Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Since posting on Twitter about the Teresa Cooper Senior Police Officer letter cover up, someone has tried to hack my Blogger account.

I don't need three guesses and a magic fairy cake to sus out who is responsible.


Zoompad said...

Hacking is a criminal offence.

Not that I can do anything about it, as Stafford Police don't give a shit about me being hacked and bullied online.

They only care about if I do something wrong. Everything I do is watched, I am like a goldfish in a bowl.

Anonymous said...

The investigator Chris Cooper
hacked Rupert Murdochs mail and phone, he revealed that several of those hacked by Murdoch were being blackmailed for mossad.
Chris also said in a radio interview that Murdoch encourgaed sex with young boys and that homosexuality was being encouraged at top levels of government

Anonymous said...

My work pal just saw this is a mag,
they are now producing "gay bears"
these are teddy bears of a grown up male bear witha little boy.
gay freinds they are called, daddy and his freind.
hhmmm little bumboy more like and i think its sick
Susan Foster

Anonymous said...

Anyone who stands in the way of the homosexual revolution will be eavesdropped and recorded.
this was my MP when i complained about the amount of homosexuality there is on our TV now, and they joke about "boy Nobbing" as if it was a sport, these are pervert attack on our little kids for gods sake

Anonymous said...

I was most amused that as Rupert Murdock hacked thousands of peoples phones and had mountains of mail opened, he was having the same quietly done to him by Chris Cooper, good on ya lad !
Al the people hacked including millie dowlers family and the black militants behind the stephen lawrence inquiry.

Anonymous said...

This explains who jews say sex with kids is ok

Zoompad said...

Gentiles are aimed more at whites, but hey, its blacks,hispanics, ALL NON JU's/semetics(Fake)

"…goyyim" began having sex "from the age of five." Poor "goyyim," Leches claimed, have "nothing else to do in life,[and therefore are] only thinking 24 hours about sex" with each other, members of their own families – and, Leches claimed, with "dogs."

Note: Most jews have a inner thinking of this RABBI. Why you think over 100 countries threw their evil sorry ass out !!!...screwing 3 y.o.olds is ok with JEHOVAH !!! the GOD that the Rabbi's dream about with Jehovah's Testicles deep throated in the upper frontal openings of a Rabbi's flesh.


How Zionism Hides Itself In The Christian & Muslim World


Zoompad said...

"Most jews have a inner thinking of this RABBI."

That is a malicious and provocative lie, one lie too many. I can see whats going on now.

Trying to blame the Jews for everything evil flies in the face of what the Lord my God is telling me.

Anonymous said...
This shows the jew policies to legalise sex with kids is going mainstream.
Read it and be digusted just as whistleblowers told us ages back

Zoompad said...

I will read it, but I'm still not going to taint my own soul by hating a lot of people I don't even know on account of the wicked things their religious leaders are trying to brainwash them with.

I know what you're saying, but I can't hate Jews just because they are Jews. I can't hate anyone just because of their religion, not even satanists, because even satanists are brainwashed and deluded.

Just saying this to make my position clear, my heart is an open book to God and to the readers of this blog

Zoompad said...

"Pedophilia Advocate to Address Ontario Teachers

By wmw_admin on October 8, 2013

by Shawn Goldman — Oct 7, 2013

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education to “Demystify” Pedophilia

OISE- the place where many of our teachers are trained- has invited James Kincaid, author of “Child Loving” to speak at an upcoming conference Sat Oct. 19 at 9 am. Mr. Kincaid’s objective is to “de-mystify pedophilia”, and he claims that our society has falsely demonized child-molesters.


Mr. Kincaid goes on to say that we, as a society, like to “watch, and enjoy the erotic child without taking any responsibility for our actions” (CL pp 375).

In other words – we are all a bunch of pedophiles in the closet, just waiting to get out. In fact, Kincaid calls himself a “theoretical pedophile”."

Thanks for posting that link, yes, they're doing what Underwager told them to, to be bold. They are challenging God to a duel.

Sorry if I come over a bit snotty, I just have to make myself very clear because of the creeps who would love to twist my words