Thursday, 3 December 2009


Once a person is a target of the Adult Protective Service (APS) the 'system' holds on for dear life, with or without the consent of the ones they are calling 'in need'. In fact, there are many cases on YOU-Tube of just this and guardianship abuse.
Evelyn had her own doctor evaluation, did great, and now they keep coming at her. He first wrote a hand written form, all was fine. Then when the wanna be guardian sent him an "expert Evaluation" form, it was ambiguous, and he then corrected it with another hand written letter stating all Evelyn "simply needed to do was keep her currant living arrangements, and she needed no guardian".

If anyone has any horror stories or ideas to make them back away, please post or leave your email - we are working at stopping this assault on a 93 yr old woman, Evelyn in Cleveland Ohio. There is no consent, yet the court sets an appointment for an UN-needed second evaluation (2 hrs long), what happened to peace in one's own home, having righteous courts need to prove jurisdiction and consent? She is innocent and they put her out to make her prove she is guilty?:( Of being incompetent as they think all older people are.)

Since going down this road to assist Evelyn we have found many nice sites and links, --copy--National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse. NASGA is a public benefit civil rights organization formed by victims and for victims of guardianship and conservator-ship abuse. Offers videos and a blog. is one. If you know of others, please let us know. They are taking donations and For the latest news about guardianship and conservator-ship, visit NASGA's blog @

Evelyn isn't in the 'system' yet - but they think they are on third base, and have made her a ward, unreal, and had a guardianship hearing, and over our objections, now the magistrate orders the DEC 3rd appt. with a Judge. Look up these type of nightmares on you-tube that have happened. Maybe some need APS and Probate, and guardians, but the ones who don't - whew, the 'system' fights dirty, tooth and nail to make it happen.

"Isolate, medicate, steal the estate" is a phrase commonly associated with the perpetration of Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) and the courts don't keep up with it, and they have a hand in permitting it to happen sometimes too. To do this to a woman who has no need, not wishing their involvement and insistent on making them go away, we now find her story is much like many others.

Read the press release here

and see one way to get involved here "Except for the Grace of God" reason enough to join the County Grand Jury

Introduction; help needed for an older woman, Evelyn, in helping her stand her ground in not consenting to involvement from Adult Protection Agency. A solution; a Grand Jury of 25 people to hear this.

Starting to help here, might someday help you or your family in the future.

Also, visit to educate yourself more.

But for now, please let us know what experiences or ideas, or help you might offer.

See video two on caregiver options of Evelyns

Thanks to Ohwidow Youtube channel for this information.

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Zoompad said...

This is also happening in the UK. I think it is incredible that these bastards are preying on old people, and that there is not a public outcry about it.

Where the hell are Help the Aged and Age Concern?

But, you see, they are more interested in protecting the Gay Rights of old people than in stopping them being ripped off by this SS scum, or being murdered via the Liverpool Care Pathway in their local hospital.

I expect the "you are a nutter" comments will soon come rolling in in response to this latest blog entry, as they generally do. Ah well, I'd rather be classed as a nutter than a genocidal criminal.