Wednesday, 4 May 2011


When I started blogging, I did it out of desperation. I was being persecuted in the secret family court. The persecution I was subjected to in the secret family courts were a continuation of the abuse I suffered as a child in a Pindown children's home. I wrote to all the politicians and newspapers, begging them all to help me. No-one would.

So then I started blogging. I have met some really lovely people, other people who have been subjected to the same sort of vicious and illegal treatment as i have, so now I realise I am not alone.

But, as you can see from my blog, and also my YouTube and Facebook accounts, the bullying has continued. I feel so worn out, and it is making me so depressed having to deal with this. I can't see an end to it.

So I think I amk going to have to quit the blogosphere. I really am so worn out. I just had two men at my door, and have ended up in tears. The persecution is too much for me.

I think that Great Britain is a horrible place to live, because we have a police service that persecutes victims of crime, we have a parliament full of people who tell non stop lies and allow secret courts to steal children from good parents and give them to people who only want them so that they can grab the Government funding that comes with them. Great Britain has turned into a paradise for paedophiles and wicked people, who know that they will not be punished for their crimes. They come onto my social networking sites, and it is sickening to have them taunting in your face. Now I know what Jesus endured when they spat in his face and mocked him and shoved a crown of thorns onto his head. He did nothing wrong, for them to treat him is such a hateful and cruel way. Jesus said that those who love him would share in his pain and grief, and I know that is true. I do love Jesus, I love righteousness, goodness, justice, peace, and I have been persecuted for no reason, as have so many of my friends.

I have been a very brave lady, and have stood like a rock and spoken up for abused people everywhere. But I am so tired, and can't do it any more. I am so sorry, but I really feel so tired, with being attacked and persecuted all the time.

I am just a woman who was cruelly abused as a child, who has been denied justice and called out to God. I still call out to God, and put all my faith in Him.


tramp said...

i can't express what you went through but these plase were made by the tors since 806 bc. the robbed the laqnd they train the children into armies to guard the land they stole lookup welsh and scotch history,they built stockades on hills and then robbed everything below and murder and stole because they would't and refuse t6o work for thier own families they wanted to be the rulers. they do the same now and call it caring. they will no get away with it soon for as they died someone take thier place. they think thier is no god there in for a shock the same children are going to judge them,they don't have an axe to grind, when you see these people ask many questions like;
what is love?
how many hares have you got on your head ?
what is in the middle of the universe?
what on the outside of this universe?
what's the difference between the mind and a brain?
if you want to know the answers u can text me thank kindness for putting this site up.
ther is a god know his name what he looks like because children know
and see him nearly alway every day.
you know but they told you its stupid they have arule book called a bible king james all the other bibles are wrong i can laugh now but it still hurts at the stories i hear.god bless you.

tramp said...

its not the place its the people we let run it,i called them tors some people call them tories, they need an army to gaurd thier property,they need 123,000 children every year to fill the places that people leavethey are not vicious they leave that to the social workers and cares some are kind but you can count them on your hand. i would start a book of tricks that these people pull on un-suspecting gardians,when you sign the birth cert you place them as parents and pa-rent(TO TEAR) that what they do but people are getting wise they are now putting thier own councilors in power.then each county will make its law . but thats another story.
god bless

Zoompad said...

"they think thier is no god there in for a shock the same children are going to judge them"

This is absolutly true. You are right.

The children that have been treated in such a devilish way will either judge these people or plead for God to forgive them. The beautiful message in the Bible is of forgiveness. Sadly, some people are just so wicked that they are crushing the poor, who are more often than not clinging closer to God than those who have the most material wealth. The wicked ones are crushing those who would plead for them.

Zoompad said...

The poor give more to charity out of their poverty than the rich do. The poor are more inclined to forgive than the rich. The poor are more likely to stop and help you if you are broken than the rich.

Zoompad said...

Jesus said,

"Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave— just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

(Matthew 20)

Zoompad said...

There are good and bad people in all the political parties. The Lord sees the hearts of men.