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Why are pubescent boys being adopted by homosexual couple?

Why are pubescent boys being adopted by homosexual couple?

February 1, 2009

Yo Mustafa and Paul Groulx may be stellar individuals and wonderful role models for all I know, but I still have to ask what was their motivation to adopt 3 pubescent boys, and why did the Children's Aid Society allow this to happen to these boys?

I was one of the busiest psychologist consultants for Catholic Children's Aid Society, starting in 1976. I saw hundreds of these unadoptable children. By the time that a foster child had reached 9 or 10, we knew that the child was not going to bond with a parent figure. They were not adoptable. The focus was on providing care and maintaining family relationships, even though those family relationships may have been problematic and the reason why the children were in care in the first place. They needed these primary attachments. In other words, they were Crown Wards with Access. They would grow up in care, but they would remain attached to their birth parents and kinship bonds. These children typically had many problems and did not fit into foster homes, so there were many moves. The growth in group homes came as a result of this population of children who needed basic care but who were not going to form parent-child bonds with anyone else, children who had "special needs," i.e. many emotional and behavioural issues. A Society lawyer was known to say that any kid growing up in Regent Park had been sexually abused before reaching age 12. This was his catchment area but could apply to many neighborhoods, given the large number of pedophiles which live amongst us.

So, back to Yo Mustafa and Paul Groulx. Suddenly, 2 homosexuals with presumably no parental experience can deal with not one, not two, but 3 foster boys of the demographic that not even seasoned foster parents can manage in a family setting---pubescent foster boys who may have a history of abuse and expect it and need extra care, children who are vulnerable, distrustful and rebellious. I was especially troubled by the fact that this couple was able to hire their own social service worker to approve their parenting plan. What kind of oversight for vulnerable children is this? It has been demonstrated that the rate of pedophilia is high among homosexual men -- reference the existence and lobbying efforts of the National Man Boy Love Association. This is not to say that every homosexual is a pedophile, of course, or that Mustafa and Groulx are. I want to make it clear that I am not making this assertion about them.

However, given that the incidence of pedophilia is higher among homosexual men, the risk of placement of children, particularly boys, particularly pubescent boys with surging levels of hormones, is necessarily higher. Yet, this risk is not taken into account in adoption placement, and thus there is a dereliction of duty to protect these children. I cannot help but hypothesize that these children are being placed at higher risk in order to placate the homosexual community, but if the child welfare system loses its focus on its mandated priority -- the protection of children -- it loses the reason for its existence and becomes a danger in itself.

I was also concerned about the fact that these boys were moved far away from their community and away from their friends and sources of support and assistance if they run into trouble in their "adoptive family."

I also have other other admittedly dangerous and incendiary questions for the child welfare system. Given that the government provides funding for foster children, and that group homes reap benefits from youths growing up in care, and given that these benefits end when a child is adopted, what is their motivation in providing homes for pubescent boys who don't want to be adopted. Are these children essentially for sale? Is the CAS trying to reduce its liability given the amount of abuse that happens while children are in their care? It appears, that contrary to their legal rights, these children may have been used as property, put up to bidders, without having their legal rights to consent or refuse their placement. The law presumes capacity to make decisions about one's residence, irrespective of age, (Substitute Decisions Act, 1992) but there is nothing in the newspaper article that indicated that these children knew that they had these rights and were able to exercise them. If the Children's Aid Society were to go into the human trafficking business, they have a good supply and there is undoubtedly a high demand.

Dr Marty McKay


Jacob said...

Speaking as someone who has been in the system, I think it is great that these men adopted children you acknowledge are considered "unadoptable." That is probably the reason why they did it: because no one else wants those boys nor will anyone else love them. While in care those boys are just property for the state and are essentially cash cows. My last set of foster parents do the same thing. They take in children that no one wants and children with a history of abuse and many special needs. While things have not always gone well -- one of my foster brothers committed suicide two years ago after trying several times before -- they are willing to put forth the effort. Those are the kind of foster parents we need more of, not just the people who want babies and toddlers.

As for gays being more likely to be pedophiles, there is no study or research to even remotely back that up. The rate of sexual violence against children is much higher with heterosexuals. Straight women are more inclined to rape children than gay men. That is not to say some gay people do not abuse children. However, it is completely indefensible to imply that all gays are potential pedophiles and disgusting to imply that this couple adopted the boys just to rape them.

Liz said...

Wow, you sir are an idiot. How can you describe and revere your own work for children in the foster care system and in the next paragraph slander two men who want to give the children whose best interests you presumably had in mind a home. Just because adopting children of this age with this background is difficult that means anyone who attempts it is harboring sinister ulterior motives? And you are a doctor yet as "proof" that homosexuals are inclined to pedophiles you cite the fact that there are homosexual pedophiles? Part to whole logic flaw wouldn't you say?

Zoompad said...

"Straight women are more inclined to rape children than gay men."


Zoompad said...

"While in care those boys are just property for the state and are essentially cash cows."

What a horrible way to describe children. Still, knowing the secret family court morality (or lack of it) and having heard them laugh and joke callously as they preside over heartbreakingly sad cases, I know exactly where you are coming from.

"They take in children that no one wants"

Many of these lads are very much wanted, it's just that the poor parents can't cope with all the pressures thrown at them in every direction - Britain is one of the most stressed countries in the world, worse than some war zones even, and British children are amongst the unhappiest, because of stress

"and children with a history of abuse"

Yeah, like the phony MSPB and PAS labels that the secret family kangaroo courts use to make out that mother is an abuser, and get the kids off her to make large abmounts of money

"and many special needs."

Those are the cream of the crop, very lucrative, nearly as much as the blond haired blue eyed peaches, the secret family courts can make big bucks out of those kids!

Yes, I know what goes on, and don't I just. Shame on this country, the way it is allowing this human trafficking to go on day after day. Shame on Great Britain! It is just as bad as slavery.

feetxxxl said...

"However, given that the incidence of pedophilia is higher among homosexual men, the risk of placement of children, particularly boys, particularly pubescent boys with surging levels of hormones, is necessarily higher."

i thought it was common knowledge that narth is not a scientific organization nor is it recognized by the scientific community for any of its methods as being scientific. it was founded by bias to put out biased based info.

pedophelia, percentage wise, is much greater among heterosexuals than homosexuals.

as far as the scientific community(apa) is concerned, married homosexual couples provide loving nurturing homes for raising children equal to those of married heterosexual couples.

Zoompad said...

From Feetxxxl's blog...

"homosexuality is of christ. actually, to be more clear supporting, affirming, and celebrating homosexuality is christ."

No wonder you're coming here, spouting lying propaganda crap about hetrosexuals being more inclined to fiddyfiddle!

feetxxxl said...


socialogically....homosexuals have never been lacking in any sector of society compared to HETEROSEXUALS. they are not less a friend, neighbor, doctor, teacher, pastor, soldier,father, brother.

they bond out of mutual love , affection,devotion,trust,respect for a shared committed life together.........the same as HETEROSEXUALS.

religously...........if your comment is from a bible based understanding of the law, please show how the words of any verses of scripture say that homosexuality is a sin.
is it your understanding that we are to have an old covenant understanding about touching our pardners anus during sexual thru regulation....because the anus is an errogenous zone.......or did god make a mistake?

Zoompad said...


I'm not remotely interested in what you, your partner, or any of your gay rights mates get up to in the sack. I'm not interested in your anus, your partner's anus, or any other anuses.

I am a child abuse survivor, and have decided to devote what is left of my life to rooting out child abuse, by the grace of God. I think all children are entitled to have a childhood free from abuse.

I know that there is a massive human trafficking scam going on right now, pretending to protect children, but in reality, stealing them. The scum who run this human trafficking ring have wangled their way into positions of power and authority.

I'm not going to break up this wretched child trafficking ring - God is.

You can easily buy a copy of the Bible, from any bookshop. I suggest that you go and buy one and read it with all haste, as you appear to be under many misconceptions concerning the Creator of heaven and earth. It would be wise to find out what God demands of mankind, before He returns, as I understand He is due to return any time now!

feetxxxl said...

i have not only read it but ive studied it for the last 20 years. let me help you. romans 1 paul is laying the basis for for all sin, to show that all men need a savior and that man cannot save himself. the part that refers to same sex relations. paul says that man worshipped "the created" powers and principalities(those things that christ said we were to battle against) and therefore were given over to a spirit that served those powers and principalities, which was shameful lusts(niv). and being consumed by shameful lust abandoned their relationships with THEIR WOMEN (homosexuals never had women or relationships with women...not since their first sexual memory.....and therefore cannot abandon what they never had). these were relationships of their natural inclination that brought peace. they abandoned them for relations that were not, and were without peace.(peace...... one of the nine fruit of the spirit(gal5).the "due penalty" for shameful behavior is self hatred and self loathing.

the fact that you have no idea what i am talking about means that most likely your understanding of scripture is about assigning meaning to certain verses in spite of their words. this does not support christ's words about the importance of each stroke of the law.

about pedophilia. i too know about its damage from my own childhood history. you are not alone in your concern. placing blame on those, because you have a generational bias against them, accomplishes nothing.

consider reading "tony's boys" about an itinerant preacher in the bible belt, who success as a preacher enabled him to amass several million dollars....... a heterosexual married man who at the same time violated 10,000 boys.

Zoompad said...

"a heterosexual married man who at the same time violated 10,000 boys."

You must think I'm plank thick to fall for that one!

Look, I'll give you a timely word of advice - get yourself a better PR manager. Your propaganda is just so stale and transparant that even a molerat could see right through it!

Zoompad said...

Actually - the PR manager - I wouldn't bother about that after all. All the propaganda in the world won't be any use when Jesus returns - He will cut right through to the bare bones of the truth.

I think perhaps you ought to re - read your Bible properly, humbly asking the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you do so, not forgetting, of course, to confess your sins to Him beforehand.

That's very important, the confession of sins. God does not like proud people who think that they have done nothing wrong. We're all sinners, every single one of us, and having the good sense to realise that is the first step towards redemption.

When Jesus comes back it will be as a mighty king, not as a helpless little baby in a manger, like last time. It would be a shame to be crying, "Lord, lord" to Him, only to be told, "Go away, I don't know you". This world is doomed - everyone knows it, mankind has done a great job of wrecking it - but even the scientists know that one day our sun will explode and consume this planet and the rest of our solar system, turning the whole place into something resembling the classic image of hell. Our only hope is in Jesus. So it's best not to wind Him up and make Him angry, I think!