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I have just recieved the following email from my good friend and fellow human rights/anti corruption/anti paedophile campaigner and multi medalled war hero Norman Scarth.

David Bentley is the same judge who threw out the Operation Ore case, and now the paedophiles are sniggering up their sleeves at having got away with what they did to much that they have even written a book called THE APPALLING VISTA which outlines how they got away with it. Nigel Oldfield gets a good mention in that book, he is the horrible creep who went on Newsnight to try to blag the world that being a paedophile is all perfectly acceptable.

I feel sick reading this. This brave old man is still fighting for justice at a time when most people his age have put their feet up by the fireside, feeling that they have done their bit.

I am a victim of child abuse, and I have PTSD, which I can never be healed from while the persecution continues. I get sent every 6 months by DHSS to near where I was abused as a child, and have been kept deliberatly isolated for all the other Pindown home victims in Stafford, persecuted over a 7 year period in the secret family courts which involved keeping me against my will for 2 hours crying and screaming to be allowed to go home and not be forced to sign documents against my will, threatened with jail and the smash up of my family by gangsters from the secret family courts, put onto a website for criminals and other nasty things have been done to me, I presume, in the hope that I will get so depressed I might commit suicide, something which I steadfastly refuse to do. And likewise, so does my good friend Norman!

"The 'News Media' are screaming blue murder at not being allowed to publish titillating stories of adulterous sex. Please forgive me taking the opportunity to ask why did they not make equal outcry at their banning from my grotesque Kangaroo Court 'trial' in Sheffield Crown Court in April 2001? They would have seen that the sadistic Judge David Ronald Bentley also banned my witnesses, my evidence, & three times had me literally dragged & thrown back down the cells when I dared to complain of his gross misconduct. They would have seen him feed monstrous lies to the (specially selected) jury to get the guilty verdict he wanted. They would have seen him ban any mention of the potentially lethal terror attack on me by a mob-handed gang of West Yorkshire Police on 8th August 1999 - eleven months BEFORE my supposed 'crime'! Then, where others would have been given Probation, Community Service, Suspended Sentence or similar, they would have seen him impose a sentence on me (a 75 yr old World War II veteran, for a first 'offence') of TEN YEARS - the intention that I would die in prison. Well, in spite of all the efforts of sadistic screws & shrinks, I didn't die, & retained my sanity (perhaps you should be the judge of that?) Six of those ten years entailed being 'ghosted' between a bewildering succession of different prisons & lunatic asylums where they did their best to drive me to mental breakdown. I never expected to be allowed out alive, but thanks to an honest psychiatrist who was not a puppet of The State (as so many are) I was released, & here I am - STILL exposing the corruption which is rampant in our courts. I do so in memory of my brave young shipmates who died around me 68 years ago, the equally brave German sailors that we killed, & what we believed we were fighting for. They have all been betrayed: EVERYTHING we fought against then is here now in Britain, an Orwellian Police State, just as bad as Nazi Germany, but less honest, the victims fewer - AS YET!
Why were they so determined to silence me? In 1997 I stood for Parliament as an 'Indepenedent Old Age Pensioner' & published the book CAUSE for CONCERN. The main point of manifesto & book was my concern at the LACK of concern from regular politicians at the ever increasing number of violent attacks on the old & vulnerable, almost unheard of until the 1960s. However, the second subject in each was corruption in the courts, of which I had newly become aware. It earned me powerful enemies, but they were not too worried, I was just a noisy old buffoon a Parliamentary No-Hoper. This view of me changed after my single-handed success in the European Court of Human brought a vital change in British law. The change is much hated by lawyers & judges - & I am hated for it!
That is only a tiny part of the still continuing horror story. I am STILL suffering attack, physical & financial.
Norman Scarth.
PS: Attached is the document banning reporting of my 'trial'. Why did the 'News Media' make no outcry then? The same reason that they make no serious complaint about Police State Britain: They are all, tabloid & serious alike (even Private Eye!), as essential a part of this Police State as was Josef Goebbels in Hitler's Germany. No doubt there are reporters & even editors who would like to tell the truth, but they are all under the thumbs of the Press Barons & Media Moguls. How could The Press eventually publish a report of of my trial & conviction, when no reporters were ever present? Obviously, they published what they were told by the prosecution.
PPS: “In a State which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also in prison” said Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862). It is the highest compliment, that the Judicial Mafia & the rest of the gangsters who now rule Britain felt the need to go to such extra-ordinary lengths to silence a little old man like me. Well, they haven't succeeded yet NS."


Norman Scarth said...

You are brilliant Barbara! Just a word about my present attitude. It would indeed be nice, but I am not really fighting for justice for myself. I AM seeking to expose the corruption which continues to claim so many victims.


Anonymous said...

Just testing to see if I can leave a comment here Zoompad!


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Zoompad said...

David Bentley


David is a highly-regarded leading junior, with substantial experience defending over a wide range of serious offences. Recent cases have included acting in a major animal rights "terrorism" case, a £12M "Ponzi" fraud and a multi-handed rape and robbery campaign.

He is frequently called on to advise on and conduct complex appeals (several following referral from the CCRC), and has appeared as counsel in a number of successful and noted appeals.

Current instructions include defending in an international multi-handed heroin supply and firearms case, acting in a major conspiracy to defraud with linked counts of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice with a solicitor and advising in a murder appeal with DNA issues.

He has developed a particular expertise in the developing and contentious field of "low template" DNA, and has extensive experience cross-examining some of the foremost forensic scientists in this field. He has also co-authored a comprehensive article on DNA law and practice published in The Archbold Review February 2011. To view the article please click here.

David is now accredited with the Bar Council to accept "public access" (direct) instructions in appropriate cases.

What the directories say

Listed as ranked counsel in Chambers & Partners (2011), and as "carving out a strong reputation" in Legal 500 (2009)

Recent cases

R v Whitehead - IFA involved in £12M pyramid fraud

R v Powell - blackmail and firearms offences against the QPR football chairman, Gianni Paladini

R v Peach and others - gold bullion scam with money stolen from comedian, Ricky Gervais

R v Mentore - the "Prada gang" robberies

R v Meek - the Cripps Corner contract killing

R v Sagar - solicitor indicted for corrupt practices

R v Anwoir and others - £50M money-laundering scam

R v Gatsinzi and others - described by the BBC as "the UK's biggest ever stolen car racket"

R v McLaughlan and others - where he acted for the lead defendant in a major "ghost worker" fraud against the MOD at the Devonport nuclear submarine base

R v Broughton - acted for leading animal rights activist on "terrorist" attacks against Oxford university

R v Victor - campaign of rape and robbery

R v Sophocleous - multi-£M VAT fraud
Appeals (CCRC referrals)

R v James and Karimi - provocation in murder; precedent between HL & Privy Council

R v G - counsel's conduct of defence affecting safety of conviction
Other recent appeals include

R v Zulhayir appeal dealing with issues of jury notes, jury bias and article 6 ECHR right to fair trial by an impartial tribunal.

R v Whitehead - successful sentence appeal, with important guidance re applicability of sentencing guidelines in cases of major confidence fraud.

The landmark House of Lords decision R v Kennedy - unlawful act manslaughter & causation
R v Powell (re competence of very young children to give evidence)

R v Atkinson (bad character)

R v Anwoir (money laundering)

Article on recent developments in money laundering in Archbold News

"Fair trial" chapter in Human Rights in the Investigation and Prosecution of Crime (OUP).

He has lectured on aspects of money laundering, and has contributed to BBC "Law in Action". He also has provided training for a range of organisations including the CCRC, Liberty and the DCA. In 2004 he travelled to Turkey on behalf of the Council of Europe and the Foreign Office where he provided training to local judges and prosecutors on the fair trial provisions of the ECHR.

Memberships of associations

Criminal Bar Association

South East Circuit

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, keep up the good work, they should employ you in child protection, thanks for doing so much for all of us

Zoompad said...

Thanks, and ditto to you, you are doing a great job trying to expose corruption and protect the next generation as well. The sad fact is that at the moment people like me would not have a hope of getting such a job, because of the panic attacks and depression which comes and goes, but its making me too unreliable to employ, plus I can hardly see anything properly these days. I wish that things were doifferent, but at the moment people like me are just considered to be useless scum. I would love to be employed in child protection, I would like to help the police break up paedophile rings, but I would never have any chance of getting a job with the police, I am too old now and also my eyes and panic attacks would stop me. I do not think all the police are corrupt.