Thursday, 3 October 2013


Dear Sir,

It's quicker for me to write to you like this (although I will also send this letter to you by post, if the moleblockers allow you to even get the letter though, as when I tried to write to DC Phil Ruskin and Stafford Police's moleblockers ended up intercepting the letter instead) as I know you will get it pretty much straight away this way, seeing that your people scrutinise everything I do and say.

Please can you tell me why MI5 are covering up the Pindown child abuse and police investigations? Can you tell me what on earth institutional child abuse has to do with MI5? Could you also tell me (and I'm not blaming you for this as it happened before your time) why MI5 was involved in helping American paedophiles members of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation go round the world to promote their pro paedophile junk science theories, that are being used in secret family courts all round the world, such as Parental Alienation Syndrome and Muchausens By Proxy Syndrome and False memory Syndrome and Attachment Syndrome?

Please can you also tell me why MI5 have been stalking victims of institutional child abuse, parking cars outside their houses, spying on them from bed and breakfast places near to where they live, intercepting their telephones and hacking their computers? Could you tell me why MI5 employs people who do that sort of thing? Could you also tell me how it can be an appropriate for a Birmingham MP to also be a member of the Secret Services - I am talking about the mysterious John Hemming, who has pretended to care about victims of child abuse but who is a double dealing rascal with some very dubious friends.

I don't suppose you will be allowed to get the postal version of this letter, but at least you might get chance to read it on my blog.

Barbara Richards


Zoompad said...

I might not know all the correct terms and ins and outs of MI5 but I know that whats been happening to me and other Pindown child abuse victims is absolutly disgusting, we are nothing to do with military secrets, we're just poor people who have been abused, and even now some of the people who abused us are hiding behind the Military Secret Services blackout of the truth!

Why the hell can't I have a simple PROPER apology - not the rubbish half hearted one Dawn Franks sent, but a PROPER apology, one without any more trickery and signing pencilled in entries in police notebooks nonsense?

40 years is a long time to wait for a simple apology.

Anonymous said...

This shows that the hebrew words transleated closely into english "boy nobbing"
is still practiced today.
The Kincora boys home was used for IRA men to go "boy nobbing"
and then filmed by both mossad and MI5, they caught Jerry Adamas and his brother and other IRA men
"trying out the goods"
this allowed MI5 to bring the IRA to the peacetable

Zoompad said...

I think what they did is use children they had pre judged as immoral discards as pawns in their espionage.

In my Social Service paperwork it mentions morality. That was the reason they gave of putting me into "care" which turned out to be a pimping house for children - and they knew damned well it was. They knew what sort of people were running those hell house homes.

The same horrible scam is still going on, but I think what has happened is that the Secret Services have been taken over by paedophiles, thats how it seems to me, perhaps Andrew Parker might care to explain and persuade me otherwise?

I'm not going to blame the Jews for everything, I won't fall into that trap, because I don't believe it, I think its much more complicated than that. The Jews do look down upon Gentiles as they call people like me, I am a Christian and they consider me to be a Gentile because of that and I have had a Jewish woman try to rip me apart for my faith in Jesus Christ, but I refuse to hate her in retalliation for that, she's wrong but why should I hate all Jews just because some of them, like her, are bigoted and hate other people for no reason at all?

Zoompad said...

Jesus didn't look down on the Gentiles, and He told us not to look down at anyone else. I'd rather follow Jesus than any other leader, I don't trust anyone else to lead properly, I don't even trust myself, I am a frail human being, not God, thats why I hate it when people post on my blog about that sort of thing.

I'm just a woman who got abused in a Pindown home in Staffordshire 40 years ago and who has been fighting to clear her name from the horrid lies that the abusers have told about me and other Pindown victims, to justify them treating me like something the cat sicked up. I'm not a great leader, I'm just a very angry woman!

Zoompad said...

I don't like people telling lies about me. I had enough of that when I was a kid, and that was 40 years ago, so its about time it stopped now.

I was a nice little girl, I wasn't a nasty girl at all, I was a nice little girl with a kind heart, I remember sitting next to another little girl at school because the other children were picking on her, calling her names because she wet the bed and smelt bad, but I remember sitting next to her on purpose because I felt sorry for her getting bullied.

Thats the sort of little girl I was. I wasn't nasty and vicious and sly at all and I'm still not like that.

So if people want to tell vicious lies about me I cant stop them doing it but the Lord will because He knows whats true and what isn't true and He saw me when I was a little girl.

Zoompad said...

They told lies about my dad as well. They tried to make out my dad was a strict disaplinarian, my dad was a really gentle man, my dad was a hard working man who spent virtually every penny he had on us kids and my mum, he was a good husband and father, tried his best to be anyway, he worked at the Universal Grinding Wheel Factory in Stafford and people still remember him, so them libelling him saying he was a surly man is bonkers.

Zoompad said...

Ed Milliband is moaning about people slandering his dad, but what about mine? No-one cares that my dads been slandered, because my dad wasn't rich and famous, and its one law for them lot and another for the rest of us, isn't it?

Zoompad said...

They should just apologise properly and stop all this abusive crap.

Anonymous said...

ED Millipedes dad was a scumbag who wanted to kill anglo saxons,plain and simple
MI5 have to do what rothschild says the ame as our government and if he says make homisexialuty legal they do it, if he says rob the people because the banks want it the government does so.
The fact that the banks could just go print 100 million pounds is beside the point

Anonymous said...

I ama doctor of history who has spent many years in theology and the middle east.
The jews will fake up stone tablets and papyri to fake up their past, and also to distory christianity.
Dont forget christ was nota jew, he was a chrsitian
dr John Oddy
25 shelford drive
Kings LYnn

Anonymous said...

The remit of MI5 is to serve the government against its people, but that is wrong because both government and MI5 should serve the people, thats what we expect if this was a democracy,
The teaching of homosexuality in schoold has prompted many parents to home school, my own son tells me of men hanging about outside "poofeteering: this is the old game of chatting to the boys
as they come out from school
the answer is to HOME SCHOOL

Zoompad said...

The jews will fake up stone tablets and papyri to fake up their past, and also to distory christianity.
Dont forget christ was nota jew, he was a chrsitian

No, Jesus was a Jew, so was Paul of Tarsus. Jesus was born a Jew, he wasn't a Christian, because Christians are followers of Jesus Christ!

I don't know who is responsible for the fake archeology that the trickers keep trying to pass off as genuine artifacts, but I doubt very much it is the Jews, if I were to guess who is responsible I'd be inclined to blame the Humanists.

Zoompad said...

I don't like any politician because as far as I can see they're all as bad as each other, and not a single one of them has lifted a whisper to stop the Secret Family Court human trafficking, or bullying and persecution of the Pindown victims.

If I were a politician I would be moving heaven and earth to put those things, and the mass murderous death plan which is the Liverpool Care pathway right.

Zoompad said...

The Daliy Mail is as bad as the greedy and immoral politicians, because they have employed MI5 agents to cover up Pindown child abuse, David Rose and his creepy friends.

So they needn't take any moral high ground either.

Zoompad said...

"The jews will fake up stone tablets and papyri to fake up their past"

I remember very well the stone tablet story. It was blasted all over the media at the time, but seems to have been taken down since it was exposed as a fraud.

The British Humanists were involved in all that, not the Jews.

Zoompad said...

Some of us still remember Rowley Hall Childrens Home, and the threats of being sent there, the Home For Bad Girls.

I didn't go there but I remember the threats.

Zoompad said...

I'm enjoying watching the reruns of the Little House On The Prarie, which I used to watch as a child.

If Laura Ingalls had been in Stafford in the 70s she'd have probably ended up in Chadswell Assessment Centre as well, because she wasn't a saint either, she was just a little girl, like I was.

Zoompad said...

I turned Top of the Pops off last night because a paedophile wearing a funny wig was on it.

Zoompad said...

I don't know anything about Ralph Milliband, I am so fed up with the propaganda papers I don't bother reading them very often now.

I just know what politicians have covered up regarding institutional child abuse and the secret family courts ect.

Zoompad said...

I don't like Marxism. I used to think it sounded good before I became a Christian in 1984. I remember talking about it with my dad.

My dad was Old Labour, he believed in fairness and justice, and hard work. He was grieved by my brothers attitude, just like the old man in Parenthood and his son who keeps thinking up ways to make a fast profit. My dad was slow and steady, and taught me never to be ashamed of being working class, he said we are just as good as anyone else.

I don't know what Ralph Milliband was like. The Daily Mail let David Rose lie about the Pindown child abuse, so how can I trust that paper to tell the truth now?

If I got the chance to talk to Paul Dacre about anything it would be about the Pindown cover up, and the use of MI5 agents as reporters in his newspaper to discredit victims of child abuse.

Zoompad said...

My dad came to visit me when they put me in St Georges Psychiatric Hospital Stafford, so did my mum and brother (not the one who abused me)

If my parents hadn't visited me and fought to get me back home I am quite sure I would have ended up as a sex slave to rich powerful people, as was happening to other children in Staffordshire at that time.

Zoompad said...

Westport Lake was opened in 1972 by Prime Minister Ted Heath.

There is a derilict Sea Cadets hut just at the entrance.

Anonymous said...


Sea scouts again they are in every case somewhere

Raise the issue as official complaint there is evidence that this is happening to many of us, they use trainees to follow you

Anonymous said...

Jewish universities have admitted they have depts where the faking of inscriptions on stones and writing on papyri goes on. they want to make people thingk the jews came from palestine, but very few do.

Anonymous said...

What annoys me is the way homosexual refer to young boys s "sausage jockeys" bum-boys, rent boys, bumbadillos or cocksuckers
they are abused boys thats what they are nothing else

Anonymous said...

Before and during W W 2 the Daly Mail had a reputation in the metropolitan police as the most honest and accurate of papers, i dont know what happened since ?

Zoompad said...

I know the thugs use kids to do their dirty work, we've already had a taste of that, stone throwing and smashing windown and older-before-their-years utterly defiant little girls jeering and pulling the heads off flowers, thugs using gangs of kids to persecute people they don't like, and I'm not talking about council estate kids, I'm talking about so called respectable middle class kids whose parents can afford to buy the best houses in the neighbourhood, their kids marauding around in Bullington Club style gangs.

Zoompad said...

Letting their 14 year old children go pub crawling and rolling back blasted drunk at 11.30 at night.

Not talking about council estate poor children, these are middle class children.

I had 7 years of all hell let loose on me via the Secret Family Courts, social work reports, psychiatrist reports, the full fury of the Child Protection system hurled at me, false accusations of bad parenthood. What they did to us as a family was almost drive the whole lot of us insane. My son was regressing and wetting the bed and having nightmares because of the terror those bullying bastards were causing, and I was left to deal with that as well - it was an absolute nightmare, it made me ill!

So why are only certain classes of children targetted for that sort of vendetta, yet other children who are CLEARLY out of control excempt, because of the size of their parents wage packet and big house?

Zoompad said...

Dawn Franks told me to my face she is a Christian, well, Jesus would never do what she did, trying to trick me to sign her police notebook faint pencil entry.

Jesus wasn't a tricker like her.

Neither would Jesus cover up institutional child abuse.

I don't know what religion Dawn Franks really belongs to, but a genuine follower of the Lord Jesus Christ she is not!

Anonymous said...

Reading about respectable kids behaving so bady took me back to a town that was described as the unfreindliest place in britian,
there are as many peds there as brighton and that kings lynn norfolk
i was a social worker there and crikey i saw some horrid stuff there
Carol Jenkins

Anonymous said...

I am shocked, i was a social worker for many years and my remit was sexually abused boys.
I just read on Aangrifan website
that homoexuals get harrassed.
In my long experince its the homosexuals who harass these young boys, many homosexuals are agressivly heterophobic.
I agree with those who say aangrifan is a fake website

Zoompad said...

Have you read the comment on Aangirfans blog where someone is saying that people onjecting to cannibalism are silly?

I don't know about Aangirfan being a fake wensite though, it seems to me that Aangirfan is a kind hearted person trying to be fair to all, the Devils Advocate. The trouble is, the devil doesn't play fair!

Zoompad said...

Now I understand speaking in tongues, sometimes you can't get the right words to pray, what a muddle this world is in, the ones who attack us are smashed up as well, they hate us for preaching righteousness because it condemns their lifestyle, they don't even realise that we are praying for their souls as well! NOW I understand why Jesus said pray for those who hate you, NOW it makes perfect sense!

Anonymous said...

No aangirfan deletes any email that does not agree with its message which means its trying to make the news not report it.
This is the techniqie of the marxist the scoundrel and the jew
that why we no longer read it.
I hear they have been heavily promoting homosexuality, this shows itsa fake website as the public sure as hell dont want it

Anonymous said...

This explains why gays abuse boys

Zoompad said...

Aangirfan is publishing all my comments as far as I can see, but other blogs aren't, even Stuart Syvret censors a lot of my comments, especially ones relating to the MI5 agent who let me be bullied for 2 years on Mothers for Justice by a gang of paedophiles, John Hemming MP. I don't know why Stuart censors me, he must believe me over John Hemming, fair enough, what am I but a little runting nobody who got abused as a child, my word isn't going to be believed over a politicians is it?

I feel really confused right now, to me wandering through Blogland it is like trying to walk in the thickest smog ever. I feel like a Billy No Mates most of the time. My faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (which Aangirfans Blog seems to be doing its best to attack and undermine) keeps my course straight and true. If I only had one friend on this sad planet and that friend was the Lord Jesus Christ I would have more true friends than a lot of people.

Zoompad said...

The Needle Blog has censored the comments I made about Teresa Coopers letter that she had from a Senior Police Officer telling her that Pindown had been discredited at HDLG Jersey and Staffordshire.

Teresa Cooper told me a media company advised her not to have anything to do with me or anyone else from Staffordshire Pindown and Jersey Pindown, or else they would not do the program they had promised her. She thought they were going to serielise her book PINDOWN (which they got her to change the name to TRUST NO-ONE)

It was like being stabbed in the heart to be treated like that on The Needle Blog. I can't count how many times this sort of abusive shit has happened to me now, I've lost count.

I am wondering if Teresa Cooper has had her identity stolen, because her not wanting to at least tell who that Senior Police Officer is makes no logical sense at all!

Zoompad said...

They got her to change the name of her book because they wanted to keep all the Pindown victims in seperate little compartments. They wanted to do a damage limitation excercise, and they didn't give a shit who they hurt and stamped all over to do it. Its wicked and dead cruel what they've done and are still doing and the Lord Jesus Christ will expose everything they have done to the Pindown victims all round the British Isles

Zoompad said...

Wednesday, 3 November, 1999, 11:35 GMT
Echelon spy network revealed

Listening in to your phone calls and reading your emails

By Andrew Bomford of BBC Radio 4's PM programme
Imagine a global spying network that can eavesdrop on every single phone call, fax or e-mail, anywhere on the planet.

It sounds like science fiction, but it's true.

Two of the chief protagonists - Britain and America - officially deny its existence. But the BBC has confirmation from the Australian Government that such a network really does exist and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are calling for an inquiry.

On the North Yorkshire moors above Harrogate they can be seen for miles, but still they are shrouded in secrecy. Around 30 giant golf balls, known as radomes, rise from the US military base at Menwith Hill.

Zoompad said...

Linked to the NSA

Inside is the world's most sophisticated eavesdropping technology, capable of listening-in to satellites high above the earth.

Facility is said to be capable of 2m intercepts per hour

The base is linked directly to the headquarters of the US National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Mead in Maryland, and it is also linked to a series of other listening posts scattered across the world, like Britain's own GCHQ.
The power of the network, codenamed Echelon, is astounding.

Every international telephone call, fax, e-mail, or radio transmission can be listened to by powerful computers capable of voice recognition. They home in on a long list of key words, or patterns of messages. They are looking for evidence of international crime, like terrorism.

Open Oz

The network is so secret that the British and American Governments refuse to admit that Echelon even exists. But another ally, Australia, has decided not to be so coy.

The man who oversees Australia's security services, Inspector General of Intelligence and Security Bill Blick, has confirmed to the BBC that their Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) does form part of the network.

"As you would expect there are a large amount of radio communications floating around in the atmosphere, and agencies such as DSD collect those communications in the interests of their national security", he said.

Asked if they are then passed on to countries like Britain and America, he said: "They might be in certain circumstances."

But the system is so widespread all sorts of private communications, often of a sensitive commercial nature, are hoovered up and analysed.

Journalist Duncan Campbell has spent much of his life investigating Echelon. In a report commissioned by the European Parliament he produced evidence that the NSA snooped on phone calls from a French firm bidding for a contract in Brazil. They passed the information on to an American competitor, which won the contract.

"There's no safeguards, no remedies, " he said, "There's nowhere you can go to say that they've been snooping on your international communications. Its a totally lawless world."

Breaking the silence

Both Britain and America deny allegations like this, though they refuse to comment further. But one former US army intelligence officer has broken the code of silence.

Colonel Dan Smith told the BBC that while this is feasible, it is not official policy: "Technically they can scoop all this information up, sort through it, and find what it is that might be asked for," he said. "But there is no policy to do this specifically in response to a particular company's interests."

Legislators on both sides of the Atlantic are beginning to sit up and take notice. Republican Congressman Bob Barr has persuaded congress to open hearings into these and other allegations.

In December he is coming to Britain to raise awareness of the issue. In an interview with the BBC he accused the NSA of conducting a broad "dragnet" of communications, and "invading the privacy of American citizens."

He is joined in his concerns by a small number of politicians In Britain. Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker has tabled a series of questions about Menwith Hill, but has been met with a wall of silence.

"There's no doubt it's being used as a listening centre," he said, "There's no doubt it's being used for US interests, and I'm not convinced that Britain's interests are being best served by this."

Anonymous said...


there is a new danger, even victims of abuse are saying that this coming out is not in the public interest.

Imagine people being told all about the abuse, the satanic stuff, the government collusion, there would be instant rioting.

I think although everything looks calm, underneath things are falling apart for them, the abuse is the last straw, recently birmingham council social services has said they simply cannot cope and cannot now be guaranteed to safeguard children, there is a huge panic, they will do anything they can to cover up the abuse, and their cover up.

I have recently witnessed and experienced this, however they are in such a panic that in their haste, they messed up and are being discredited, they and i mean, the police, social services, chris bergdahl, the masons, are messing up, god is exposing their lies, they are slowly being discredited, their tactics are beginning to not work anymore, take heart, the end of this will soon be upon us, north wales abuse case is linked to oakwood in stowmarket, it brings the whole country wide system paedophiles down, you watch.

everyone keep saying the lords prayer

A friend

Zoompad said...

"even victims of abuse are saying that this coming out is not in the public interest"

Well I don't believe that at all. Which victims of abuse are saying that then? Name some names please.

I do strongly suspect that victims of abuse have had their identities stolen. The paedos have been posting in on newspaper and website comments columns using other peoples identities - I know that because they've done it to me.

People don't really need to be told all the bad stuff now to be enlightened, because most people already know something very nasty indeed has been going on.

There wouldn't be riots and panic, thats not the British Way to do things, I've lived in this country all my life, and I know that is not what would happen, not in the UK, all countries have a national character, here in Britian theres a tendency towards patience and long suffering (look at the way British people are able to stand in long queues, ie outside Blackpool Tower just to walk on a transparent pane of glass) British people are probably about the least volatile people on the planet.

They already know about the abuse and dire corruption, can't you hear the people grumbling about it everyday as they go about their daily lives?

The police - the ones that are left from the dross that aren't proper police that is - should arrest the ones at the top of the chain of abuse immediatly and David Cameron should isolate himself from some of the creeps he is associating with, you don't owe anyone anything even if they did get you into power if they only did it to use you as their pet monkey. David Cameron is acting like an idiot, covering up child abuse for the scumbags you don't sell your soul for people like that, a mans soul is worth far more than that, Cameron has been playing with the Big Boys and they've used him like their pet monkey.

Zoompad said...

"Imagine people being told all about the abuse, the satanic stuff, the government collusion, there would be instant rioting."

No there would not, and there is one person in this country who could and should tell the truth to the British people, and start the healing process, and that person is the Queen.

I'm not saying people wouldn't be shocked, because they would be, even though the people in this country are already fully aware that something is very seriously wrong.

But the Queen could talk frankly about these wicked things that have been and are still happening to the children of this country, and still stop people rioting, people would listen to her, just like they listened to Princess Diana. She could turn things round, if she wanted to and if she was brave enough.

I hate living in a country that is putting paedophiles in charge of fostering and adoption agencies. Them doing stuff like that is leaving a nasty stench all over the place, and the whole country can smell it, even though they are not fully aware of where it is coming from.

Zoompad said...

I'd also like the stupid hacking to stop as well.

I don't pay my internet subscription just so a bunch of creeps and spies can take over my computer!

If the so called religious leaders want to know what God is telling me why don't they ask Him themselves instead of hacking me?

Zoompad said...

God doesn't need a computer connection to talk to his children!

Zoompad said...

Mind you, the religious leaders won't be able to get that into their thick skulls, seeing as they don't even believe in God. They only use his authority (stolen authority they have no rights to) to harass and control other people.

Zoompad said...

The Queen should tell people the truth about the horrible institutional abuse (children and old people, the LCP and the Secret Courts, Family and Protection - run by the same people) and get on her knees and lead the whole country in prayer.

It wouldn't be easy for her and for us, but its the right thing to do.

Zoompad said...

Bypassing the so called religious leaders, because they have spat in Gods face with what they've done.