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Consultancy firm KTMG's £480,000 advice to Staffordshire Police

"Police officers have been ordered to make fewer arrests, deal with more crimes over the phone and not respond to as many incidents. The remarkable advice has been issued by senior officers at Staffordshire Police who paid £480,000 to consultancy firm KPMG to carry out an 18-week review. The new policy means 'low-level' anti-social behaviour and neighbour disputes will be handled by untrained council workers instead of police ...In addition more offenders will be given penalty notices rather than being arrested, in the new plans unveiled yesterday. Consultants KPMG was brought in to help Staffordshire Police cope with budget cuts of £38 million and the loss of 300 officers and civilian staff since April 2010. But Chief Constable Mike Cunningham told Staffordshire Police Authority: 'This is about service improvement at a time of reduced resources."

Who are KPMG? From Wiki:

"KPMG is one of the largest professional services networks in the world and one of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY) and PwC. Its global headquarters is located in Amstelveen, Netherlands.[1]

KPMG employs 145,000 people[2] and has three lines of services: audit, tax, and advisory. Its advisory services are further divided into three service groups - Management Consulting, Risk Consulting, and Transaction & Restructuring."

States of Jersey also using KPMG

"Over the last few months, the Health and Social Services Department (HSSD) have worked alongside colleagues from other Departments, with KPMG as advisers, to carry out a major review about what services Jersey needs now and in the future, and how we provide them... Deputy Anne Pryke Minister for Health and Social Services May 2011

Anne Pryke 26th May 2011

ECONOMIC IMPACT ANALYSIS SERVICE Fiscal Incentives to Encourage Capital
Investment in the Visitor Economy Final report August 2008 Advisory

Another interesting document concerning KPMG and the States of Jersey with a very interesting disclaimer

"This report is provided on the basis that it is for the information of the States of Jersey only and that it will not be copied or disclosed to any third party or
otherwise quoted or referred to, in whole or in part, without our prior written agreement"

Erm, wait a minuit - who actually pays the wages for these consultants? THE TAXPAYERS!!! So why should they not all be allowed to scrutinise these reports then?

That is almost (but not quite) as bad as a person being forced to have a lawyer allotted to them by a legal guardian in the Secret Family Courts for 18 months, and not actually to be allowed to have any contact at all with that lawyer!

If people pay for something, should they not be allowed to scrutinise what they are paying for?

Back to Stafford Police and Mike Cunningham.

Putting people at the heart of policing Mike Cunningham

Well, he didn't put me at the heart of policing, when I have had such a hellish time of it, because of being a VICTIM of serious crime, and to have police officers sent charging round my house a year ago falsely accusing me of sending malicious email, when if fact (as the email correspondence proves) it was actually the other way round, as I was the VICTIM of malicious email threats by the person who wasted police time making a malicious false accusation about me, as she had my personal and private social work and medical documents and was threatening to publish them online WHICH IS ILLEGAL, without my permission, and Staffordshire Police came dashing round without having the forsight to check the facts first - they had not even bothered to ask to look at the non existant malicious emails that I had been falsely accused of sending! And when I pointed that out and told Stafford Police that I was a victim of cyber crime (as well as child abuse, rape, molestation, fraud, being kept prisoner for 2 hours in an attempt to force me to sign documents against my will, stalking and other crimes) rather than a perpetrator, and asked them to look at real evidence of the crimes that had been committed against me, they told me that they were "drawing a line" under it all!!!!!

I note that Mike Cunningham is the ACPO lead for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual portfolios. I did notice the leaflets for reporting hate crimes against LGBT people on the counter of the police station when I reported serious crimes committed against me. It would be really really nice if hate crime could be applicable to everyone, regardless of their sexual leanings. Hate crime against people with mental health problems (caused by abuse) is just as hateful as hate crimes committed against LGBT.


Zoompad said...


Trinity – 6 October 2011

I am standing for election in order to try to bring about changes in the constitution of the States and improvements in parliamentary standards. I spoke on those subjects at St Clement and at St Peter and you can find those speeches on my website. This evening, Trinity being full of fresh air and vigour, I want to talk about health. May I say first of all how really invigorating it was to visit the magnificent retirement homes that the parish has constructed which are indeed a credit to Trinity.

Few things are more important to us as we grow older than our health. Life expectancy has changed dramatically during the last 50 years, and the number of pensioners is rising. We are told that the number of people over 65 will more than double during the next 25 years from 13000 to 28000. But there is no pleasure in living longer if you are confined to a sickbed or disabled in mind or spirit. A longer life is only worth it if you have the health to enjoy it. We are not likely to grow old happily if we drink or eat too much, take no exercise, or smoke. Living a healthy life style is not expensive; but it needs education. The number of overweight children in our community is shocking. Preventative medicine, that is taking action to avoid problems in the future, is an obvious priority.

The Minister for Health has recently published an important report by KPMG. It is a pity that it seems to have drawn inspiration only from the UK and not from France or other small territories, but it gives us a platform from which to start. In the next 25 years demand for health services will obviously increase considerably. To meet that demand we have either to increase the availability of services, at great cost, or find some other way to deliver what we need in the Island. My plea is that we find a Jersey solution – one that is not necessarily found elsewhere.

I want to make two suggestions. The first is that the extent to which private health care can bridge the gap is worthy of discussion. The fundamental principle is that there must be an effective system of public health available at the expense of the state to the general public. It would be unacceptable in a civilised society that people could not get medical treatment because they could not afford it. But that does not mean that there is no place for private health care. 50% of the population already has private medical insurance with BUPA or some similar organisation. Using insurance schemes to buy in health expertise, and to bring it to the Island for so many days a month, may be one way of ensuring that we have available specialist skills that we cannot afford all the time.

The second point is that the third sector, that is charities and voluntary organisations, has large resources that could be brought into the equation. Jersey Hospice Care is an inspirational example of what an independent voluntary association can do for the public good. Let us see to what extent the increasing demand can be met by the third sector. Whatever we do, we must maintain standards in the health service.


Zoompad said...

Philip Bailhache, if you are reading this, I am not an expensive accountancy consultant, but I can tell you why a lot of people eat the wrong food and too much of it.

They are depressed.

It's very depressing when you feel like an outsider of the rest of society. If you have been treated like something the cat left behind right from childhood.

I know quite a few overweight people, and every single one of them has had bad trauma, which has triggered them into turning to food for comfort. I am including myself, as I am over 3 stone overweight, desperatly wanting to lose the weight, but finding it a massive struggle, especially when those creeps from the Farce blog and other obnoxious child abuse cover up bullies keep having a go at me.

Babies put things in their mouth to suck, every baby does this, and they sooth themselves by sucking.

People with mental health problems caused through abuse also try to sooth themselves in various ways. Some drink alcohol, to blot stuff out. Some take drugs for the same reason. Some smoke, again, to deaden the senses. Some eat, because eating tasty things blocks out the pain for a short while.

If you REALLY care about peoples health you would really be wanted to help people to feel good about themselves, and to recover from trauma. Paying media consultants to cover up child abuse is not the way to go about doing that at all.