Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I had a visitor last night, a man, who told me a horrific story of how he had been abused, bullied and persecuted by the freemasons.

I felt dreadful listening to this man's story. The man was clearly very frightened and traumatised. He told me how his phone and computer had been eavesdropped, and I told him more or less, welcome to the club.

What is it with the freemasons? Why can't they understand that what they do to people is wrong? Do they have no conciences?

I was talking to a lady in Stafford today, at the Station. We were both having a grumble about the new Permit to Travel scheme that are all over our railway network. It isn't the idea of having to buy a platform ticket from these machines that we were grumbling about - it is the threats which always accompany these schemes. It isn't just the trains, it's everywhere, threat threat threat. We are all bullied so much these days, and treated like criminals all the time, but when I was young it was never like this. If you forgot to pay your electric bill, you got a reminder, not a threatening letter telling you that the Baillifs would come round your house and take all your stuff if you didn't cough up. In short, we treated each other with far more respect.

What happened to good manners and patience? I think when Britain threw the Holy Bible away, she also threw away everything that is good and true. The virtues, patience, peace, love, hope, faith, gentleness, self control, honesty, joy, they are not cultivated and desired any more.

Oh dear Jesus, please please help the people of this country to desire goodness once more.

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