Thursday, 4 June 2009


I have just recieved this in my email.

I had decided to spoil my vote - I am so peed off with EU corruption - but this has peed me off even more than I already was.

I will be checking to see if this is happening at my polling station, and if it is, I will not be very pleased and will be very vocal about it as well!

Blasted EU dirty tricks - they are a load of brazen faced scoundrels.


Press Office
2 Queen Anne's Gate
London SW1

UKIP is being inundated with calls from voters complaining that UKIP is not on the ballot paper.

Voting has only been going on for three hours and already hundreds are calling the UK Independence Party to complain that they were not able to vote for the party.

The problem is that Returning Officers have been folding the ballot papers. They have been folding them so that the last two, three or four parties in alphabetical order are hidden when the first fold of the paper is opened. It thus appears that UKIP is not on the ballot paper.

UKIP has already contacted both the Electoral Commission and the Returning Officers on this matter.

But it is important that the news gets out: that voters must make sure they completely unfold the ballot paper. And that Returning Officers and electoral officials must stop folding the ballot papers.
We have had reports from Carlisle, from York, from Hampshire, Dartford and other places, showing that the problem is nationwide, not just an isolated incident.

UKIP is collecting the names and addresses of those complaining and will be preparing the grounds for a legal challenge to the election result.

Tim Worstall
UKIP Press Office.
0207 222 9365

Mobile 07596106963


Anonymous said...

if people are too daft to unfold a piece of paper one wonders about their ability to think for themselves and vote appropriately anyway

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