Monday, 26 March 2012


David Cameron does not want to talk about who he has been entertaining, which is pretty understandable, considering some of the people he has had round for dinner.


Donors' secret No. 10 dinners: How Dave and Sam's meals with millionaires forced Tory treasurer to quitPeter Cruddas offered access to PM in return for cash
He suggested donors who agreed to give £250,000 a year would have their ideas 'fed in' to Downing Street
Undercover reporters told they could dine with Mr Cameron, George Osborne and senior ministers
'Bigger donors' visited David and wife Samantha's apartment, he claimed
Mr Miliband called revelations 'disturbing'
Mr Cameron said Cruddas's comments were 'unacceptable'

By Jason Groves

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It's a bit of a home goal for Ed Milliband though, because his apron donning kneebending party brethren are just as bad as the Tory posh boys funny handshakers.


But the apron wearing funny handshaking kneebenders of all colours are pretty unanimous when it comes to covering up institutional child abuse. They worked together to stop the police investigation of Pindown child abuse in 2002. Well done chaps!

"14 The concerns about trawling were shared by a number of those who gave evidence to this enquiry. David Rose, Special Investigative Reporter for the Observer, told us that:

"The problem with trawling as it is now carried out is that it is an absolutly unregulated process which almost tailor made to generate false allegations"

15 We sought views on the scale of the problem. (YOU DIDN'T SEEK ANY VIEWS FROM ANY OF THE PINDOWN CHILD ABUSE HELLHOLE HOME SURVIVORS THOUGH, DID YOU?)David Rose guessed that 50 or so former care workers convicted of sexual abuse had been wrongly convicted. Chris Saltrese, a criminal defence solicitor specialising in these cases, estimated that over 100 had been wrongly convicted (IS THAT INCLUDING ANY OF THE DIRTBAGS WHO WERE LAUGHING AT HOW STUPID THE POLICE WERE AND WHO WERE JUSTIFYING HAVING PICTURES OF NAKED CHILDREN IN THAT BOOK THE APPALLING VISTA BY BRIAN ROTHERY?)Richard Webster, (FOUNDER MEMBER OR THE BFMS, SET UP BY PAEDOPHILE RALPH UNDERWAGER AS A MEANS OF COVERING UP CHILD ABUSE BY CLAIMING THAT THE KIDS WHO HAD BEEN ABUSED WERE NOT TELLING THE TRUTH)who singled out South Wales as the home of "one of the most dangerous trawling operations" said that in excess of 80 or 90 per cent of the 581 or so suspects trawled by South Wales Police were "completely innocent".

I just hope they disinfected the room where all these creatures met up to plot against the police, and I suppose one small mercy is that they didn't invite that disgusting maggot Nigel Oldfield to the debating chamber.

David Cameron was there. Look at the list:


Members present:

Mr Chris Mullin, in the Chair

Mr David Cameron Bob Russell
Mrs Janet Dean Mr Marsha Singh
Bridget Prentice Angela Watkinson
Mr Gwyn Prosser David Winnick

The Committee deliberated.

The Conduct of Investigations into Past Cases of Abuse in Children's Homes: Richard Webster, Bob Woffinden and David Rose, The Observer, were examined.

[Adjourned till Thursday 16 May at a quarter past Ten o'clock.


Zoompad said...

They have been trying to legalise paedophilia for at least the last 50 years.

Anon said...

Ed is now ahead in the polls. Vote Green Party?

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

I don't think I can, we don't often have a Green candidate. I certainly will not vote for the main parties again.

bill said...

nice to see that George Galloway has had a victory and well done to them and all his supporters
it high time the three main political party's got a defeat and a new party with new ideas took over most people are sick and tired of the same people making promises which they never keep and at the same time making a comfortable livelihood out of the poor promising everything and delivering nothing with the high hopes of finishing up in the house of lords with a pensions for life most of them are Freemasons or common purpose most of the left who are supposedly defending the workers have never had a job in their lives like a lot of other people they went straight into politics and claimed to speak for the workers not that there is much work around as for the so called right they know how to work out a profit margin so well done George more power to you elbow bill

Zoompad said...

I am concerned about George Galloways silence on the secret family courts.

I got cut off abruptly on his TalkSport program, and I wrote to him, showing him some pretty explosive stuff about Eagle Associates (part of Lockheed Martin) involvement with the pervert Richard Gardner, who, along with Ralph Underwager (another disgusting American pervert psychologist) influenced the secret family courts in the UK.

I got blacklisted on TalkSport, they knew my name before I had even said anything over the phone, so they obviously had the info about me on hand to be able to do that.

So I dont trust George Galloway. Mike Dickon - he was something else. It was strange how he died, just as he was investigating a big story of corruption. A man had rung him up about gun crime, and the same man rang up I think it was James Whale, but I think James Whale got sacked before he had chance to delve into it, The man was saying that someone was allowed to keep a stash of guns and the police knew and werent interested. I know that Lenny Harper complained about something like that as well, that there were people allowed to have stockpiles of weapons in Jersey.

If George Galloway brings up stuff like this in Parliament, then I will stop being so suspicious, but I cant help feeling suspicious after the way John Hemming MP behaved. Its hard to know who to trust, people setting themselves up as anti child abuse campaigners then turning out to be members of MI5.

Zoompad said...

I wish Mike Dickon hadn't died, same as I wish Richard Wise hadn't died. Those two men were genuinly trying to help people. Dickon was grumpy, and condemning to poor people, and I didnt like him at first, but it was like he had his eyes opened, it was like he started to understand that poor people werent always poor because they are all lazy and stupid, but that they were being deliberatly crushed and that they didnt have access to the justice system a lot of the time. Dickon listened to ordinary people, and that is why I liked his program. I never rang him up, and I wish I had now.