Friday, 18 December 2009

Correspondence between Zoompad and the Queen


Zoompad said...

And I have had nothing back since then. I find that really strange, considering the content of my letter.

I would have thought that the Queen would be really concerned, it IS to do with her, because what I outlined in my letter is basically treason!

I would be surprised that the Queen is not bothered about the wicked treason, but I do not suppose that she even got to see my letter. I think she would be outraged if she really knew what they were doing to the children.

These Common Purpose traitors are breaking this country, they are taking it apart piece by piece, destroying communities, families, businesses such as the Royal Mail. They are like a plague of locusts, destroying everything, smashing up Great Britain.

They have hemmed the Royal Family in, and then people blame the Queen and call her and her family lizards, it's really wicked what they are doing, it really is treason.

I feel sorry for the Queen, it must be a horrible job. She couldn't help being born the Queen, and I bet she knows that people are calling her a lizard. I expect the Copmmon Purpose traitors don't shield her from that, at any rate.

Camden Council Rotten Landlord said...

Best wishes for 2010 'zoompad'.

Zoompad said...

Oh, you too, hope 2010 is a great year for everyone xxxx