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Prayer - Dear God, please reveal the truth

Avon & Somerset Chief Constable Colin Port 'ruling by decree'
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Southwest One

The regional ITV and BBC newsrooms have been buzzing over the last two months with threatening legal letters from lawyers Carter Ruck, all paid for with public money and attempting to gag the press from criticising Somerset County Council, Chief Constable Colin Port and his wife Susan Barnes. Both are party to what must be the dodgyest PPP privatisation contract ever signed in the UK.

Avon & Somerset police's 'corrupt' Chief Constable Colin Port
Avon & Somerset police's 'corrupt' Chief Constable Colin Port

Under a freedom of information request it has just been disclosed that £90,000 of public money was paid by Chief Constable Colin Port to lawyers Carter Ruck in an attempt to stop Bristol's TV and Radio stations reporting on the IBM/Southwest One contract in which he and his wife had a direct interest. His wife Sue Barnes has been paid £200,000 in salary and fees alone as part of the deal.

Initially Bridgewater's plucky Tory MP Ian Liddell-Grainger used parliamentary privilege to kick up a fuss about the SouthWest One contract in the House of Commons and he appears to now be having a running battle with various grey-faced officials which can be followed on his blog. They are trying to cover up all details of this bent contract.

Meanwhile gagging order emails have been issued over the same period from Colin Port's Portishead HQ to all lower ranking and senior officers in Avon and Somerset constabulary warning officers not to speak to anyone at BBC Broadcasting House, Whiteladies Road. This followed BBC Crime Correspondant Steve Brodie's reporting of allegations of Colin Port's corruption which were made by Ian Liddell-Grainger MP in the House of Commons under parliamentary privilege. Brodie and the BBC being 'punished' by Port simply for doing their job. Port is using public money to save his crashing credibility as for him the public purse is a limitless pot into which he can dip in a vain attempt to gag the press. This has, according to sources at the BBC, 'seriously affected our crime reporting in the region'.

Senior officers of Inspector level and above in Avon and Somerset police are 'exasperated' that they are being sporadically banned from speaking to local press about important matters, under threat of disciplinary action, because of what one officer called a 'personal spat' between Colin Port and local broadcasters.

In the last two weeks Colin Port's attention has switched to ITV West who, on July 24th 2008, transmitted an electrifying West Eye View investigative documentary entitled Public Service, Private Gain. ITV-West's reporting of all crime issues in the region has now been 'severely curtailed', again due to emails issued by Colin Port's office in Porishead.

The Bristol Evening Post appears to have taken the part of the 'corrupt' Chief Constable in this and has been chillingly silent on the region's biggest public interest scandal over the last six months, preferring to let crucial pieces of evidence of Port's corruption slip out unnoticed in the final paragraphs of innocent looking articles with bland headlines which are quickly removed from the Evening Post's website. Editor Mike Norton is spending his valuable time instead, identifying NUJ officials and activists and getting them 'constructively dismissed'.

How long can Avon & Somerset's Chief Constable continue in his six figure public office job when his own malfeasance in office has been exposed? Signing a 'corrupt' contract with a Nazi Holocaust corporation which personally benefits his wife? Also considering the fact that he has neither the confidence of his senior and middle ranking officers nor of the local media and is running the force as if he were the Sherriff of Nottingham, and Avon & Somerset his private fiefdom?

To watch the West Eye View documentary see also
and click on
West Eye View
Public Service, Private Gain.

Ian Liddell-Grainger's blog - Roger Kershaw and Alan Jones have, once again, conspired to prevent me seeing the relevant parts of the SouthWest One contract. But this time Kershaw was stupid enough to send written proof of the cover-up.

Holocaust Engineers now control Avon & Somerset Police Support Services

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Documentary on IBM £400m deal - a summary

Malfeasance in public office
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Colin Port's wife Sue Barnes who has already benefited to the tune of £200k
Colin Port's wife Sue Barnes who has already benefited to the tune of £200k


Zoompad said...

On May 17, 7:29=A0pm, Big Les Wade wrote:
> > Webmanager_CritEst posted
> > >He may have been given few options.
> > By whom?
> > --
> > Les
> > Criticising the government is not illegal, but often on investigation t=
urns out
> > to be linked to serious offences.
> Allow me to add a comment, from someone elsewhere, to what I have
> already posted:
> "There is more than a =93tenuous=94 link to NI. Apart from Gamble=92s for=
> employment, there is a little matter of Peter Hain. Northern Ireland
> Secretary at the time the police ombudsman=92s report indicated that
> there was evidence of RUC Special Branch involvement in murder, Mr
> Hain stated it would not be in the public interest to prosecute
> anyone. A curious reaction. Back in 2004, there were rumours on the
> internet of Hain being on the original list from Ore. This may or may
> not be true. Those stories have now disappeared, along with other
> allegations about New Labour cabinet ministers from early in Blair=92s
> regime.
> In addition, Mr Port=92s involvement in investigating a case which
> implicated RUC Special Branch is interesting. Mr Port was, at the
> time, Assistant CC in Norfolk. The same Norfolk where Carole Howlett
> was Chief Constable. That is the same Carol Howlett who, prior to her
> appointment as CC, was ACPO spokesperson on child abuse and the
> internet, and spokesperson for the MET on Ore. She was pushed out of
> her job a while ago for reasons which were never fully disclosed, but
> appeared to have links with the Ruth Kelly affair and employment of
> people on the SOR as a result of Ore.
> I think there is a lot more to come out of this story yet. Whether it
> will ever see the light of day is another matter."
> *****
> WM

This latter occurred, during the bill stage, which led to the
Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

Zoompad said...

Jim Gamble / Sir Ronnie Flanagan
Special Branch - Northern Ireland
Operation Ore - UK

In Operation Ore, defence representatives were intimidated, threatened, smeared, arrested and even charged, the accused assaulted and even killed. Dramatic and reprehensible though that is, in Northern Ireland they were assassinated in a manner designed to send a message of terror. Special Branch could blame one of a number of political organisations who were seeking redress with a gun in hand, SOCA have nowhere to point the finger. The tactics and death counts either side of the water bear a shocking resemblance, and problems unattended remain.

Jim Gamble and Sir Ronnie Flanagan fled Northern Ireland as the dark practices were exposed in the media following relentless campaigning for justice by people risking their lives against the threats posed by the administrators of torture and death. Not all survived, but the exposure of truth created real prospects for peace and reconciliation.

Those were the days when the BBC was a public service broadcaster. Shortly after an in depth exposure by the BBC's Panorama Stephen Lander resigned as head of MI5.

extracts from BBC panorama: 'a licence to murder'

I was confronted by a Special Branch colleague. He says: "If we put a bar up, or an obstacle up, be like the rest of them, don't go over it or under it, go away." He says: "You walked into the offices of English detectives and you spoke about us and you think there's no come back, you think there's no retribution. You listen to me…" And he lost it. He threatened me. He said that "We'll send our Ninja men in to your house, there's not a lock that we can't get past. And they'll come out of your loft with a wee bag" he says "with a couple of dirty LVF guns in it.

... Silent but ever present in the shadows were representatives of military intelligence, Special Branch and MI5.

Jim Gamble SOCA
(Chief Executive of CEOP and the Virtual Global Taskforce)

'Jim Gamble is the first CEO of the CEOP Centre and brings over 25 years in UK policing - from leading the fight against terrorism as the head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit to most recently tackling organised crime as the Deputy Director of the National Crime Squad.'

'O'Loan said Special Branch officers suppressed forensic evidence'

Himself said...

Hello Zoompad,
I arrived at your blog via Google search for Jim Gamble or associated words, I can't be exact because of all the different combinations I have tried.

My goal is to collect and collate all the information about Gamble and his web of associates.

Although I have posted recently about Gamble's time in NI and his association with Ronnie Flanagan, I have so far failed to come up with anything specific.

As head of an intelligence agency, perhaps it is unsurprising that there is little writ about his nefarious activities, but it was reading this from your comments that piqued my interest.

Jim Gamble and Sir Ronnie Flanagan fled Northern Ireland as the dark practices were exposed in the media

Whereas I don't expect you to magic an article with quite that headline, I did wonder if you had any further info or links that you could furnish?

My interest in Gamble, is his present misuse of office by his attempts to legitimise the supposed abduction of Madeleine McCann.

Had I been able to locate an email address for you, this request would have been via that medium, so might I ask you to delete this once it's purpose is served.

I can be reached by email, dailydrivel at btinternet dot com, this being the addy contact for my blogs.

Best regards.

Zoompad said...

James "Jim" Gamble QPM is a senior British Police officer from Bangor in Northern Ireland.[1] He is the former chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), a police unit affiliated to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in the United Kingdom. He resigned in October 2010 after the Home Secretary Theresa May's decision to merge Ceop with SOCA. Mr Gamble wanted CEOP to remain independent.

Earlier in his career he was head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit in Belfast, then Deputy Director General (with the rank of Deputy Chief Constable) of the National Crime Squad, which in April 2006, merged into the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Gamble led the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) fight against child sex abuse. He also presided over the controversial Operation Ore. He led the work to set up the National Crime Squad's specialist response cell – the Paedophile and Online Investigation Team (POLIT). He was awarded the Queen's Police Medal (QPM) in the New Year Honours 2008.[2]

Gamble was among SIX candidates shortlisted to succeed Sir Hugh Orde as Police Service of Northern Ireland Chief Constable. The post was vacated by Orde in late 2009.[1] Also in the running were Bernard Hogan-Howe, chief constable of Merseyside; Jon Stoddart, chief constable of Durham; Paul West, chief constable of West Mercia; and Matt Baggott, chief constable of Leicestershire who was the successful candidate.[1]

Zoompad said...

There were two Jims involved in the Operation Ore investigation, one was a good man, the other ...

Zoompad said...

"Mr Bunce discovered that the computer used to enter his credit card details was in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the date and time that his credit card details were entered onto the Landslide website was at a time when he could prove that he was using the same card in a restaurant in south London.

"I can't be in two places at once, so somehow my data had got to the man in Indonesia."

He was also able to discover that his credit card details had been obtained from a popular online shopping site, but he doesn't know how these came to be in the hands of a criminal. "

Finding this out should be top priority. The paedophiles certainly did smear people who were not paedophiles, they muddied the water to create confusion.

The police were outsmarted by the paedophiles.

Zoompad said...

It was very difficult for the police. The paedophiles were so cunning, they even smeared Gordon Brown to try to cover their tracks.

The devil always oversteps his mark though. Gordon Brown is so obviously not a paedophile! It was their smearing of him that first alerted me to what was going on, the double crossing MI5 tactics.

The truth will be out for all to see next year.

Zoompad said...

"The forensics expert was also able to show me verifiable evidence of credit card fraud and identity theft. From the information that he provided, which revealed the single entry showing my name that appeared on the Landslide Subscriber Database, this personal and financial information is identical to the information which I entered into the Tesco on-line shopping server when I registered with Tesco to shop on-line in 1998. Furthermore, the Tesco.Net email address was registered by me solely to enable my wife and me to log onto the Tesco on-line shopping server and thus enable us to shop on-line at Tesco. It is my belief that this is the route from which my data appears to have been obtained by fraudsters. I do not know how it came to be in the hands of a fraudster who used it on Landslide. I have written to Tesco to ask for information about security standards and leaks.

In view of what happened to me, I fear that my personal information was then sold on to criminals. It ended up in the hands of a man called Michael Yamin who is resident in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mr Yamin is also known as “Miranda” and was indicted in the USA District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division in April 2000. Mr Yamin’s sealed indictment reference is 4-00CR-056-Y. He is a webmaster. This means that he produces and hosts websites. Some of his websites are pornographic. Yamin registered his websites with Landslide so that members of Landslide, for a monthly fee debited from a credit card, could view his websites, and he would receive commission from Landslide for every subscription.

It appears from research since that Mr Yamin, or someone working for him, then entered my details into the Landslide Subscriber Database, subscribing to one of the websites that he owned, controlled and were active in 1999. Money was then debited unnoticed from my credit card account, and Mr Yamin received commission from Landslide Productions for that transaction. Current information is that Yamin actually owned or controlled a total of eighty-four websites, only twenty-six of which were active during 1999. The forensics expert went on to say that he has clear evidence that in August 1999 alone, it is estimated that Mr Yamin stood to gain in excess of $100,000 from these activities.

These figures are for a period after Landslide’s credit card processing facility had been withdrawn and thus they did not pay any webmasters after 08 August 1999. None of the webmasters (including Yamin) was aware of this and their fraudulent activities continued. This is likely to be on the conservative side because refunds and charge backs were not itemised, neither is it possible to assess the possible effects of multiple renewals.

I do not know whether the police knew of the credit card fraud from the beginning of the Operation Ore investigation. If the police did know of the credit card fraud, then they chose to ignore it. (Editor. The class action will reveal that they did know about the fraud, but went ahead despite this. They also lied to Parliament and the media about it and continued to broadcast these lies until the action group began to publish the new evidence.) "

Zoompad said...

My advice to Mr Bunce would be to be very cautious of pressure groups approaching him and offering him class action, and instead to do his own research.

Above all, to have absolutly nothing to do with FACT, BFMS or any similar pressure groups.

If he cares to go through some of my past posts through the years he will realise how very crafty and callous the paedophiles have been, and what sort of people set up those pressure groups.