Sunday, 13 October 2013


"Anonymous said...
Gilbert Harding was involved with Rothschilds cambridge homosexual traitors gang called the apostles.
He later regretted this, and went to severl sessions where he confessed he knew the apostles were out to destroy britian,and were sleeping with young boys after the third session he collapsed and died in the street,
The coriner suspected foul play but the findings were inconslusive
12 October 2013 09:24 "

Thank you for this info. I watched the video where Gilbert Harding wept, and feel that he was a man with a stricken concience.

A lot of people get sucked into doing bad things for bad people, but it weighs heavy on the heart to some people, the Holy Spirit speaks to all of us, if only we will listen.

It's far better to be Abel than to be Cain. Woe to those who are still doing evil, who refuse to repent, when the Lord comes to divide their body from their soul, as must happen to all of us.


Anonymous said...


Distinguished readers, readers all.

For god said in strength I shall establish this mine house to stand firm forever.

Whatever is going on, it's not the fraternity, anyone within the fraternity who even thinks about persecuting or posting against Barbara Richards is in trouble with annukai, I hope you all understand.

Now zoompad, I don't know why aangirfan has posted all the info on you, pictures, all sorts, he seems to have randomly put pictures and links to bryn Allen, and other high profile cases that are nothing to do with you, he's an idiot, any one with half a brain can see his game.

Most of the info, including pictures comes from John Ward the slog, from his not born yesterday days, there's a lot more to this man than we all realise, he's mostly in it for the money, and in my opinion he's very very badly handled blogging on abuse, he should apologise to some people, that is my personal opinion.

Others who don't understand things, understand this, zoompad is of god, she has protection.

A friend

Anonymous said...

Barbara those who hurt you hurt us all, you area figurehead for all of us abused kids, the numbers of abused boys way outweigh the girls,
we may not speak out but we all read your blog.
I just want to say thankyou barbara
aangirfan is socialist twaddle and homotrash

Zoompad said...

John Ward did have my permission to do that article about me, at the time I was desperate, going through the Secret Family Court terrorisation.

I would never have chosen to have my whole life dissected on the WWW, had I not been desperatly frightened, Anthony Cleary and my own legal team kept threatening me with losing my son, prison and the psychiatric hospital (where they put me as a teenage child abuse victim on a Place of Safety magestrates court order)and thats why I have been such an "attention seeker" as Stafford Police called me), because I thought it was the only way I could keep myself safe from them, if other people were aware of what they were doing to me.

But Aangirfan didn't even bother to ask my permission to repost that article, and after how Aangerifan let me be bullied the day before I do not think it was posted for any kind reason, I dont know why he/she did it, but its really funny it was posted a few hours after I sent the link by Hotmail (which is supposed to be private) to Carol Fox. I just do not believe in coincidences.