Friday, 16 March 2012


I have been asked about my own stance on drugs, and I want to make a statement on my own views.

I don't take any illegal drugs at all, and as few legal ones as I possibly can, as my GP knows.

The reason I will never take recreational drugs is because I am a Christian, and the Lord Jesus told us to obey the government as far as we are able. The Lord Jesus told us to live in peace with each other as far as is possible, and to try to love one another, and not be rebellious.

I have campaigned against child abuse and corruption, but I do not want a revolution, I want a revival, as Martin Luther King and Henry George envisaged, where people see themselves as they really are and seek to become what God would have them be - beautiful, noble, loving beings that can hold their heads up and walk in the light.

I think a lot of people start taking drugs because they want to numb the pain of life in these corrupt times. If you look at what sorts of lives most drug dealers have had, they are never happy childhoods. I think they get sucked into drug dealing because they feel shut out of everything else. It is very sad for people to feel like whatever they do, no matter how hard they work and try to do things, its never enough. Feeling hopeless and helpless is very crushing to the human spirit.

I think there are some people who have been working in the secret family courts social engineering who really genuinly do think they have been doing a good thing. They sought to stop children getting sucked into crime and prostitution by taking them away from people they thought would be bad parents. What has happened though is that wicked people who like to hurt children have been getting children via the courts. Some of those poor children wont even realise they have been forcably adopted. Some of them will end up dealing drugs and in prostitution. Secret courts are a bad idea, they do nothing to protect children.

I think people need to try to look at what has gone wrong. I have been wronged by the courts and the police but I will never take anyone to court myself because I think some of the people who hurt me never actually wanted to hurt me. Jesus always said to forgive people, just as we ourselves have been forgiven. I've felt angry and hurt enough to want to take people to court, but the Lord has stopped me, He wants me not to take an eye for an eye. I talk with the Lord every day, sometimes I talk more than listen though!

I hope there will be a revival in the British Isles so very very much.

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