Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Here are the psuedoscience vermin, getting their knickers in a twist over the David Southall GMC decision.

Note how these cretins are trying to demonise parents, using Baby Peter as a weapon.

It would be nice if these people would explain how it is that so many thousands of mothers are being "diagnosed" with MSBP - even first time mothers with their baby still in the womb - women who have never even had a chance to hold their infants in their arms, let alone abuse them!

And I would also like to see what they have to say about those other syndromes so beloved by the secret family courts - PAS and FMS, invented respectivly by Richard Gardner (Dirty Dick) and Ralph Underwager (Dirty Underpants), both of them psychologists, paedophiles, and, thank Heaven, both well and truly dead! (Gardner did a Mr Stabby on himself, with a butcher's knife, according to his PM, which just goes to show what a well balanced mind he had!)

Seems that the Lancet doesn't want to talk about certain subjects though. I wonder why that is?

The Lancet calls for National Child Protection Commission

Medical journal says recent decisions have made a "mockery" of child protection

The Lancet has published an editorial calling for a commission into child protection headed by the Children's Commissioner. The respected medical journal says that the second serious case review on the Baby Peter case, the High Court decision in the Southall case and the Irish report into child abuse in the Catholic Church have

"made a mockery of child protection in the UK and Ireland by further adding to the confusion around how best to protect vulnerable children."

and that

"it is incomprehensible that on the same day as the second review was released and the UK Secretary of State for Children, Schools, and Families, Ed Balls, said that all professionals involved in child protection should act to put the child first and not be deceived by parents, the High Court upheld the GMC's decision to strike the paediatrician and child protection expert, Dr David Southall, off the medical register for doing just that."

It therefore calls for a "concerted effort to change the current, clearly inadequate system" by creating a National Child Protection Commission to review all the evidence emerging from national and international data.

The editorial was published in the same week that the Attorney General announced that she may consider appealing against the sentences given to those involved in the death of Baby Peter as they may be too lenient. Baby Peter's mother was sentenced to an indefinite jail term for causing or allowing the toddler's death and must serve at least five years, her boyfriend was jailed for twelve years for causing the death and for life for raping a two-year-old girl and their lodger was jailed indefinitely but must serve at least three years.

The full text of the editorial in The Lancet is available free of charge on their site but you will need to register to access the piece.

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