Thursday, 29 September 2011



Zoompad's pads said...
I was amazed he decided to even stand again.

SS has told his 3 regular blog followers how much he hates this oligarchy, how he was suing them all because they are so corrupt. How they covered up child abuse, serial killers and planning scandals. How he was relieved to get away from them all and that they even had the SOJP under the thumb.

No wonder people burst out laughing with his annoucement outside the Royal Court about going against everything he said and wanting to rejoin them all over again, the man is a ponce.


Zoompad said...

I'm not stupid, I know what they are referring to by "pads".

I have large breasts, I have large everything, due to comfort eating, because of PTSD. I am trying my best to lose weight, but its not easy because I am so pannicky at times, because I still get flashbacks, and the police banging round my house on a fools errand didnt exactly make things any easier for me.

I feel really angry about the way those horrible people keep making horrible posts on their horrible blog using my name. They are supposed to be politicians, some of the people on there. They are the lowest of the low.

Zoompad said...

Eating disorders are more difficult to overcome than drink or drug problems, because you have to have food in the house.
I've never had a drink problem, and I used to smoke, that was hard to give up, but I managed it, after I had pneumonia.

But the eating disorder is difficult. I turn to food to block out mental anguish. I don't even realise I am doing it, and I eat things even though I am not hungry, it is really very very difficult.

So that lot taunting me about my breasts is a pretty bad show. It just proves what vile people they are. They use that blog to insult people from morning till night. There's Jersey politicians posting on that blog!!!!

Zoompad said...

To call another politician a "nutter" is bad enough, but those wicked people are calling survivors of child abuse "nutters" and making jokes about the breasts of a woman with an eating disorder caused by the stress of not being able to stop malicious vindictive persecution to cover up institutional child abuse.

Theres a saying, "Don't kick a dog when he is down", well those wicked wicked evil people on the Blog of Doom will go on kicking the dog until all thats left of the dog is a smear of blood on their jackboots.

Phillip Baillache has a very poor choice of friends and supporters. I hope the people who are tempted to vote for him will have a look at the horrible Blog of Doom and judge for themselves. I would not be very happy voting for a man who has friends like that lot.

Zoompad said...

Using my name to post abusive comments about Stuart Syvret is bad enough, but making remarks about my breasts is simply disgusting. It's not the first time these scumbags have made comments about my physical appearance.

Stuart Syvret is a gentleman, leaving aside his politics, he is the sort of man that would tell his supporters off for making comments about a woman's physical appearance.

The people who run that Blog of Doom and their politician friends are not fit to lick the boots of Mr Syvret.