Friday, 9 March 2012

Ego accusare te maiestatis


Zoompad said...

Treason against the King of Kings. This is the world that he made. The children are the children that he formed in the wombs of their mothers.

To pretend to act in his name, to hurt the little ones in his name, to destroy so many young lifes and try to cover it up, and even to further persecute the abused people for refusing to be gagged and whistleblowers who out of pity and the goodness of their hearts try to help them, these are acts of treason against the God who made us all.

It is time for the Vatican to order sackcloth and ashes to be worn by all their bishops and priests, in true repentance and humility of the crimes they have committed. It is time for the Pope to take off his showy garments and to wear sackcloth and ashes upon his own head, as an outward sign of true repentance.

Zoompad said...

Sacerdotes filii Dei violasti