Monday, 12 September 2011


I understand certain people are calling me a nutter.

I am not a nutter. I have PTSD because of the abuse I suffered as a child and as an adult. Its not my fault I have PTSD.

Also, I am not a nutter because of me being a Christian. That is bigotry, calling people nutters because of their religion.

I am not a nutter.


Zoompad said...

I know I might come accross as being a bit forthright, but thats because I have had a terrible time from being stabbed in the back again and again. I keep trusting people and then I find out that they have plotted against me. I trusted my solicitor in the secret family courts, only to find out that he was a professional loser. I had a terrible time in those secret family courts, and its left great big scars.

It really upsets me when I think I can trust people and then I find they have been laughing about me behind my back. Its too upsetting to be treated like that. People shouldnt treat anyone like that, its horrible.

Zoompad said...

I like people to be straightforward with me. I get frightened when people aren't straightforward and direct with me, which is not really surprising after what I have been through.

I only wanted to know the answer to one simple question, and I can't understand why I couldn't have an answer. I've just been brushed under the carpet and been given the cold shoulder instead. Why?

Zoompad said...

Thank God Chris Wittwer has intervened, and it turns out that other women have made complaints about that man. So it's not just me who has been treated like that.

But I was treated like a piece of festering rubbish. I asked one simple question and for some reason have been seen as a nutter for asking it.

I didn't think I would be treated like that by people I thought were my friends. I feel utterly betrayed.

Anon said...

Ignore the haters. Do not even mention them.

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

Every time something like this happens all the old scars open up again, they have never healed, and I wonder if they ever will, because I just get to be trusting people and then just get hurt all over again. I just feel horrible when people aren't straightforward with me. Why can't people understand that? It would have taken less than five munites to answer that simple question, but I have been made to feel like a pest and an idiot.

Zoompad said...

I don't care about what the paedophiles think, but I feel betrayed by people I thought were my friends. It hurts too much! How can I ignore it, it doesn't go away!

Zoompad said...

Dear Jesus, please heal me, I am hurting inside Lord. Pl,ease help me Lord.

Anonymous said...

you're a sane, good and kind person and have never shoved religion at ME and you've tolerated this old atheist well enough - you're a beacon for true freedom of thought and religion, as set out in our constitution too. Nobody can help it if they've suffered a trauma, the psychiatric profession is often very sadistic. Lots of love xx

Zoompad said...

Dear Mr Cameron,

I have been told that you are going to hold a conference for victims of institutional child abuse, to discuss safeguards and how to stop such abuse happening in the future. I would like to be able to come to that conference and contribute, please can I be invited? I am Zoompad, the author of "Tip" the book I wrote to try to help people who had been abused to be healed of what happened to them, it is my personal account of my own experience in local authority care. I would like to help stop child abuse, and would love to come to this conference.

Yours faithfully,

Barbara Richards

Zoompad said...

Now, if he was tellingt the truth and there really is such a conference taking place I might be able to get invited to go to it.