Friday, 16 September 2011


"Gee I look old said...
I just laughed at the mental Zoompad post on his blog about the devil running this blog and her complaints to the Staffordshire Police about it hacking her account. Well if thats the paranoid level of his visitors what can I say!!!!

September 16, 2011 "

JEsus, I am so tired now. I just feel so tired of fighting for justice.

They don't care about what they do, Lord, they don't care because they have infiltrated all the justice and administrations. These are really wicked times, and anyone who cares about you and about the most vulnerable ones you told us to care for gets persecuted.

I feel so sad Lord, and don't feel able to campaign against child abuse any longer. There doesn't seem to be anyone to complain to, and I am just a laughing stock. They call me a nutter and laugh at me, I am like a big fat joke.

I think I had better step back now Lord, because these people are too powerful for me. I dont seem to be doing anything, just making myself into a walking joke.

I know you will sort everything out Lord, because you are Almighty God and I put my trust and hope in You and you alone.

Love Barbara


Anonymous said...

I doubt so many people would read your blog if you were a 'nutter' (what ever the definition of that is) However, it's an ignorant comment. Why would somebody bother doing this? They must see you as some kind of a threat to them? attack is the best form of defence. No rational comment just abuse, you have to ask why????
God bless you ZoompadX

Zoompad said...

The trouble is, I do get so tired, and that is when I start to believe those nasty comments myself, and get very depressed. The Nutter comments are hard for me to cope with because I was in a psychiatric hospital, they put me into one age 14 and I felt so humiliated when I had to face all the girls at school. They put me in one as a "Place of Safety" and people just assume that if you are in that sort of place you are some sort of psychopathic mad person. Actually, some of the patients semed a lot saner than some of the staff, that experience was an eye opener!