Sunday, 7 June 2009

"SAFELINE" (that's a ruddy joke and half!)

Well, I had a look at what they are all saying about me on that supposedly help site for child abuse survivors.

Still doing the bayonet charge on me, I see. I am still being portrayed as the Wicked Witch of the West, and no attempt of any of the moderators has been made to step in and speak one word in my defence.

That is a very strange way for a child abuse survivor site to treat a survivor of institutional child abuse.

I've been accused of being heartless and cruel, but for all my bluntness I have never put the boot into another abuse survivor - I have called DID claptrap, which it is - a CIA technique to brainwash and subdue people who have suffered appalling abuse, allowing their abusers to get away with their crimes. I know it must be pretty upsetting to realise that you've been had, but hey, I'm only the messenger here!

I just hope that the vunerable people who use that site wake up and smell the coffee roasting. There IS healing for the victims of child abuse - but finding it on that site would be like getting floral tones from a pickled onion!


Anonymous said...


What site are you talking about and what do you mean by DID is claptrap?

Zoompad said...

Safeline is a registered charity (number 1070854), set up to help adults who were abused as children - as their front page statement says:

"The objects of SAFELINE are to relieve suffering and advance education amongst people experiencing the after effects of the trauma of rape and sexual abuse, without distinction of gender, sexual orientation, race, colour or of political, religious or other opinions."

But I have been banned from Safeline, for two reasons:

1) For complaining about Safeline's affiliation with the Freemasons of Warwickshire. The mods on Safeline were fully aware that I had been raped by a Freemason and that I had been taken to court for 7 years by this demon, who has used the Family Court system to stalk me. They also knew the disgusting ways that I have been treated by the secret family court. So when I realised that the judge in charge of my case was referring people to Safeline I smelled a rat, and sure enough, I found out that the Freemasons of Warwick have been funding Safeline. Someone should have had the courtesy and compassion to tell me that, and stop me posting, as my posts have probably been the means of me recieving further persecution via the secret family courts!

2) I denounced DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) as a nasty brainwashing technique invented by the CIA to cover up widespread institutional abuse. You can see an image of the original declassified CIA document Mori ID: 17441, page 8 titled: Continuation of Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility, google it and see for yourself!

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a single person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities - split personality.

Safeline have a little baby corner for people who have been "diagnosed" with this cr*p, and it is really vomit inducing to see how they are controlling those poor people - they put them to bed and seem to act like benevolent parents to them. That's what I thought at first - benevolent - but now I have found out more about this psychocr*p I realise that it is a way of controlling people and that the CIA have used it!

Safeline is supposed to help abuse survivors, but they allow people to be isolated and bullied, and God help you if you disagree with any of the mods! I don't mean if you are ruse to the mods - I mean if you disagree with them.

They have banned me and called me a conspiracy theorist and allowed me to be lambasted on their site. They've also called me a "drama queen", thereby belittling me for having the gumption to speak out about the abuse I have suffered. Yet I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown abuse survivors - how is that supposed to be helping me?

It's a nasty site, and I am pretty angry about the way people are being treated there. I was well taken in by them, praise God, I know better now!

Anonymous said...

Why do you need defending? You are the one who has chosen to write ridiculous nasty abusive lies. You’re lucky you’ve just been banned from Safeline and not sued for libel.
You have put the boot into plenty of other survivors- in your ignorance and stupidity YOU have hurt people, YOU have been verbally abusive. You say people are entitled to their opinion but when people give theirs on your spiteful words, you can’t take it! You clearly have no understanding whatsoever about DID. Is your PTSD claptrap too? It’s on the same diagnostic spectrum. Having DID does NOT allow anyone to get away with anything. You’re a false messenger because you are clearly very uneducated on the subject.
Loads of people have received excellent help, support and healing from Safeline, both on and off the forums. Most people who use the forums aren’t local to Safeline so don’t have counselling there, so their diagnosis of DID or anything else, would be nothing whatsoever to do with Safeline.
Having a space for inner children (which you have too- didn’t she help you write your (rubbish) Tip book that you vanity published?) and young alters allows healing for the whole person, and gives a voice to inner children and alter that they may not find elsewhere, that is progressive not something awful. There is no controlling going on, it was something created by survivors for survivors.

CIA brainwashing techniques may have caused some people to develop DID, but not the majority. You clearly need to educate yourself and stop spreading propaganda and lies.

Getting funding from a Freemason does not imply anything bad about Safeline. Should Christians not give any survivor organisation funding because some Christians are abusers? You are very aggressive and stupid in your arguments.

ONE person called you a “drama queen”- and frankly – you are! It wasn’t a moderator and neither have the moderators ever been rude or nasty to you in any way at all. Your blanket “they did” is ridiculous and offensive. The moderators appear to have been very reasonable towards you and are always fair in the moderation of the site in general, which given all the crap they get chucked at them, is something of miracle and they must be very patient and kind people. Imagine all your lies will have hurt them too, not that you seem to give a damn about who you lash out at and abuse.

I would imagine you’ve been banned for all the crap you’ve written here and on the forums, YOU DID THAT, YOU are RESPONSIBLE for your own behaviour and its consequences. NOT the moderators, NOT Safeline (a great organisation), NOT the other survivors (who you have used and abused), YOU have been banned because of YOUR actions and abusive comments and lies.

You’re the nasty one.
If you can’t take hearing other people feelings and views, then you shouldn’t have abused them in the way you have. Thank goodness some of them were strong enough to stand up to bullying ways and evil propaganda.

Anonymous said...

People have supported you at safeline and this is how you return that support. By implying that the organisation and survivors that helped you for years are brain washers or being brain washed?

Your betrial of those that post there is appauling. This is about your past and you are dumping all your abuse, neglect and betrail on an organsiation that has helped you.

Every ounce of information you read you twist it to fit your belief's or hold onto the bit's that fit in the way you want them to. Then go on a mission to discredit them. You tarnish everyone with the same brush. One judge is bad, all judge's are etc. It isn't true.

You keep going with your crusades and watch your life go by, watch those that leave you and move on because you do this to the. It isn't the first time you have found yourself in this situation is it? It has happened many times hasn't it? Can you see that the common factor is these situations is you? Not safeline or any other organistion you have come across.

Your taking your past experiences and your anger towards those that hurt you and kicking it out at everyone except them.

With all your negative speech kicked out everywhere, have you ever stopped to think you could be responisble to stopping someone reach out for help? Have you ever thought that if survivors are as you put it 'brain washed' that what you shout out about and shove in peoples face is doing the same thing?

I think you by writing that survivors are brain washed is implying survivors are unable to think for themselves, devalueing there capabilities. Devalueing the friends you made there. Who needs enemy's with friends like you.

What your doing isn't defending survivors, it's betraying them, abusing there trust and implying they are unable to see things for themselves.

You need help but you'll deny it and keep doing what you do because it's easier than admiting it and in the mean time everyone around you has to deal with the damage that you cause to others.

This is me challenging your opinion but of course I couldn't possibly be right could I? because only you are right?

Anonymous said...

In MY opinion I dont see any PRODUCTIVE/MEANINGFUL activism work happening in this blog, I see bitterness and harassment towards Safeline and FELLOW SURVIVORS.

You are persocuting your FELLOW SURVIVORS for being THEMSELVES-who ever there selves might be.

WHO are you to judge our D.I.D, you DO NOT know us and THANK GOD YOU ARE NOT A MODERATOR OF SAFELINE, such compassion coming from you!

I have had nothing to do with the CIA and I have D.I.D as a result of cult abuse, NOT THERAPY.

May I make a suggestion, get off your high horse because you are not higher than us and GET ON WITH YOUR OWN LIFE INSTEAD OF CRITISISING OURS!!!

having a problem with an organisation is 1 thing but taking that out on other people using that service is CRAP (might aswel talk your lingo)

MY alters have a SAFE place in Safeline and that will not be disrupted and threatened by an ignorance as incurable as yours

FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND ALL THAT CRAP! more like cant get your own way so you will throw a hissy fit and everyone will be on your side!


Anonymous said...

so much anger from both sides!

Personally I don't believe that every case of DID is deliberately induced by mind control technigues but I do believe that the 'free' masons are not to be trusted. It is a well known fact that organised criminals hide behind legitimate and benevolent causes.

Zoompad said...

"You need help but you'll deny it"

No I won't!

Of course I need help - I've never denied that I need help. It would be a really silly thing to suppose that one needed no help - no man is an island!

I need as much help as I can get to switch on the lights in the darkness, so that everyone can see what has been going on, right under their noses.

The Freemasons have had it their own way for far too long in this country. All this institutional child abuse didn't start when I was a kiddy - it was going on long before I was born. Why people cannot see it beats me, as there have been enough people shouting lustily about it, by their writings - Charles Dickens, C.S.Lewis, Thomas Hughes, William Blake, Charles Kingsley to name but a few.

Most of the social reformers were called nutjobs and troublemakers in their own lifetime, so I will take it as a badge of honour that you are trying to besmirch me with the same label. It won't do, you know, it won't do at all.

Please, do please take me to court for libel. It would cut short the awful fiasco of child abuse/malicious vindictive persecution that is happening in this country. It would be fantastic for abused children all over this country if I were taken to court on libel charges by Safeline. Don't allow any tender feelings of pity you may have for me (heh heh heh) on account of me being a survivor of the wretched Staffordshire Pindown system stand in your way to stop you from prosecuting me for libel against Safeline!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get help then? Not with your challenging of others but for yourself?

I don't think anyone said that everything you have said is not right. In fact some of what you say is important and true.

People are just angry with you attacking an organisation who has helped you for a long time. I believe on many occasions you have said to others you wouldn't be where you are had safeline not been there.

If you had a disagreement with them you could have emailed them and got the facts, yet you didn't. You just heard what you heard and then went on the attack and dragged other survivors, including your friends into your arguement.

People including the moderators could and would have listened to what you had to say had you gone about it differently.

oh and everyone on the planet is made up of parts of self(not DID)including you. Sadly it feels as if you disregard and ignore parts of yourself.

I too have had dealings with stafford organisations, from social services, family courts, police etc and I have nothing negative, only positive things to say but I'm not blinkered like it feels that you are, to believe that everyones expericene for everyone is a good one.

I've had good expericence with those organisations and bad ones. In fact in the town I live in I will be contacting the social services with serious complains regarding ignoring information of abuse. I won't be going about it the way you do. I want to be heard and I want answers and that means accepting that not everything I say is right.

I won't tarnish every person within an organisation with the same brush. Not all social service are bad or are they all good.

How would you feel if everyone said that all those that have been abused become abusers? You wouldn't like it would you.

Maybe you should think about that before you keep up that belief. There may just be someone within an organisation that will help you rather than ignore what you say because of the way you take things on.

Anonymous said...

"People are just angry with you attacking an organisation who has helped you for a long time. I believe on many occasions you have said to others you wouldn't be where you are had safeline not been there."

There are certain individuals who have been very kind to me on that website, that much is true. I have never attacked any of the survivors on that site, even though they have turned their backs on me. Yes they have - they have treated me in a dispicable way. Yet I have not retaliated in kind at all.

The people who are running the site AND GETTING MONEY FROM THE FREEMASONS have poisoned everyone else against me. They've done this to other people in the past as well. They know darned well what they have done and what they are still doing, and it is sick.

"How would you feel if everyone said that all those that have been abused become abusers? You wouldn't like it would you."

No I wouldn't like it, and neither would I say it either.

"I too have had dealings with stafford organisations, from social services, family courts, police etc and I have nothing negative, only positive things to say "

Oh, well, jolly dee for you. I can only repeat, my experience is of institutional abuse, cover ups, malicious vindictive persecution and a jolly good kicking to boot.

Incidentally, seeing that you are obviously a local, would you mind dropping your Anony Mouse and tell me who you are?