Thursday, 17 December 2009


This is the letter that I sent to the man who raped me 13 years ago and molested me for years afterwards, and used the secret family court as a weapon to bully me, because I had refused to have sex with him. This is the man whom the Warwick Freemasons have protected.

This vile creature had the gall to take his wife along to the court to try to make out that I was a consenting party to being his concubine. She has refused to sleep with him for years, a psychologist who visited their house told the court that there is a padlock on her bedroom door to prevent him getting in. So she wanted him to have sex with me, the pair of them plotted to make me into this man's sexual slave, like an unpaid prostitute, knowing full well that I was emotionally very vunerable. What this wicked pair did was absolutly disgusting.

I sent this letter to him, thinking that this man perhaps did have a concience that I might appeal to. I was wrong. He tried to accuse me of writing a malicious poison pen letter. So I asked him to read out this so called malicious letter in court, for everyone to hear. To give him credit, the judge refused to have this letter read out in court. The judge knew perfectly well that this is NOT malicious at all, it is just a letter from a woman who has been persecuted to hell and back, pleading and appealing to the concience (if he had one) of her persecutor.

If anyone still thinks that freemasonry is benign, please, just read this letter. What is benign, what is just about protecting the so called rights of a member who can, with the full consent and support of his wicked wife, persecute a victim of child abuse in this calculated and callous manner for years and years?

If any Freemasons are reading this, I tell you straight, you ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. What you did was really really wicked. What you did was on a par with how Jesus Christ was treated, when they stoned him and put thorns on his head and spat on him. What you did was incredibly cruel and very very wicked, and may God have mercy on your souls for it.


Dear ***** *******,

I have often wondered why God, has allowed me to be persecuted by you, using the secret Family Courts, for all these years. I have cried out to God again and again and again, on my knees, with tears, begging Him to have mercy on me and my family, to keep us safe from you, a man who has done nothing but hurt to me and to my children.

There have been times when I have felt that God has deserted me. All I have ever wanted to do was to be a good mother to my children, and to be as good a person as ever I can be. All my whole life I have always wanted to be a good person, to be kind, honest and good. I have been so sad to feel that God has allowed me to be persecuted by this secret Family Court, by a man who cruelly violated my father’s trust, and treated me with absolute contempt and callousness.

Today is Easter Sunday. It is the day that our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Lord Jesus, who was cruelly betrayed by another false friend, 2000 years ago. Lord Jesus Christ, who was paraded round the streets of Jerusalem to be tortured, mocked and whipped. Lord Jesus Christ, murdered for no reason at all!

This is the same Lord Jesus who I talk to every day, just as Johnny Cash, just as Billy Graham does, just as billions of other people do. I have prostrated myself on my knees before Him, and wept before him, begging Him to help me to be free of this dreadful persecution. And I thought that He was not listening to me, because I did not want to hear the answer that He gave me. Just like Jonah, I did not want to hear the message that Jesus wanted me to convey. And just like Jonah, I have found that God is very insistent. When God makes up His mind on something, He will do it for sure!

You have dragged me through these secret Family Courts for all these years to fight over *******. You say that you want to see your son. What do you want to see him for? When you were seeing him, you were using him to get to me, to get me, against my will, to masturbate you. You lied to everyone, and told them that I had stopped you from seeing *******, when what I had actually done is stop you from molesting me. But you didn’t just lie to people – you lied to God too!

You have pursued me as a dog chases a rabbit. You have violated my father’s friendship. You molested my teenage daughter in such a shameless way, even openly declaring to me that she was in love with you, so little was your respect for our family! You had such a low opinion of me, because of my mental illness, and you mocked me and made me feel very small. You used me as an unpaid prostitute, because of my low mental state, my weak mind, caused by years of abuse. A real friend would have felt pity; if you had been a real friend to my father you would have cautioned my father and mother to take good care of me. Instead, you used a broken reed to satisfy your own lust.

You are a man without remorse and pity. Yet, because our country has strayed so far from righteousness, you have the UK law on your side! The law should punish evildoers and protect the oppressed. But at the moment, in Britain, the evildoers are rewarded and the oppressed are punished! This is precisely why there are so many law and order problems in Britain.
God has given me the grace to write these things to you. God has re-assured me that not a hair of my head, or my children, will be hurt, because we are all children of God. We are a Christian family, and we pray together, and try to live our lives as closely as we can to His will. The only plans that I have these days are whatever God has in store for me.

Now I know what Jesus wanted me to do. He wanted me to write this letter to you, to remind you of His presence, and to tell you that His will shall be done. I did not want to write to you, ***** *******, because of the hurt you have done to me and my family. But God loves you, just as He loves all of His creation. God sees every single person in the world as a baby, then grow to men or women, and never forgets that they were all innocent little children once, even men we would want to hate, even Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. And so I am writing this letter, in order that you might see what you have done in the eyes of God, and be saved. And it is to God’s glory that he has chosen the person who has been hurt the most of all to be the instrument of conveying this very message. I would urge you to stop lying and to start being honest. You are an old man now, and nearer to the time that you must inevitably meet your Maker. I would urge you, not for my sake, but for your own, to make your peace with God and beg forgiveness for the great wrongs that you have done, and all the pain that you have caused.

B. Richards

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Jeremy said...

Freemasons are heavily infiltrated by police informants and the CIA, and are manipulated into playing a role in state-sponsored organized stalking campaigns.