford Police who will roll up their sleeves and investigate you criminals. And now you nave published my IP address onto your blog it will make it much easier for them to do their job properly and clear out this rats nest of child absure and corruption.

By the way, what exactly are you warning me about? What did I ever do0 to any of you wicked criminals? Ansolutly nothing. YTou hate me because I am a survivor of child abuse and because I am friends with Stuart Syvret. You also hate me because I am a friend of Jesus Christ. I have done nothing to you and you detest me for no reason at all and you persecute me for no reason at all. You are a wicked wicked man.

Zoompad said...

The police will only have to compare the two IP addresses to find out the identity of the person who is impersonating me and posting hateful comments.

Zoompad said...


Anonymous said...
Nice one Gazza, Zoompad the foolish woman.

December 29, 2010

Zoompad said...


Anonymous said...
Blogspot has brought out some real fruitcakes and Syvret, Zoompad and Ian Evans are prime examples.

December 29, 2010

Zoompad said...

Jesus does not like us cursing each other, as he told us to forgive each others sins. But this afternoon I cursed them.

I have asked God to punish them, just as Elijah the Prophet cursed the abusive boys. I have cursed them.

Proud Survivor said...

Zoompad. I have pasted the following from Stuart's blog as I think anon has a good point and you might consider doing as they suggest.

Anonymous said...
Re: Zoompad. You may find some unexpected allies in the many internet free speech organizations. These groups are not usually interested in what one blogger says unfairly about another, or in complaints about misrepresented ID. However, they can get pretty fired up when someone like you is being persecuted by blogs which EXIST to stifle YOUR free speech through threats. That use of intimidation against your right to speak your own truth makes your's the free speech advocates' kind of cause. You have evidence to prove this and as a poster on P.J. has already hinted, the son of a Jersey politician is heavily involved in that nasty pro-child abuser blog, for obvious family related reasons.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010 00:16:00 GMT

Good luck


Zoompad said...



"Zoompad said...
Listen you lot, somebody has stolen my identity and writing under a blog called Zoompad's Blog. This Blog is not my real blog but a trap thats full of malware and trojan horse viruses.

The Staffordshire Police are everywhere, they are lisening into my telephone, they have hacked my computer and they are covering up child abuse every hour of the day cause they are all bent.

So be on your guard!

Zoomy "

December 29, 2010

Anonymous said...

All they have done is use a simple add-on to their blog which tracks vistor's IP address numbers, fairly standard practice for a website owner to gauge whether they're wasting their time with their website or not.

I have one on mine which reports each visit and ISP, but doesn't go as far as IP address. Just because they have your network address doesn't mean they have hacked you, it's a normal part of internet use. Each time you visit a webpage your IP address is part of the normal data exchange going back and forth as part of the request for the page and sending it to you. The net wouldn't work without it. The IP address doesn't tell them anything useful.

They are bullies who think they are master hackers, but in reality are just sad little men with no lives who just want to wind you up because they are evil and callous. They can't get to you unless you let them.

Anyone with an ounce of commonsense can tell when a Zoompad comment is genuine or bullying wind-up. so they really aren't hurting your reputation that much. Especially as no-one worth worrying about would read their sad drivel anyway!

Really you'd be better off avoiding their pathetic blog altogether, it doesn't benefit you in any way!

Happy New Year, stay strong. x

Zoompad said...

Thanks, but they HAVE hacked me, they hacked into my Google account and changed the settings on the dashboard, they left their addresses on the dashboard surfingfan and hikingfan, and Ian told me that they hacked into his Google account as well and sent abusive emails using the same names, surfingfan and hikingfan. They also boasted about hacking Caolyn Labeys email account as well. I told Stafford Police all that.

Anonymous said...

Zoompad, its obvious that no matter what anyone says you will believe you have been hacked. I cant stress this enough, you havent. The Jersey blog muppets are not clever enough to hack your blog. That is why their on;y attempt is to copy your name and post on the hdlg fsrce blog. You really need to think about that because your wasting your time.

The fact is that some people think they are cleverly above the blog law, as in be anonymous but it cant go on forever.

Adrian walsh, the forfather of the farce blog will be sitting at home saying nothing to do with me. However, we both know the cracking IT reporting person is the one behind the abuse denighning blog spot

Zoompad said...

I have indeed been hacked. If I had not been hacked, those PUPPETS of the corrupt Jersey politicians would not have been able to leave their identities HIKINGFAN and SURFINGFAN on my dashboard and change my settings.

What they are doing now is different to what they did then, They used the same identities to send malicious email in Ian Evans name, he told me himself, he recognised the names, and people thought the email had been sent by him. That is hacking and it is illegal.

I know they are thicker than planks of wood, intellegent people would not do what those nob heads are doing, but nontheless they have the ability to hack into peoples email addy and they have done so. Unless some other nobhead did it for them!

Zoompad said...

JUST TO BE CLEAR - I DID write this one. I did not think they would publish it. I am grateful to stupid nob head Gazza for publishing it, because if he is telling the truth I now hknow the identity of the creature who is posting in my name!

"Zoompad said...
"These posts are coming from Staffordshire "

Thank you for confirming that Gazza! You are helping me a lot today, giving me a lot of very useful information!

December 29, 2010 "

Zoompad said...

Brian Gerrish went to visit someone in Stafford, and I think I know who it is that he was visiting now.

I thought Brian Gerrish was a good person who was against child abuse, but I don't kinow what to think about him since the Stoke conference. I certainly do not trust him at all now. He could have explained his actions, but hasn't.

The UK Column. They hate David Cameron, yet David Cameron seems to have been trying to tackle corruption, also Ken Clarke, he seems to be trying to stop the corrupt lawyers.

They attacked me for posting the truth about 2 American paedophiles (Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager) on their forum. They were actually trying to make excuses for those two paedophiles, and the Welsh Messenger (Martin) took down my posts!

Zoompad said...

I do not like the UK Column any more. Too many things have happened. Such as that man who came to the Stoke conference, the one before, and was trying to encourage us to deliberatly break the law.

Jesus said not to do that. Jesus obeyed the law, as far as he was able. He had to break it when he was told off about healing people on the Sabbath, the hard hearted Pharasees were trying to trap him all the time, but Jesus had to heal people because he was kind and didnt like people suffering.

Anyway, I didnt like what that man was saying, it was the opposite of what Jesus said so I took no notice of him. But Brian Gerrish should have stopped him saying that, and he didnt. I thought Brian Gerrish was a Christian, but I dont think he can be.