Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Satan is the enemy of God and he's dragged the human race into the row, by tempting Adam and Eve to steal the forbidden fruit, which was NOT an apple (as some people keep saying it was) but the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

God didn't want Adam and Eve to know about good and evil, he just wanted them to be innocent and enjoy the beauty he had created for them, and to walk with them in the garden he created for them.

The devil is a liar. He tries to whisper things into peoples ears that either aren't true or that are half truths, to cause division and dischord. Deliberate lies, to cause people to hate one another. The devil hates mankind.

Jesus Christ told us to love one another. In Uncle Toms Cabin, Uncle Tom prays for the tyrant who ends up murdering him, Tom earnestly prays for that mans soul to his dying breath, as Tom knows that the fate of unrepentant murderers is eternal damnation and Tom's eyes are fixed on the promises and prophesies of God. Jesus prayed forgiveness to the men who murdered him, because Jesus knew where he was going, and where they were going, and even in his agony it grieved his soul.

People are waiting for WW3, not realising that it is happening right now. We're at war right now, its a spiritual war of good v evil. I am a Christian, and my weapon, my sword and my shield is my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, his love for me as he died in agony on the cross 2000 years ago, for me, for my race, for the human race.

We who know the Lord can laugh, in spite of our agony, we can laugh because we know the ending of the epic story that is the Human Race v the devil. The Lord told us the end of the story right at the very beginning. We are so weak, so frail, yet in spite of all that our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will move mountains.

All you who plot evil against the most vulnerable hear this - you plot against your own pathetic selves every time you plot evil against us. You can't cover anything up, the Lord Jesus Christ wont let you, and when you yourselves are dead everything you have done will be read out from the angels scroll, its all recorded, everything, and nothing is hidden.

The Lord loves happiness, joy, beauty, truth, integrity and is a creator, not a wrecker.


Zoompad said...

They told Teresa Cooper lies about me. The truth will come out, praise the Lord.

Anonymous said...

The philosopher Empodocles said
the original sin of the bible was the kiling and eating of gods animals
I belive this and wil never eat his animals

Anonymous said...

At the pub where i work i chat to the customers , its reallya gay pub where homosexuals meet, and none of them thin its wrong to have sex with young boys,
i just think its wrong and they laugh at me

Zoompad said...

Jesus ate meat so I don't think it could have been that

Zoompad said...

I don't think I could bear to kill an animal, so I am a hypocrite in that sense as I do eat meat, if I had to kill what I ate I would be a vegitarian again

Anonymous said...

Actually Zoomie he tempted Eve, not Adam and Eve. Paul reflects on this saying that it was not Adam who was deceived but Eve. Eve pulled Adam into sin.

There are reasons why such is the case. I am writing on the subject.

Kind Regards


Zoompad said...

He tempted Adam through Eve, Eve was tempted via a serpent, Adam was tempted via his wife. Both Eve and Adam could have said no, but they didn't. When God called them to account they blamed the one before them on the chain of disobedience, instead of simply owning up, just like people are doing now. Two rights don't make a wrong, and it was very wrong of Adam and Eve to try to make a scapegoat, can't you understand what they were doing?

Zoompad said...

God didn't make Eve to be hated by her husband.