Thursday, 9 December 2010


But first of all, I must deal with this bit of nastiness from the F blog

"Whats Caroline doing in lingering around a guy who called her nothing short of being an embarrassment to him in Fridays Bar by e-mail and sent it to a e-mail address with all sorts of insults?"

Oho, looks like someone has been very naughty, hacking into other peoples email addys and sendinjg them sneaky little messages pretending to have come from someone else, in order to stir up shit, as they have done before. Very very nasty and sneaky.

Now here is the main business, why we Christians feel there is something amazing to celebrate at Christmastime. It is because we are celebrating the birth day of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

It is almost the time to celebrate the birth of our dear saviour Lord Jesus Christ, who looked at the misery that sin has caused upon this planet, and, out of the kindest and loveliest gesture of good will that this planet has ever experienced, he made up his mind to try to save this fallen race of ours, by coming to earth inside the belly of a maiden and living a life amongst us.
That girl trusted God, she must have found it hard to at times, but she knew that she was carrying the saviour of mankind in her belly. The angel had to reassure Joseph that it was ok to marry Mary, because the baby was from a miraculous conception, a supernatural event.
Other supernatural events occurred in the life of Jesus. He healed sick and crippled people. He healed one man by spitting into some mud and smearing it onto the man’s blind eyes. He even brought back to life a man who was dead. Another miracle was when he went to a wedding, and the wine had all run out, and his mother asked him to do something – she knew he was an amazing person. So he told them to get some jars and fill them with water, when the people came to drink it, it had all been turned into delicious wine, and it was so nice that one man joked with them saying that they had saved the best till last. Normally, at weddings all the best wine was served first, so that if the guests had got a bit tiddly they would not be able to tell that the wine didn’t taste too nice, so it didn’t matter.
So Jesus did amazing things all his life, everyone could see how amazing and lovely he was, but the crazy thing was that they sort of didn’t see. They could have if they had wanted to, but it did not seem to register. They were all waiting for The Messiah to appear, because the prophets had fortold what would happen hundreds of years before, that the Messiah was going to be born in Bethlehem, and lots of things about him that all turned out to come true. But many of the people didn’t recognise him, the priests certainly didn’t, but King Herod did, thats why he tried to have him murdered and had loads of little babies butchered, that is a wicked deed that reminds me of what happened at Haut de la Garenne. The other thing was that Jesus just walked about being a nice man, and he didn’t have all lordly posh King things, just ordinary sandals and ordinary clothes, and the people assumed that the Messiah was going to come in golden robes encrusted with diamonds and smash all the bad guys to pieces with big swords. So when the priests and rulers saw people thronging about so happy to have Jesus amongst them healing them in their bodies and their minds and teaching them how to be nice and how to be happy, they decided to kill him, but they had to think of a sneaky skulking way to do it, because all the people loved him so much. And that bit of Jesus’s story reminds me of how Stuart Syvret has been treated, getting police sent in the early hours on fishing expedition to find something against him to shut him up ect.
So they caught Jesus, but he is so kind, Peter cut one of the guards ears off with a sword, but Jesus told him off, and mended the cut off ear. Thats how lovely he was, even kind to the people who were there to get him to the place of murder. They all ganged up on Jesus, beat him up with whips, that cut slices out of his back, punched him, pulled his beard and spat in his face, it was awful, they mocked him and said “save yourself from that then” when they were giving him big punches. They were laughing, they took his clothes off him and made him bare naked, they put a load of thorns on his head and then they made him carry a big piece of wood to the place where they murdered him. So he had to walk past all the people all bloody and battered with black eyes and swollen lips and all blood dripping down everywhere, and all the big crowds of people saw it, so why didn’t they all rush in and stop them murdering him, they all knew he was innocent, and THAT is why all of us have his blood on our hands, all our ancestors are guilty because no one stopped this vicious crime that was committed in front of all the people.
So he was put on a cross with nails and died, but before he died a man on the other cross started mocking him, but another man who was also being crucified so must have been in agony said “Dont do that!” to him, and said that Jesus hadn’t done anything wrong so he ought not be dying, and he asked Jesus to remember him when he went into Heaven, and Jesus told him that he would soon be with him in Paradise, that very day in fact. So then Jesus died, and he went to hell and I don’t exactly know what he did in hell but he was there for 3 days, then Mary saw him in the garden, and other people saw him, and he cooked some fish on the beach for all his fishing friends while they were out fishing, and they were all overjoyed to see him alive and well, though he did have big holes in his hands and feet. Then, he told them he was going and they would not be able to see him any more, but the Holy Spirit would come to all who wanted Him to come, if they said sorry for all the evil things they had done and meant it truly, and said “Please come into my heart and live with me Holy Spirit and help me to be righteous and true” then the Holy Spirit would come into their hearts and teach them goodness. And Jesus went away on a big cloud, and told everybody who was there – they were very sad to see he was going away – that one day he would come back, the same way they had seen him go, so I suppose that means he will also come back on a big cloud, according to what he said. Also, he told them certain things would happen before he came back, prophesies, just as his own birth in a stable at Bethlehem had been prophesied.
So this is what we Christians are celebrating, first that Jesus was born amongst us, then that he died for us, to show us how wicked and cowardly we are, and finally that he came back to us and promised to come and get those of us who want to be saved, before this doomed planet is destroyed, before mankind destroys it by the power of the loathsome beast. So we have something truly joyous to celebrate, no-one in their right minds would want to stay evil in their hearts and share the destruction which is the wrath to come.

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