Thursday, 27 January 2011


This is not a very pretty picture of the new Justice Minister Ken Clarke is it? In fact, this picture is the worst I have ever seen of him. It makes him look like a ranting demonic bully.

It's a very good idea to study the pictures that newspapers choose to publish. Quite often, the choice of picture can tell you a whole lot more than the actual story. The Jersey Evening Post always choose their photos with great care - if they are, for instance , running a story about Ex Senator and whistleblower of child abuse Stuart Syvret, they are careful to choose the most unflattering one they can find, even if it is two years since it was taken.

Getting back to Ken Clarke. Why would the Daily Hall of Mirrors deliberatly publish the most horrible picture they could find of him, to accompany their story? And what a story it is. According to the Broken Mirror, Ken Clarke has lost control of the MOJ finances and had no idea what its staffing bill was.

"According to the Public Accounts Committee, the MoJ lacked a consistent approach to the supervision of its finances, and after two years still did not have a detailed understanding of staff costs."

Erm - hang on a sec. How long has Ken Clarke been in the job? Two years? I year? 6 months?

Who was the last person in charge of the MOJ? Lets think - oh yes, the last person in charge of the MOJ was married to the ex husband of Margaret Hodge! Well well well! Happy Families, eh Jack Straw? (not so happy for all the poor sods who have been smashed to smithereens in the Secret Family Torture Chamber Childstealing Forced Adoption Human Trafficking Kangaroo Courts!

"Labour MP Margaret Hodge, who chairs the committee, said ­improvement was needed in fine collection as the amount of unpaid court fines grew each year."

See my previous blog post, for more information about Hargaret Hodge's track record regarding justice for the most vulnerable victims of institutional child abuse.

Here is the Daily Through The Looking Glass article:

"Ken Clarke told to get a grip on Ministry of Justice's finances
by Jason Beattie, Daily Mirror 25/01/2011

KEN Clarke was ordered to get a grip on the financial chaos at the Ministry of Justice yesterday.

A report by the Public Accounts Committee said the ministry had lost control of its finances and had no idea what its staffing bill was.

It came as Justice Secretary Mr Clarke was forced on the defensive over the ­decision to slash funding at riot-hit Ford open prison.

According to the Public Accounts Committee, the MoJ lacked a consistent approach to the supervision of its finances, and after two years still did not have a detailed understanding of staff costs.

Labour MP Margaret Hodge, who chairs the committee, said ­improvement was needed in fine collection as the amount of unpaid court fines grew each year.

In 2009-10 the value of unpaid fines and penalties more than six months old was £1.5billion, of which 30% was deemed recoverable."


Zoompad said...

Ken Clarke is trying to stop corruption in the secret family courts.

I would rather have Ken Clarke shouting his head off than Margaret Hodges creepy smiles. Crocodiles also smile just before they crunch your bones.

Zoompad said...

Public Accounts, Committee of
Candidate: Hugh Bayley
Nominated by (own party): Sir Gerald Kaufman, Sir Stuart Bell,
Mr Kevin Barron, Mr Jim Hood, Ms Gisela Stuart,
Albert Owen, Mike Gapes, Alison Seabeck,
Sir Peter Soulsby, Ann McKechin,
Mr Gerry Sutcliffe, Roberta Blackman-Woods,
Mr George Howarth, Chris Leslie, Clive Efford
Nominated by (other parties): Mr Peter Lilley, Mr James Arbuthnot,
Dr Julian Lewis, Sir Menzies Campbell,
Malcolm Bruce
Relevant interests declared: Chair, Parliamentary Network on the World Bank;
Board Member, International Service;
Council Member, Overseas Development Institute.
These positions are unremunerated but all three
bodies are funded by Her Majesty’s Government
Candidate: Mr Brian H. Donohoe
Nominated by (own party): Mr Jim Cunningham, Steve McCabe,
Cathy Jamieson, Mr David Hamilton,
Mr Liam Byrne, Mr Russell Brown, Alun Michael,
Mr Geoffrey Robinson, Mr Tom Clarke,
Ian Lucas, Keith Vaz, Sandra Osborne,
Thomas Docherty, Chris Ruane,
Mr Denis MacShane
Nominated by (other parties): John Thurso, Mr Nigel Dodds,
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Michael Fallon
Relevant interests declared: None
Candidate: Margaret Hodge
Nominated by (own party): Ms Angela Eagle, Liz Kendall, Tristram Hunt,
Ann Coffey, Andrew Miller, Graham Stringer,
David Lammy, Mr Nick Raynsford, Ann Clwyd,
Joan Walley, Phil Wilson, Vernon Coaker,
John Cryer, Paul Goggins, Mr Barry Sheerman
Nominated by (other parties): Sir Paul Beresford, Mr Don Foster,
Mr Andrew Tyrie, Mr Stephen Dorrell,
Andrew Rosindell
Relevant interests declared: None

Zoompad said...

MPs hit at justice ministry on prison costs
By James Boxell, Home Affairs Correspondent

Published: January 24 2011 1

"In comments that will embarrass senior civil servants at the department, Margaret Hodge, the committee’s chairman, said it was “simply not acceptable that, after two years’ work, the ministry still does not fully understand the cost of its staff activities in its largest executive agency” – the £4.9bn National Offender Management Service, which runs prisons and probation.

She said this was “indicative of the poor state of financial management in this ministry”, as was the fact that the department was the only one in Whitehall to miss the deadline for producing its accounts for 2009-10.

Ministry officials said on Monday night that much of the criticism related to data going back to 2008 and 2009, and that they had made “significant progress” since then in improving the management of the department’s finances.

Nevertheless, the report will make uncomfortable reading for Sir Suma Chakrabarti, the ministry’s permanent secretary. He is regarded by some as a candidate for the post of cabinet secretary, the most senior civil service position, when Sir Gus O’Donnell steps down.

The MPs said it was “very worrying” that officials had only itemised about 61 per cent of staff costs for prisons and probation. They said this created the risk that they would “not understand properly the impact of cost reductions on frontline services”.

The ministry wants to reduce the average cost of a prison place from £40,000 to £25,000 and is targeting prisons with the highest average cost per place for closure. But it has acknowledged that it is still unable to identify why costs differ between jails.

The House of Commons committee also criticised the Crown Prosecution Service and the Serious Fraud Office for failing to confiscate more assets from criminal gangs. Since 2006, the gross amount of fines and penalties in arrears and over six months old has risen from £900m to some £1.5bn last year. "
The Financial Times Limited 2011.

Zoompad said...

Hodge needs to have a sharp word with the last Justice Minister about that. His name, JACK STRAW!

Zoompad said...

Ken Clarke, if you are reading this, don't let them get away with this nonsense! Stand up to these bullies!

Zoompad said...

Oh yes, that reminds me. The phone/email hacking saga.

Now that Ken is the Anti Corruption Champion, I am sure he will like to see just how widespread this problem is? Because it isn't only pop stars and politicians who have been hacked, is it? Its also anti child abuse campaigners who have been hacked relentlessly, even people who have suffered horrific child abuse! Now, why on earth would MI5 be spying on people like that? I don't suppose Hodge, Straw, Fslconer and co will want to go into that territory though!


Zoompad said...

This was the previous Anti Corruption Champion (snigger)


Zoompad said...

Talking of select committees ...

Barbara Richards

28 January 2011
Dear House of Commons,

Please could you tell me whose responsibility it was for selecting
the witnesses Mr David Rose, Mr Richard Webster, and Mr Bob
Woffinden on Tuesday 14 May 2002, and Mr Phil Craig, Mr Phil
Fiddler and Mr Rory O'Brien for the Select Committee on Home
Affairs Fourth Report on Tuesday 21 May 2002?

Yours faithfully,

Barbara Richards

Elizabeth Robillard. said...

Thanks for your good work Zoompad, you are an inspiration

Zoompad said...

Ken Clarke, I was not impressed with those comments you made about rape yesterday. Although I am not one of those clamouring for you to resign, I am still waiting patiently for you to investigate the human trafficking of the secret family courts. Human traffickers and child abusers ought to be in prison, but the secret family courts are still banging up mothers for trying to protect their children from paedophiles and human traffickers. What are you going to do about it Ken?

Zoompad said...

Also, why are you even thinking about wiping police records of people who don't get a long jail term? Paedophiles don't often get long jail terms, so that idea is going to make things even worse for children.

Get your act together Ken Clarke and start thinking more about protecting the victims of crime rather than the criminals human rights.

Zoompad said...

And stop listening to pressure groups like the BSMS and FACT.