Saturday, 29 June 2013


I have been to Stafford today, to try to find one of the support groups for victims of ATOS persecution, to try to find help for my son in law who has now had a nervous breakdown, thanks to 2 years of malicious vindictive persecution by the corrupt as hell telephone operators who are running ATOS in Birmingham and Stoke On Trent. YES I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU TAZ OR DAZ OF BIRMINGHAM ATOS, OR WHATEVER YOU ARE CALLING YOUSELF THESE DAYS!

I spoke to quite a few homeless people (I was being watched by two police officers as I spoke to some homeless people in the town centre, wonder that they hadn't something more constructive to do such as arresting the human traffickers paedophiles who are having a the time of their lives right now in Stafford what with the Secret (therefore illegal) Family Courts stealing disabled children faster than you can say £520 (the blood money they can pick up per week for keeping one of these stolen and usually much loved and wept over children), or perhaps even arresting a corrupt Secret Family Court lawyer or two.

The conversations I had were very enlightening. One lady and her partner told me there were hundreds of homeless people in Stafford. She told me that the worst problem they had was getting enough sleep, as the police like to hassle them. The subject of the Big Issue's John Bird came up, and those people - white homeless people all the ones I met today - did not have a good word to say about him.

Its funny, because most of the Big Issue sellers I see in Stafford and Stone seem to be Romanian, yet there are lots of white English homeless people - hundreds as I have been informed - and you rarely see a white Big Issue vendor in Stafford.

The homeless lady was very apologetic - it was really very sad. She was clearly ashamed of being homeless, and wary that I might judge her for it! She told me that she had given up. I wanted to tell her, please don't give up, but I just didn't know what the heck to say to her that wouldn't sound glib. I just told her that people were waking up, and that we had a Prime Minister that was protecting paedophiles and gangsters, and that people were realising the wickedness of these rulers. I also told her that I was one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse survivors, and that I was never going to give up on getting the apology that was due to me 40 years ago. I hope my strength and determination gave her and her friends a little strength and determination to hope for better things.

I went down to the beautiful Doxey marshes to pray, for my daughter and her partner, and for those homeless people I met today. I felt so drained inside, so sad and worried about my son in law. I felt sad and angry that people are being treated worse than stray dogs, that people feel totally alienated from the rest of society, and kicked from one gutter to another. I can't pray quietly, the words come hurtling out of me when I feel like that, like Biblical Daniel, so I didn't hear the footsteps of the policeman behind me at first. It made me feel sick inside, violated, but at least that one had the decency not to interrupt my prayers. I don't know if he had followed me, or if he was going to check the hide (which drug dealers and users are using, forcing us birdwatchers to leave) I hope it was the latter, perhaps I should give him the benefit of the doubt about that.


Anonymous said...

Zoompad, it's in every city, every town, hundreds of homeless everywhere, soon they will get the idea to form groups and gangs, then the middle class really will have something to worry about.

Every city, in one town, Ipswich, the police have used an old informer and errand boy to instigate fights amongst the homeless, it's as bad as the eighties, jules Denby Knows about that time.

The homeless hold the key to a lot of information, as they move unseen amongst society, seein wvruthing bit not being seen, and able to move quickly, it's why the police hate them, it's the same as the new age travellers.

Google battle of the beanfileld and you will see how terrified the government and police are of those of us who choose to drop out and live alternative lifestyles

Anonymous said...


Everyone must be aware now that the police are infiltrating groups who speak out against the abuse we have suffered.

Recent news items tell us this.

So everyone be careful of any new people appearing in our lives.

Zoompad you once mentioned a phenomenon called gang stalking, you were prover correct.

Be aware we have here, a Constable Martin Jones, infiltrated the animal rights movement, tried to infiltrate anti abuse groups and now he's working for a charity which helps problem families.

Total fraud.

Another one is called Paul, again there is evidence against him.

So please people check all associations, all friends, be choosy on who to trust and tell no one too much about yourselves, we have Zoompad to publish and speak out on her forum.

This is still clearly a war, against us victims and the people of the UK, we must safeguard ourselves.

Everyone take measure and stay safe.

A friend

Zoompad said...

Thanks, I had never heard of the Battle of the Beanfield, I found the wiki entry:,d.bGE

I don't like Stonehenge, I am afraid of the place. I went there once but to me the place stinks of death. I would never go there again willingly.

I think that middle class people ought to realise that any one of them, there but for the grace of God, can end up homeless. It isn't one just class or type of people that is ending up homeless, it can quite easily happen to anyone.

I have been homeless myself, so I know what it is like. I told the lady that I had been homeless myself. I have had to sleep in a telephone box (when there were telephone boxes, all gone now) and public toilets (all locked up nowadays at night) so I know how hard it is to be forced to sleep without a roof over your head.

What a disgrace to any town that there are people having to sleep with worse shelter than the rats have!

Zoompad said...

Why are the police more interested in harassing destitute people than villianous (but outwardly respectable looking) traffickers of children?

If I, a knackered up victim of institutional child abuse can discover that the Secret (therefore illegal) Family Courts are using syndromes that were invented by American paedophiles to steal children in the UK on an industrial scale - and now it is disabled children that are especially being targetted as they are worth so much money to the criminal gangsters who want to make £520 per week out of them - why are the police not putting a stop to this?

How can someone wear that police uniform with pride when they have allowed their corrupt chiefs to draw a shutter down on their conciences and besmirch the uniforms they wear by becoming the private army of the gangsters who are preying upon the most vulnerable people in our land instead of arresting every single one of those wicked devils?

Zoompad said...

I have been crying again today, I just feel so very very very very very sad.

Please, Lord Jesus, please help!

Please hear our prayers

Zoompad said...

"This is still clearly a war, against us victims and the people of the UK, we must safeguard ourselves."

It is a war, it is very frightening, these people are absolutly ruthless, they don't care who they hurt.

I don't really know what to do apart from keep praying, and just ask the Lord to protect us, to ask the Lord to keep us from taking the law into our own hands - we must never give these wicked ones any reason to justify the wicked things they are doing, so please people, keep your hands clean, never be tempted to break God's laws, though even Jesus broke mans laws remember, when the Pharassees accused him of it when the diciples broke off ears of wheat to eat. Thats how petty and so looking for things to accuse Jesus of, and these modern day Pharasees are exactly the same!

They just want to look for dirt to accuse the victims of very serious crimes even murder of - the Lawrence family, the Dowlers. Its all coming out into the open now.

We must keep strong, alert, and never ever stoop to their level. We must show ourselves to be the exact opposite of what they are, like day verses night, light verses dark.

I just know in my heart there is going to be a happy ending to all of this, and I will never let go of that hope and faith, they can not take that away from me.

Zoompad said...

The Lord said Seek and you will find, ask and it will be given to you, knock and the door will be opened to you.

I have been asking, begging, crying for healing and deliverance for decades now. I started asking in 1984 - that summer I realised that we have a Creator who cares very much about us after I witnessed him striking with fire Yorkminster, where the Bishop of Durham David Jenkins had committed blasphemy by telling millions of people via BBC Radio 4 that Jesus was not the Messiah.

Since then, for the last 29 years I have been asking the Lord to heal me of what happened to me as a child. But what I didn't realise was that Staffordshire Pindown was all over the UK and the Channel Islands, and that the BBC were involved in the abuse. I used to listen to Alan Freemans Pop Pickers on the radio as a child on Sunday afternoons, and I thought of him as a friend. I now know what a disgusting man he really was, and I feel violated and sickened, by him and by the organisation that employed him and is even now STILL covering up for him!

Zoompad said...

The last 29 years have been one revelation after another.

The biggest revelation for me is the way the gangsters have tried to decieve everyone about God. Some of the con tricks they have tried to pull to con people into believing that God does not exist are downright hilarious ie the Stone Age Book.

I don't know why God let me be abused, because I can't understand it. I can't understand the pain of it, but I do understand that the abuse hasn't just happened to me, its a massive circle or cycle of abuse.

From what I understand the murderers Ian Brady and Peter Sutcliffe were also victims of child abuse.

Ian Brady has said that he wants to be allowed to die. I don't know if thats because he feels ashamed of what he did, or because he's simply tired of being imprisoned, only the Lord knows that. But I think Brady ought to be transferred to prison, because I am convinced he has secrets in his heart which should not be allowed to go to the grave with him. And if that man ever does get transferred to prison, I hope that any prisoners being offered a sordid deal (I think you can guess what I mean by that, we all know it happens) that they refuse, for the greater good of seeing the whole nest of vipers false sense of security to be smashed to smithereens.

Zoompad said...

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley have been portayed as Bonny and Clyde figures.

I don't believe they worked alone, just as I don't believe Dutroux worked alone. I just don't believe it at all.

Zoompad said...

Thursday, 20 April, 2000, 09:39 GMT 10:39 UK
Capitalism rules, says former bishop

Former Bishop of Durham, Dr David Jenkins, has been thinking

By BBC News Online's Giles Wilson
You might expect a former bishop to have a head for figures - the number in the congregation, perhaps, or even coffee morning takings.

But you would not necessarily expect him to know the ins and outs of the global money markets, or to know the detailed workings of the IMF and WTO.

But David Jenkins has never been an ordinary churchman. And his new message - "We must not collude with the free market" - is not ordinary either.

In the 1980s, it was a toss-up who was the more famous man of the cloth between him and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Puppets of both of them were standards on Spitting Image.

But it was David Jenkins, then Bishop of Durham, who had the notoriety. Even now newspapers occasionally attribute to him the line that the resurrection was just a "conjuring trick with bones".

I am not clear that God manoeuvres physical things... After all, a conjuring trick with bones only proves that it is as clever as a conjuring trick with bones. A resuscitated corpse might be a resuscitated corpse and might be the sign of something, but there is still the question of what it is the symbol of.

David Jenkins, Radio 4, 1984

Zoompad said...

In fact a reading of his full statement makes it pretty clear that his meaning was the exact opposite.

His politics - particularly during the miner's strike when he called the coal board boss an "elderly imported American" - ended the reputation of the Church of England as being the "Tory party at prayer".

And when York Minster was hit by lightning and badly damaged on the very night on which he was consecrated as bishop, it gave his opponents all the ammunition they needed to claim it was a case of divine retribution against a turbulent priest.

York Minster after being hit by lightning

He retired in 1994, but has resisted the temptation to spend his time in consideration of the hereafter. Instead, for five years, he has submerged himself in the minutiae of the here and now.

Swapping the Church Times and the Guardian for the Financial Times and the Economist, he has made the latest IPOs, mergers, hedge funds and trade talks his business.

This was a conscious reaction to being told time and time again during the miners' strike that he just did not understand what was going on. So when he had the time, he put it right.

And his conclusion is that - like it or not - the market runs the world and is unquestioningly accepted as the only way to achieve freedom and prosperity.

Zoompad said...

But his acknowledgement that this is the way the world is working does not - liberals may breathe a sigh of relief - signify his approval.

Struggle at last week's demonstration in Washington

Capitalism has become so unfettered, he says, that it is now the only thing people trust in. It's what they work for and what embodies their hopes.

As he characterises it in his new book, Market Whys and Human Wherefores, the market is now society's mantra. "It is the creed of our Free Market faith and the hymn of our salvation...Our common good, the investment which unites us all, is in the Market."

It is not perhaps surprising then that the demonstrators who intended troubling the IMF meeting in Washington this week earn his support (although violence does not).

Speaking to BBC News Online he added: "There are other things that matter than just keeping the financial system going so that the people who have got money can carry on making money. It does dreadful things to people, en route it does dreadful things to the world, maybe permanently, and we've got to wake up to this.

Capitalism has never been so unfettered, says Jenkins

"The world is not saved by banking, banking often makes the world bankrupt."

David Jenkins has never been one to keep the politics out of his religion, and that has meant his relationship with the church has not always been happy.

At a recent lecture he gave in central London, he said, only half-jokingly, that being a bishop had brought him nearer to becoming an atheist than anything else in his life.

He even sees some parallels between the way he believes the world is expected to subscribe to the market, and the way it was once expected to unhesitatingly do what the Church told it.

After all the abuse which was directed towards him, it must surely have been a temptation to settle for a quiet retirement? Apparently not.

"It was only recently that I started to think of myself as old, and that was because a social worker came to call because I was on their computer as having reached 75," he says. And his passion to persuade people of his arguments persists.

And for the moment, that argument is that if people - not just Christians - want to make a difference, then they can.

Capitalism has become so unfettered, it's the only thing people trust in

David Jenkins

"Christians ought to say, with all the allies they can get, 'No, we need not put up with this'."

Even those of an orthodox business point of view were starting to become more worried about the potential hazards of letting finance get away with anything, he says. And public opinion counts too.

"There is, for one thing, increasing pressure on the environment, and public opinion is so alert about it. Companies are now getting credit for considering it - like Monsanto making available their patents for rice, which will make a tremendous difference to the millions of people who are fed by rice."

Yet the market was failing to solve many of the problems of distribution, particularly in the developing world, and it was right that people had questions about it.

"I think it is at least a good thing that people are getting worried. If there's the growth in the next 100 years as there has been in the last 250, where will we be? Can the world stand it?"

Market Whys and Human Wherefores is published by Cassell, priced £16.99

Zoompad said...

The Bastard Church - note that I use the word Bastard in the same way historians refer to William the Bastard - not in any vulgar sense, but correct grammer - was involved in drug company GLAXO illegally testing drugs on British children in Pindown childrens home Kendall House:

Zoompad said...

Women who were given a cocktail of drugs by a controversial doctor when they were girls in care are now giving birth to disabled children, according to extraordinary new claims.

At least six women who were drugged in their teens at the notorious Kendall House home in the late 1970s and early 1980s now have children with genetic defects.

Back in 1980, the home caused a storm when the levels of drugs being prescribed by psychiatrist Dr Marenthiran Perinpanayagam were revealed in a TV documentary.
Girls in his care were given pills designed for schizophrenics, psychotics and Parkinson's sufferers...without having been diagnosed with any of these conditions and often held down and forced to take them.

Nearly 30 years later, the children of girls in his care have learning difficulties, cleft palates, water on the brain and brain growths.

One of the women, Teresa Cooper, 41, said: "They turned us into zombies with those drugs. But we're only just starting to find out that it may have affected our children as well."

During 15 years as consultant psychiatrist to Kendall House - run for girls with problems by the Church of England's Council for Social Responsibility in Gravesend, Kent - Dr Perinpanayagam wrongly prescribed girls drugs.

Valium was given at four times the recommended dose for an adult male. When his methods were exposed on TV it caused outrage although it seems no action was taken.

Despite having no mental health problems or history of violence, daily logs written by staff show Teresa was on a dozen drugs without any diagnosis.

And workers pinned her down to force her to take them - with other children forced to help. The brutal regime at the house is similar to the notorious "pin down" system of discipline used at the same time in Staffordshire children's homes.

Zoompad said...

No action taken - well that is not true, action most certainly has been taken - against the VICTIMS of these fucking cruel bastards.

And I have been crying again today for my daughter and her partner, who are right now terrified of being made homeless, due to the relentless persecution of ATOS.

My mum has been targetted, my partner been targetted (both had their windows smashed in by RENTATHUG) my sister has been targetted and I strongly suspect my other sisters husband has also been targetted for MALICIOUS VINDICTIVE PERSECUTION.

These creepy evil gangsters don't do their own dirty work, oh no. They get others to do it for them. Stafford is rife with this.

Whenever they send ex cons knock knock knocking at my door, I tell them all about the Pindown and Secret Court abuses. Stafford Probation Service son't like it, WELL STOP BLOODY WELL SENDING THEM BANGING ON MY DOOR THEN, BECAUSE I'VE ASKED YOU SEVERAL TIMES VERY POLITLY NOT TO DO SO!

Zoompad said...

If you want to help ex cons, seriously, would you send them bang banging on the doors of people who have suffered so much abuse already - people VERY WELL KNOWN TO STAFFORD POLICE AS VICTIMS OF CRIME - would you specifically target those people for door knocking by ex cons?


Zoompad said...

I know the Stafford Freemasons gangsters and the Warwick and Coven Tree masonic gangsters read this blog, they will understand what I am getting at perfectly well, even if other people don't.

Anonymous said...


The lord said seek and you shall find etc.

I read a Masonic magazine called freemasonry today, which says the three entered apprentice knocks in the Forster degree mean seek and you shall find, ask and it will be given, knock and the door will be opened, they knock the door to enter their temple or lodges.

They claim to be older than religion, they are misguided.

I love Jesus only and will lay down my life for him in a heartbeat, or for any of his causes, we are on the right side let's keep it that way.

Zoompad says a non violent campaign and so it shall be, unless they attack us, then we fight with god and Jesus beside us.

God bless Zoompad, she has spoken

There will rioting soon in the uk, troops are readied to help keep order, I'll be at home waiting, and watching for our time, hoping abuse victims unite.
A friend

Zoompad said...

"They claim to be older than religion, they are misguided."

Jesus wasn't a religion, he was a man, he didn't have any church building, he just spoke in parables and prophesied.

He never hurt anyone, but he was murdered after an illegal in the middle of the night trial. Just like the Secret (therefore illegal) Family Courts. Not even a proper trial.

What was he accused of? Trying to start a rebellion. He was innocent, he was trying to start a REVIVAL! He was trying to make the people judge their own hearts! Examine every word that Jesus ever spoke and you can see that is true.

In the end, they got him found guilty of blasphemy, that he was God.

Well, three days later, they found out that was true as well, his body was under Roman guard under pain of death, no Roman soldier would have dared to spirit his body away, because that would have been their death sentance to do that and Jesus didnt have Roman friends that would have laid down their own lives to do such a thing, it would not make any sense for anyone to do that.

But I know Jesus is alive, and I talk to him every day and I know he is answering my prayers. I dont know why he let me be abused but He will heal me, and I know He is using my life for some purpose, because I did pray in the Pindown home even though I didnt really know He was alive at that time or who I was really praying to, and Jesus heard my prayer and got me out of there.

Zoompad said...

The abuse has been going on a long long time. Evil stuff was happening in Charles Dickens time. So the links of the chains go all right down through history.

But its in this day and age that they will be finally broken. You can feel it happening, things are happening so quickly now. All the bad stuff has been kept hushed up for such a very long time.

There will be healing, I just know there will, and I am putting all my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and nowhere else, God help me.

Zoompad said...

"Zoompad says a non violent campaign and so it shall be, unless they attack us, then we fight with god and Jesus beside us."

Not any unless - Jesus said no to violence.

He turned the other cheek when they struck him.

Its hard to accept this, but we can't beat the devils unless we do - its called trusting the Lord our God.

When they strike us down and we do not strike them back, then everyone can clearly see with their own eyes who the violent and wicked ones are. Ghandi said the same thing.

Zoompad said...

This is why they hate Jesus Christ. He showed them a mirror of their own souls.

Anonymous said...


Ok, no violence, ever.

Try a simple google of Stafford Freemasons, they even have a section on the masons on the county council website, weird, we shall post some people there to dig around a bit.

You were right zoompad, there is a Masonic undertone to all this, and it stinks.

Real upstanding Freemasons would be shocked if they knew the truth.

We must follow Jesus.

A friend

Anonymous said...


They worship lucifer ultimately.

At the entrance to the united grand lodge of England, at the top of the steps there is a five star pentagram on the floor, inlaid, anyone can visit this place, it's at great queen street, Lonion.

They have gold looking taps in the toilets and marble, and a drawing room on the first floor full of oil paintings of people like George washigton, and secret back rooms behind the Connaught rooms, I have more to say one day.

But for now google five point pentagram or five star pentagram, it's our occult, Jesus warned us of this.

Also google stafford underground bunker, they have two, one under Hanley li rary and one under council offices, now used for 'storage' it's worth looking at, an openly run Masonic council with access to underground bunkers is chilling to the extreme.

Where there are nests of masons, you get many underground rooms and bunkers.

I'm not safe, I'm in danger.

But Zoompad and masons understand this, the minute you go near her, we are coming, and be aware we are gathering around zoompad, this is a war and the final battle is near, we all know and feel it now, good versus evil, I will fight when Jesus comes and says to, for now Zoompad has spoken, no violence, even if attacked, we will honour that.

God bless and protect all abuse survivors and victims both alive and dead.

A friend

A friend

Zoompad said...

"Also google stafford underground bunker, they have two, one under Hanley li rary and one under council offices, now used for 'storage' it's worth looking at, an openly run Masonic council with access to underground bunkers is chilling to the extreme.

Where there are nests of masons, you get many underground rooms and bunkers."

When I finally managed to get my Social Service paperwork (they lied to me at first and told me the papers had been destroyed) I had to collect them from an office in Newcastle Under Lyme, and the two women took me downstairs into a scary underground room, which I thought was really wierd, it just didn't seem at all appropriate to take a smashed up victim of child abuse and malicious vindictive persecution into such a creepy underground sort of den.

They offered me tea and coffee and cakes from a really lovely silver and china teaset.

They didn't give me the actual paperwork either, they gave me copies, with a big stamp on the pages CLIENTS COPY, and part of the paperwork was a police statement from when I was a 13 year old runaway, which Stafford Police have unlawfully altered to try to cover up their part in my abuse.

Zoompad said...

I think its important that these masonic buildings should be seen for what they are, and I will get back on this and post where I was taken to pick up my paperwork.

The place where my GP has sent me for "therapy" is 11A Princes Street Staffordshire. It used to be the old tax buildings. It is a weird place, like a rabbit warren, tiny looking on the outside but massive inside. It reminds me of the film Inside John Malcovitch.

My GP has told me and my daughter that it is the only place he can refer us to - in other words, that or nothing. That does not sound right to me!

My daughter has no money now as ATOS have swtopped all her money. The Emotional Wellbeing people know that, she has asked them for her bus fare, but they have told her they can't do anything to help her. So basically, what these stinks are doing is sending her for "therapy" to a place that she can't get to because she hasn't got the bus fare to get there.

I didn't realise they were doing this to her until recently, because she didn't like to tell me because she was shy of asking me to help her with the money. I am really shocked what they are doing, it just seems uncaring at the least, but I actually think it is abusive to treat someone like that.

The "therapy" I have recieved so far is worse than useless. Like I said, filling in a stupid form and me telling them stuff they are already well aware of. I don't know wether they are hoping to trigger off a massive panic attack so they can call the white coat men to me, but I am determined never to oblige them! Thats been done before, so I am up to all these horrible tricks they like to play with people.

Zoompad said...

I have another session booked on Thursday. I am not really sure wether to go or not, because the last session left me drained and exhausted for days afterwards.

I know one thing, the fucking creepy way they are treating my daughter is going to stop, and I am going to make damned sure none of them ever treat her like that again.

My daughter is a lovely gentle woman, she has healing hands, but is a very sensitive soul.

They have had my daughter in for supposed to be group sessions where she has been the only one, and thats so crafty because they can turn round and say, well we can't help it if noone else turns up, knowing damned well noone else was invited in the first place!

The bus fare situation is abusive, because you can claim bus fares and petrol money for medical appointments, and they know that so for them to tell my daughter they can't help her in that practical way is a downright out and out lie.

They know perfectly well what ATOS are doing to her is abusive. There are plenty of things they could do, and haven't. They also are fully aware that criminal offences have been committed by officials such as the police and Social Services against myself, and yet they have not done anything to help me. I have told them the disgusting way I have been treated, yet their only answer is to offer me NLP brainwashing - and NLP has a very dubious source, which I have posted a few years ago.

Zoompad said...

Yes, I am frightened - I think it would be impossible not to be frightened when you are being subjected to creepy masonic treatment like this.

The administrator of Emotional Wellbeing is a chap called Daniel Hodge, but I cannot find anything about him, who he is, what his qualifications are to treat people who have PTDS and other mental illness.

I can't help but wonder if he is related to Margaret Hodge. I just don't know who the heck he is!

Zoompad said...

Every time I go to see these people, I just keep telling them what I want, which is an apology and for the malicious vindictive persecution of our family to stop.

Zoompad said...

The dangers of trawling for evidence

14. The concerns about trawling were shared by a number of those who gave evidence to this inquiry. David Rose, Special Investigations Reporter for The Observer, told us that:

"The problem with trawling as it is now carried out is that it is an absolutely unregulated process and it is a process almost tailor-made to generate false allegations".[11]

15. We sought views on the scale of the problem. David Rose guessed that 50 or more of the 120 or so former care workers convicted of sexual abuse had been wrongfully convicted.[12] Chris Saltrese, a criminal defence solicitor specialising in these cases, estimated that over 100 had been wrongly convicted.[13] Richard Webster, who singled out South Wales as the home to "one of the most dangerous trawling operations", said that in excess of 80 or 90 per cent of the 581 or so suspects trawled by South Wales Police were "completely innocent".[14] Claire Curtis-Thomas MP, Chair of the All Party Group on Abuse Investigations, told us that she had 20 cases in which, she believed, there was "an overt indication that there have been significant abuses of the criminal justice system".[15] Although she did not speculate about the statistics, she said that she was convinced that miscarriages of justice had occurred in these investigations.[16]


Zoompad said...


Victim support services

60. A number of victim support organisations have made the point that trawling provides an opportunity for victims to speak up if they feel ready to do so.[102] However, these organisations expressed a general concern over the level of support available to victims during and after a 'trawl'.[103] The Government guidance on complex child abuse investigations recommends that "An unequivocal victim support strategy and protocol should be established at the outset" of the investigation to avoid any subsequent strain on counselling services.[104]

61. We endorse the view that, where a trawl is conducted, complainants should be offered appropriate victim support services, such as counselling, from an early stage of their involvement in the investigation.


Zoompad said...

I feel like Daniel stepping into the den of lions every time I go to 11a Princes Street Stafford.

I know I should have been given a choice, there is absolutly no way that this is the only help source available for victims of institutional child abuse.

Why are they keeping the Pindown children seperated from each other? They ought to be helping us get together, because the best way to heal from abuse is for the victims of the abuse to support one another, NOT DELIBERATLY KEEP THEM SEPERATED!

There is a conspiracy in Stafford against the victims of Pindown child abuse.

We do have to fight, but not in the way that the devil would want us to fight - we have to fight with the truth - that is our weapon and a very powerful one it is too.

We have to fight for our families, because the psychopaths try to isolate us and smash up our families. That is why I keep banging on about forgiveness, we HAVE to forgive one another, I had to forgive my parents for stuff, and EMERGE tried to get me to blame my mum and dad for the abuse, my parents failed me, that much is true, but the other thing that is true is that my parents loved me and both of them worked their butts off to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, they tried to be good parents, and moneygrubbing mindfuckers like EMERGE had no right to try to encourage me to hate my parents!

Zoompad said...

The rich have waged war on poor people, and they sit in their golden bejazzled homes and think themselves a cut above everyone else.

They tried that malarkey in France and the King and Queen of France ended up with their heads looking into a sack. The people who held up the bloody heads in triumph also ended up looking into the same sack. Violence just breeds even more violence, and the only winner of all that is the devil who hates and detests mankind and wants to drag every single one of us into the same bottomless pit that he is destined for.

The Lord Jesus Christ told us not to take the law into our own hands. He promised us that he would give us our daily bread, and look after us, He told us not to be frightened. He gave us weapons to fight the enemy with - truth, patience, love, spiritual weapons, that the enemy can never take from us by force.
They can't even brainwash us, they can torment us with their trying, but as long as we keep close to the risen Lord Jesus Christ they will never succeed.
They can brainwash our children, and that is what this massive battle is all about - children. Children are the enemies of the devil, because children don't know anything at all about hate and war - those things have to be carefully taught to them. And we awakened victims of institutional child abuse are standing in the way of that - every attack of theirs that we endure for the sake of the children weakens the stranglehold the enemies of God have over us.

Zoompad said...

I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I also believe in the devil. You can't believe in one without believing in the other.

You can see the power of God and satan everwhere on this planet.

These people who persecute us and relentlessly attack us are not our real enemies. They worship the devil, yes, but they are poor deluded fools.

Not a single atom of any of us will be walking and breathing in just a few years - man's life span is at the most only just over a hundred years, even with the best medical help.

The rich are having their heads cut off and frozen so they can be restored to life in the future. They are afraid of death, and they are putting their trust in people who will also be dead soon enough, giving them money to freeze their dead heads, and actually expecting them to honour the contract! If it was not so creepy and sad it would be funny!

Jesus didn't need to have any part of him cut off and frozen. He rose again with the ease of a bird stretching its wings and taking flight. He just stepped out of his shroud and spoke comfort to Mary. He promised us that we would rise again, just as He has done. He promised us, and God never breaks His promises.

I will go to this "therapy" and I will put a question to the lady.

Anonymous said...

I have decided to go homeless at the age of 48. I have served my country well, I have been a good member of society but all for nothing. The politicians, rich and middle class want to feed off the working class and poor. We no longer have justice and laws. The rich dominate. Tax evasion, tax fraud ARE CRIMES. TAX AVOIDANCE IS not. This to me means if you can afford a clever solicitor and accountant you can get away with the 1st 2. The working class and poor cannot so we subsidies the

People of this country, lets STOP being scared, forget your debts, forget your fears and rise up against this machine. No one has to be violent but we must show unity. Rise up and elect our own fair government!!!!! Annon

bobchewie said...

Thanks for that me neither. The fairground abductions all have s pattern to them citing paedo ring in showmens guild let's not forget Sydney cooke and why did brady make a copy of the Leslie Anne Downey torture tape? A police office said it resembled a snuff item. To be distributed to others? Also the Bradford stuff that brady wrote about which fitted a " rent boy " ( usually kids in care or runaways) area of Bradford