Friday, 7 June 2013


What can I say? The headline of the paper this plotting shit is holding up to hide his guilty face from the public says it all, so very very appropriate!

You cannot make this picture of a Bilderberger up!!!! on Twitpic

Oh, but the walls have ears!


Anonymous said...

some revealing tapes are being bandied about which will sink tony bliar, as yet no newspaper has bought them, but we will see whata lying pervert this man is, wait for it...

Zoompad said...

Whilst I have zero sympathy for the skanking little would be pop star weasil who answers to the name Tony Blair, its his friends who elevated him into the position of Prime Minister that I am more interested in, ie, Falconer and Scandalson.

But I really don't care enough about him if they do make him a scapegoat for their collective crimes. Their time is running out anyway, the Lord is coming back soon, then we'll see whats what.

Anonymous said...

lord levy put blair into power through the israel lobby, the same group who are revealed to have protected jimmy savile and edward heath, "mr eddy" to the care home boys
these people are pure evil
Margaret Huntingford aged 90

Anonymous said...

At the weekend i was tuning my radio when i came across "gay Radio" i thought whats this ?
it turned out it was "Homosexual radio" and one caller said " i cant find clean decnt rent boys in y area , any advice please ? "
i was horrified and disgusted.
Then the newspap[er columnist aaronovich who said he and esther rantzen knew of savile years ago but was forbidden by mossad to speak of it

how vile is this ?

Zoompad said...

What the heck?

Can you remember what bandlength it was on?

Anonymous said...

Gay radio has been around for a long time, plays in gay bars all the time, just google it and you'll find it.
There's also gaydar and a few other gay dating agencies, it's all out there.

A simple search of your local area followed by personal adverts will come up with gay online lover ads, it's huge.

By the way, there's been a recent Bournemouth scandal, the Freemasons love bournemouth, they have special ladies nights down there, google bournemouth ladies night.
Rumour has it that much like the government did with an alternative seat of power, so have the masons got a back up with bounemoutg in case of civil disorder or war.


Many people try to discredit us, even if I don't make it through, keep digging Zoompad, don't let my possible future death be in vain, avenge me Barbara and know that I shall return one day hopefully with Jesus.
What happens from here is the lords will now, what will be will be, we have no say, we serve him, and he protects us.

A friend

Zoompad said...

One of the paedos involved in the Colin Tucker Ethiopia scandal was from Bournmouth.

Zoompad said...

See here:

and I blogged about it here: