Thursday, 12 May 2011


This is how I became a Christian. The Bishop of Durham had been on Radio 4 basically saying that Jesus was not the Messiah and that his mother was not a virgin when she became pregnant. I remember that so well, because I was so shocked that a bishop would say such a thing, I knew very little about God at that point apart from that his mother was a virgin, angels attended his birth and filled the air with song, wise men and shepherds followed a star and came to see him and left gifts, King Herod tried to murder him and murdered a lot of other babies, and that he died on a cross for no reason at all, and rose from the dead and went to heaven. The bit I didnt know about at this point was that he promised to come back and get us to heaven as well, if we wanted to go there.

So then, when a few days later, this happened, and no-one knew why, it was not lightning or arson or anything explainable. But when they chose Henry Venables LTD to buy the wood to mend the Rose Window I felt as though God was pointing his finger at me, because I lived in Stafford, which is where Henry Venables LTD is, opposite the Universal Grinding Wheel Company LTD, where my dad worked for 20 years.

And so that is how I came to be a Christian believer in 1984.

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