Tuesday, 15 December 2009

SAFELINE Registered Charity Number 1070854

Blimy, there's not many people posting there these days!

I wonder why that is?

Wonder if other people have also been banned, for telling the truth about how the Freemasons of Warwick are involved in that organisation which is SUPPOSED to help the victims of child abuse?



Tony Gallichan said...

Zoom, c'est moi - was great to meet you... I think I may well have lost youtr email addy..Ill have another look, but mail me at macfadyan@hotmail.com and I'll send you those links for the young un :)

Proud Survivor said...

I haven't looked at your blog lately. I see what you mean about the bullying - evil and repulsive stuff. As well as being a survivor myself I have worked with countless people who have been abuse victims and who have gone on to live productive and happy lives. Whoever the abusers are - be they parents,siblings,aunts, uncles, grandparents, carers, neighbours,teachers or anyone else - everyone deals with their abuse in their own way. I am sick to death of people who constantly seek to blame the victims. Good for you defending your parents. My father died when I was a small baby and my mother couldn't deal with caring for me. I was in and out of care and boarding schools until I married but I believe she wanted the best for me. She died in 1984 and we were able to become close at the end of her life. The people who harmed me are responsible for what they did - not my mother and certainly not me!

I am so glad you had a lovely time in London. I couldn't make it this time for a number of reasons but I hope to meet you another time. I am happy for Stuart to give you my email as you don't live far from me.

Have a blessed Christmas

voiceforchildren said...


I didn't know you had a Blog. I am now following your Blog and have added it to my Bloglist on VFC.

You are a true survivor and an inspiration!


Zoompad said...

Hi Tony, Lorna and VFC,

Thank you for your kind words. I've had the Warwickshire Freemasons and their little social worker pals trying to bully me, as if it was not enough for them to bully me in the secret family courts, they have been having a go at me on my blog as well.

I know not everyone who joins the freemasons is nasty, a lot of people just get sucked into it, and they think they have somehow made it when they get the mason invite, if most of them knew half of what their string pulling masters get up to they would not want anything at all to do with it.

I just do not see what people get from bulling other people. Bullies never ever fare well, and they end up with nasty frown and worry marks on their face, that they have to get rid of with Botox and plastic surgery. Bullying is bad for the soul and the complexion.

Anonymous said...

It is great you are supportive friends, but sometimes the greatest support is to challenge misconceptions and lies. "Evil and repulsive" bullying has been perpetrated by Zoompad too, though done in anger and upset, it really is no excuse, and hope you can all help her through.

Zoompad said...

What is it with you freaks? You just never know when to stop, do you?

Look "Laura", if you are bored, go and watch TV or do a bit of knitting or something. Don't come here mythering and trying to bully me. You'll come off the worst if you do.

Call it a day, please do.