Tuesday, 3 May 2011


From David Icke Website.

Now children, are you sitting comfortably? Then your government will begin. Once upon a time there were three little pigs and they all sprouted wings. One little pig did not have a birth certificate so they faked on...e very badly so he could say he was the Big Pig and live with his snout in a trough in his little, well, not so little, white house.

One day Big Pig, who was really only doing what he was told to save his bacon, announced that a naughty man who had died a long time ago had died again. The naughty man was very clever to do this, but he was well known for his little tricks. For years after he died the first time he still managed to speak on new videos and tell the people just how naughty he was.
Then another little pig said that the naughty man had been thrown into the sea and so the people could not see his face and know that the Big Pig was telling the truth. But everyone with a brain knew that the Big Pig never told the truth and so they knew that Big Pig was telling more porkies.

Big Pig and the little pigs showed the people a picture that was made up to fool lots of them, and, unfortunately, children, this was usually not very difficult to do.


Ian Evans said...

hahaha, about right me thinks!

Anonymous said...

your ignorance, racism, bigotry and fundamentalism is astounding and tragic.
I pity you and your naive stupidity. Educate yourself.

Zoompad said...

Ignorance, yes, I will hold up my hands to that, I am ignorant, compared to God, who knows and sees everything. But racism and bigotry? Why do you accuse me of those? I'm no racist, or bigot! You come back here and you post proof of what you have just accused me of! I want to see what basis you are judging me by.

As for me being a fundamentalist, I really don't know what you mean by that. What do you mean by it?

Zoompad said...

Ooer, I just had a thought. Gordon Brown accused that old woman of being a bigot. You are not Gordon Brown are you?

Anonymous said...

Why do you enjoy being horrible to people so very much?

Zoompad said...

Who are you accusing me of being horrible to? You're just coming on here anonymously, making groundless allegations about me.

Read my blog, and you will quickly see that I am not a horrible person, a racist or a bigot, just a Christian woman who was abused as a child.

Anonymous said...

I think you have been forced to educate yourself havn't you? Given that all the odds were stacked against you. Living proof that what does not kill you makes you stronger. What a brilliant job you have done of it too!
Wonder who person accusing you of 'bigotry, fundamentalism and racism is? How odd.
Love and god bless youX

Zoompad said...

I missed a years school because Staffordshire Social Servides kept me in St Georges Hospital as a "place of safety", I had won a Grammer School scholarship, I was at Stafford Girls High School at the same time as Carol Ann Duffy the Poet Laureate. It was a very good school and my headmistress Clarice Dawson was a really nice woman, but when I got abused I was so tired I was not doing my homework, I was always exhausted because I was being woken up in the night for to be used as a sex toy and given drugs. So I was also getting bullied by the other girls. I wish so much I had told Miss Dawson what was going on, because I am sure that if I had she would have helped me, she was such a lovely woman. I wrote to her a few times before she died, because Stafford Social Services and Stafford Police were telling lies about me, making out I had been expelled for bad behavious. I was not expelled, I asked not to go back to SGHS for fear of being bullied after being in a "nuthouse" as St Georges was called. Miss Dawson was very kind to me, and she trfied to persuade me to stay at the school but I wouldnt because I had lost trust in authority. I hoped she would remember me, and she did. Stafford SS and Stafford Police should habng their heads in shame for trying to make out I had been expelled, I am sick of their lies and cover ups of child abuse.