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I have just had my attention drawn to the website HOLLIE DEMANDS JUSTICE, I do not know how to do links so this will have to do until some kind computer nerd shows me how to do them, copy and paste it into the http bit at the top and it will take you to the website.

A certain horrible old man who works for MI5 has confused a lot of people who very much wanted to support Hollie, because of his website supposedly put up to support Hollie, but really so that he could discredit her. His website is called the Stolen Kids Hollie Blogspot. Dont bother going on that website, unless you want to read a big load of lies and rubbish, plus a big rant about what a batty old witch I am. The horrible old man kicks off about anyone who tries to investigate institutional child abuse. First, he tries to sneak round them pretending to be their friend, then he sticks the boot in and tries to make them look like makicious liars and fantasists. He especially does not like me because I told him off and told him what the Holy Bible says about nasty people who try to destroy vulnerable people like Hollie and he didn't like that one little bit!

So the REAL website, for people who REALLY want to support Hollie and Anne Greig is called HOLLIE DEMANDS JUSTICE. Don't bother going there if you work for MI5 and if you support paedophiles murderers and other and scumbags ect, because the people who run it have wised up now, they know how to spot nasty moles and they wont stand for any more nonsense. For all the real anti paedophile campaigners, please visit that site from time to time and do whatever you can to support these brave people.

I am copying and pasting a portion of that website rather than explain it all over again.

Posted Thu, 01/06/2011 - 11:25 by Belinda
On Thursday 13th January, from 10am, there will be another public meeting of Shropshire County Council at the Shire Hall in Shrewsbury.

This could in theory be a further opportunity to obtain an explanation from the Council regarding the brutal raid carried out by local officials and police on the house of Anne and Hollie Greig last June in which the modest property was effectively vandalised, all interior as well as exterior doors and locks smashed, curtains torn down, drawers and cupboards tipped onto the floor, the burglar alarm control box ripped apart, the freezer unplugged so that the food it contained was lost and the outside windows plastered with those horrible police stickers that are virtually impossible to remove.

People all over the country, indeed the world, would very much like to know, how does Shropshire Council explain this extraordinarily heavy-handed and malicious action against 2 vulnerable women who have never harmed anyone or anything, one of whom is nearing pension age and the other is handicapped? Who authorised the raid and why has no warrant been seen to this day, nor any account supplied of the personal property removed? Why were family photographs seized in the raid posted on the internet? When will these and the other items of property be returned? How were/are the two women expected to resume residence in a house where none of the doors now close properly and the security-system no longer functions? How were/are they to carry out the necessary repairs to restore their security, privacy and comfort as well as re-stock their freezer on their very modest incomes? And are the Councillors and citizens who will be convening in Shrewsbury on Thursday happy that their ostensibly peaceful and orderly west-of-England shire has gained the reputation of being more like the 'wild west', where the supposed guardians of law and social order are themselves committing crimes and siding with criminals?

These are the questions Robert Green would like to put to the Council next Thursday, for which permission hangs on the goodwill of an alluringly-entitled entity, the Head of Democratic Services, a Mr Richard Thomas who we are told is absent till the 10th .

Once again it would be great if a few supporters within orbit of Shrewsbury could join us on this occasion and help put the point across that we are not going to let this matter drop and answers to the above questions are most urgently required. The Shire Hall is located to the east of the town centre, on Abbey Foregate Street.

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