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Well, it's about time we all had a good dig around and found out, I reckon. Let's kick this thread off with an excerpt from good old Wiki and take it from there!

Here is his brother, Phil, there is a lovely picture on Wiki of him, in all his ceremonious robes, with the Duke of Kent - one of his mates - in the background. How perfectly splendid it is to see the good connections with the very best people the Bailhache's have!


Philip Bailhache

Sir Philip Martin Bailhache KBE (born 28 February 1946) is the Bailiff of Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Bailhache was born in Jersey and was educated at Charterhouse School, England. He read Law at Oxford University, was admitted to the English Bar in 1968 and the Jersey Bar in 1969. First elected to the States of Jersey as Deputy of Grouville in 1972, he resigned his seat in 1975 to become a Crown Officer when appointed as HM Solicitor General. He became HM Attorney General in 1986. On 26 June 1989 he became one of the first two Queen's Counsel learned in the law of Jersey.[1]

He was the serving Attorney General at the time of the court case vs. Peter Pearce which represents the only time that a senior legal official in Jersey has lost a case in the Royal Court of Jersey. The case was presided over by the Bailiff of Guernsey.

He was involved in the controversy surrounding the removal of Vernon Tomes (later Senator Vernon Tomes) as Deputy Bailiff, and replaced Vernon Tomes in that office in 1994. The matter - which had constitutional ramifications for Jersey - was discussed on the floor of the United Kingdom House of Commons. He became Bailiff of Jersey in 1995 and received his knighthood in 1996.

In 2006, he was awarded[2] l'Ordre de la Pléiade (Grand Officier class) by l'Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie. He is an honorary fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford (elected 1995) and an Honorary Bencher of the Middle Temple.

He will retire from the office of Bailiff at the end of June 2009. [3]

He lives in Grouville with his second wife Linda and two children, Alice and Edward. His brother, William Bailhache, was appointed HM Attorney General in 2000[4].

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