Thursday, 17 December 2009

Lord West of Spithead

On 3rd December I sent a letter to Alan Johnson to intercede for Gary Mc Kinnon, the autistic man who is facing extradition to the UK for hacking into the NASA computer system.

I recieved a five page response from Lord West of Spithead, dated 9th December 2009.

I have written the following letter to Lord West of Spithead:


Dear Lord West of Spithead,
Thank you for replying to my letter to Alan Johnson, which I also forwarded to Bill Cash, my MP, of 3rd December 2009, and thank you for the promise of another letter to address the secret family court issue.

I would especially like to thank you for the frankness of your reply. I was not aware of the note which Mr McKinnon had left on the army computer, which read;

“US foreign policy is akin to government sponsored terrorism these days was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand down on September 11 last year ...I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels”

Baron West, I can easily understand why this rant by Mr McKinnon would be interpreted as malicious wickedness to anyone not familiar with Aspergers Syndrome. Aspergers people are very often extremely intelligent, but, as Dr John Richer, an expert from Oxford who specialises in this condition, explained to me, when he came to my house to examine my son, who also has Aspergers Syndrome, these people are like windowsill seedlings which grow tall and leggy, but flop over very quickly because their root system has not properly developed. The intelligence they display is not properly balanced. This can make these people seem malicious and wicked, where there is no maliciousness and wickedness at all. Aspergers Syndrome people develop obsessions, and their whole life will revolve round the particular obsession that they have. Aspergers people also have a tendency towards depression. My own son was at one time obsessed with Henry 8th and Playmobil pirates, and would talk of very little else but Henry 8th and Playmobil pirates at one time. Now, it is the game console Nintendo, and all he wants to talk about is Mario, Luigi Yoshi and all the other game console characters. My son can appear to be a highly intelligent young man one moment, and then the next he might be sprawling all over the floor, shaking his head and twitching, or screaming like a baby over some slight thing. My nephew, who also has Aspergers, is obsessive about the Radio Times. If Gary McKinnon had become obsessed with something like, for instance, David Icke, then he might have felt that he was saving the world from destruction by hacking into the NATO computer network. It sounds to me that something like this has indeed happened. There are many rumours of flying saucers, humanoid lizards and other strange things on the internet, and it seems that this is what Gary McKinnon has been sucked into.

It does not need a computer hacker to understand that there are some very serious irregularities with the US military agenda – I think the people of the UK can all see for themselves that there is a discrepancy between what we were told in the media and what was going on behind the scenes, now that we are, at last, having some of this aired in the Iraq investigation debate. Speaking personally, I understand very well that there are some very dark forces at work, my own dreadful experiences in the secret family courts -WHY does the UK have secret Kafka style courts if it is purporting to be a modern democracy?- and the horrible Pindown experience I endured, plus the cover up of the two now deceased American paedophile psychologists employed by Eagle Associates, who are the darlings of the secret family torture chamber courts, Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, have already shown me, and many other thousands of people who have also endured these secret courts and institutional abuse, that this is so.

Gary McKennon obviously committed a crime when he hacked into the NASA computer network. Hacking into someone’s computer is the same as opening their mail and evesdropping into their private telephone conversations – it is illegal. The point is, at the time when he committed this offence, he appears to have been under the illusion that what he was doing was right. One thing is sure – he will never do it again, he must be absolutely terrified.

Please, Baron West, please do show mercy to this man. He could be tried in this country. To send him to America for trial would be a terrifying ordeal for someone with Aspergers Syndrome, he might as well be sent to the Moon, for it will seem just as alien and frightening to him. He really will not be a threat in any way to the USA. Can you see how the British people have responded to the plight of this man? Can you not see that, for all the terrible problems in this country, that the people’s hearts can still be moved with the plight of this one man they have not even met, is a good sign, that there is still much goodness in the hearts of the people of this nation?

Yours faithfully

Barbara Richards

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Proud Survivor said...

I have read all your postings Zoompad - good for you and no wonder you need a rest! I so agree with what you have said about Gary McKinnon. My cousin had Asperger's Syndrome although it was not recognised at the time. She couldn't cope with the school system and was always truanting. Her parents were constantly harassed by the authorities because they couldn't control her behaviour and she was taken into care at the age of 12. I was not aware of what was going on as I was a new mother and wrapped up in my own life. I also lived a long way from her at the time. I only found out when I had a letter to say she had taken her own life at the age of 14.

She was a beautiful girl and very bright and articulate on the surface. She was my bridesmaid at the age of 6 and like a little sister to me. I wish to this day that I had been able to do something to help her. I will never really know what happened to her.

People with Asperger's need love and protection - not persecution and extradition. Your son is very fortunate to have you as his Mum.