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I have been knocked sideways by the courage and strength of this brave WW2 veteran, Norman Scarth.

Norman joined the Royal Navy as soon as at the age of 17, in 1943, he was awarded the 1939-45 Star, the Atlantic Star, the Burma Star, the Victory Medal and the Arctic Emblem (Tony B Liar refused to acknowledge the bravery of veterans such as Norman by issuing a proper medal, as the Russian government did for their veterans.)

All in all, it is pretty obvious that Norman Scarth has served this country, Great Britain, with honour, bravery and pride.

Now, how do you suppose the rulers of this country have chosen to show their gratitude to this brave 82 year old veteran?


I am not going to tell the whole story of the appalling way that Norman has been treated today, although I will be posting more about him, in the meantime, I hope that you will do a bit of research on that for yourself, but I am pasting a statement which was circulated by Norman's many friends and supporters, who campaigned for his release from prison:



I am calling on you to join our campaign to have Norman Scarth released. Until the age of 70 Norman [who was described by Tony Benn as a ‘WW2 War Hero’] was proud to be British, but then came a succession of shocks as he learned that corruption was endemic in the civil courts of Britain. He made a dramatic change of career, becoming an observer, researcher and student of law at the University of Leeds, a Parliamentary candidate, Human Rights activist; and author of a book ‘Cause for Concern’ which denounces and names dishonest judges. His main point of his manifesto at the 1997 General Election was his concern at the rapid increase in two sorts of crime [a] violent and murderous attacks on the vulnerable and the old and [b] fraud in the legal system. Rampant and rife in the courts, it flourishes unchecked and unreported. Norman successfully brought a much-needed change in British law, single-handed, without any lawyer to ban secret hearings, via the ECtHR incorporated into the 1998 Human Rights Act. [However British courts continue to conduct hearings of public importance behind closed doors.] But instead of earning him respect and recognition, Norman’s campaigning against such fraud earned him powerful enemies. Targeted by corrupt lawyers and judges West Yorkshire Police were sent out to terrorise Norman, who lived under siege for eleven months before riot police illegally forced an entry into his home and brutally assaulted him. The Police maliciously prosecuted Norman for a minor injury to a bailiff. There was no fair trial: there was perjury by officers, judicial obstruction of key defence witnesses and the press were banned. Defamed by the corrupt judge as a ‘dangerous man’ he was sentenced to 10 years. His appeal against conviction was obstructed by the legal establishment, the judiciary, the Court Service and the Prison Service; and then permission to appeal was refused. His lawsuit against West Yorkshire Police has also been obstructed by conspiracy and collusion. Norman’s treatment in a succession of hellhole prisons has been inhumane - savage and brutal. Non of it is justifiable. He has borne his incarceration with the dignity, determination and courage that few can match. He is a frail old man who works tirelessly for many long hours, often cooped up in his cell, trying to expose an evil for the sake of ALL OUR FREEDOMS. Please read some or all of Norman’s writings [listed below.] If you intend to do absolutely nothing about Norman’s plight I would ask that you examine your conscience and please realise that all it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do NOTHING. YOU or someone you love could be the next victim of crime or corruption. As Norman points out: “Like the Germans at the start of WW2 most of the British people today are happy to behave like ostriches or are too cowardly to speak up. It was wonderful for the Germans then, but there was a heavy price to pay in the end. There will be again." And he also quite rightly says that "anyone who does not make their voices heard should not complain if they or theirs should end up in a gas chamber." Too many people have evidence of the endemic corruption that is polluting all courts, local authorities, government agencies and almost all other spheres of power, in all societies. If nothing is done about it there will be world wide Anarchy. When that happens, everyone loses. The present system is unsustainable and will not protect the corrupt, the guilty and the ostriches forever. Only GOD can do that. Good public servants, government employees, state agents, journalists, police, military and court officials/employees…. WILL defect. It is only a matter of time. Are you going to work with us, Norman’s supporters, to help bring about his release and in the doing do your bit to raise public awareness and help bring about reform and thus prevent the next world war or are you going to be just another cowardly ostrich?


What a peculiar way this country has chosen to show their gratitude to this amazing brave man, who fought for his country! What on earth has happened to this nation?

God help us all, we've lost our way so badly!


Zoompad said...

Norman was given a 10 year prison sentence for apparently causing injury to a bailiff. That was the trumped up charge against him.

Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to be on the recieving end of police corruption will find it pretty easy to figure out what has really been going on.

It's interesting to note that the guy who jumped off a hotel balcony with his two kids, killing on and seriously injuring the other, has served less than a year for what he did, which, to any normal sane person, would surely be classed as infanticide.

So Norman is considered a greater threat to society than a man who killed a baby!

Wierd, or what?

Zoompad said...

To: The Office for Judicial Complaints,

4th Floor, Clive House, Petty France, LONDON SW1H 9EX

Tel: 0207 189 2937. Fax: 2936.


Many have said that the recent revelations of gross misconduct by Parliamentarians shows a need for ‘Cleaning out of the Augean Stables’. I hope that the facts already put before you are sufficient for you to feel that that such a cleaning out is desirable for The Judiciary & The Bar if they are to retain any respect. (The same could be said of the ‘Fourth Estate’ - the so-called ‘News Media’)

Early in the 20th century, the Lord Northcliffe of the day said, “The power of The Press is great, but the power of suppression is much greater”. Sadly, the ‘Fourth Estate’ (which leads the populace in worshipping the judiciary) had done a good job in suppressing the fact that the Election Petition hearing was to take place. So good, that only one member of the public was present to see the hatred in Richard Mawrey’s eyes as he delivered his diatribe of hate against me. However, I think that the hatred is obvious to anyone who reads his words, the front page of the Telegraph & Argus being enough. Please do not think my facetious comment added at the top of the page means that it is funny. It most definitely is not!

In my earlier submission I mentioned the hostility of many legal professionals for the Litigant In Person. Rarely has it been shown so blatantly as by Richard Mawrey.

I repeat my earlier words: The diabolical lies from Mawrey were deplorable. They were equally so if true – an attack on someone who was mentally ill. Either way, they show that he is quite unfit for any position of power or influence.

Your decision matters little to me personally, at my age, but I hope you will take the steps needed to prevent respect for the legal profession deteriorating even further.


Norman Scarth, 36 Anvil Court, BRADFORD BD8 7QW

Tel: (01274) 541 213. Mobile: 0779 435 8691.


WW2 Veteran; Parliamentary Candidate;

Investigative author & publisher;

Successful Law Reformer;

Founder & Leader of the Anti-Crime Party;

Associate of the Article 6 Group.

Anonymous said...

this isn't a blog -it's just a copy and paste fest
and the only time you write your own words they're full of lies and vicious nonsense!
I pity you, truly!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware Norman was in prison as he (or someone using his name) has a blog that is regularly updated?

Zoompad said...

Norman Scarth (WW2 War Hero) was jailed for 10 years, for allegedly thumping a baillif who had illegally forced his way into Norman's home.

He served 4 years.

Norman Scarth was given a longer prison sentance for defending his home against intruders than many rapists and murderers get!

This is my blog, dedicated to the worthy cause of fighting child abuse - although elderly abuse and any other type of wickedness is at the top of my agenda of things to stand with a fist against. To this purpose I will cut and paste as much as I damned well like!

If you don't like it, don't come here - no-one is forcing you to, are they?

There are plenty of paedo blogs, go and read them if you don't like it here!