Monday, 21 October 2013


I'm getting bullied and hacked (again) but I am DETERMINED to leave my blog with something nice on it, as a V sign to the bullies and demons that are trying to smash me up.

I've cried enough tears to make an ocean, and I want to be happy.

I love this piece of music and I am learning to play it, (trying!)but I dont know if I will ever play it as well as this talented man - I think his fingers must be made out of elastic, this piece is not easy!

ps I wont be posting any more anonymous bullying threatening comments, because I've been told mot to feed the Trolls!


Nobody said...

yuh, you got a stalker.

Zoompad said...

I'm not going to let them spoil any more of my life.

I watched The Little House on the Prarie today, it was all about standing up to bullies.

I like that program very much.

Zoompad said...

To the Troll:

I told you, I won't publish any more threatening comments from you or anyone else, and I honestly don't give a monkeys what sexual preferences your neighbour has, as long as he isn't a paedophile.

Your threatening comments are going straight into my spam folder and thats where they will stay.

Zoompad said...

I am going to post some more things that I like up, and I'm not going to let the bullying trolls upset me any more if I can help it.

I know the Lord my God does want me to be happy.

Zoompad said...

"Your threatening comments are going straight into my spam folder and thats where they will stay. "

I have made damned sure theres a record of them though - photographic evidence this time - and the threat duly noted.

It wouldn't be the first time the paedobulliess have tried to set the police onto me.

Anonymous said...

professor lectures that homosexualy/child abuse is normal

Anonymous said...

You have been warned to remove offending material from your blog.
I am not a troll, but I have spoken to the Staffordshire Police and your blog will now be looked into for possible criminal offenses.
You are a stupid woman.

Zoompad said...

I have posted your threatening, bullying and offensive comment, to cover my back.

If you tell me which blog posts it is that you are objecting to then I will certainly obey your request to remove them, if they are, as you are saying, against the law.

So far you haven't done so, so how on earth am I supposed to know what blog posts you are talking about? I don't even know who you are, so telling me that might help!

Zoompad said...

"but I have spoken to the Staffordshire Police and your blog will now be looked into for possible criminal offenses."

I hope I am not going to get the same treatment that Stuart Syvret had.

I think I will warn my neighbours, just in case, they all know whats been going on already and have been very supportive. I have my loud alarms and whistles to blow just in case I get treated like he did.

Zoompad said...

I am NOT NOT NOT going to be intimidated and frightened by these nasty anonymous threats any more.

Zoompad said...

By the way, I have had a big clear out on Twitter, many people (including a lot who slime round pretending to be christians) have been blocked.

Leave me alone.

Zoompad said...


Zoompad said...

I have given in to the bully and removed a post that I assume he was objecting to.

He isn't a paedophile or human trafficker, just a very nasty man, who has been robbing people with a nasty phone scam.

I can't fight everyone, and I just want to focus on stopping child abuse.

Zoompad said...

I've also removed two more posts, one of them I've removed because I have forgiven one of the people who hurt me so badly, and the other people who will probably never repent well they will have to explain to God what they did one day so I'm leaving it in Gods hands.

The other post I've removed because I was in a dreadful state when I posted it and I think I may have got muddled up.

I only ever want to post the truth on this blog, and not add to any confusion by my mistakes, and I am a human being, and so I do sometimes make mistakes.

Anonymous said...