Saturday, 3 September 2011


The BBC forces anyone who has a television to pay a subsription to it's channels. It does not matter wether you watch the BBC channels or not, if you have a television you are forced to buy a BBC licence, and if you do not they will take you to court, and many people have been given big fines and put in jail for not paying the licence fee.

The Governments have all protected the BBC, and we have been told that the BBC has the best news department. The BBC has this reputation for showing people the news in all the countries of the world.

Well, I don't think the BBC deserve that good reputation. I think the BBC sucks.

The BBC is NOT telling people the news. The bBC is only telling people what it wants people to know, and hiding some very important stuff.

The BBC is very reluctant to cover any story about paedophiles, such as the massive story of paedophile soldiers servibg the Queen at Windsor.

Now, I expect someone from the BBC will read this and try to comment in defence, making out that they haven't covered this story out of consideration for the Queen. I will save them the trouble of making such a lie, by pointing out that BBC documentary that they tried to get away with, with crafty editing to try to make out that the Queen was having a hissy fit. The BBC tried to slander the Queen was not amused and they were forced to apologise.

The BBC ought to be covering this Windsor Palace story, and also the goings on at Jersey, the Haut de la Garenne cover up which has turned into a big political crisis in Jersey. They are like mice on this subject. The only time the BBC want to comment on Jersey's political crisis seems to be whenever they can show anything negative about the people who have tried to help the victims of the Haut de la Garenne child abuse, people like Senator Stuart Syvret, who has been persecuted for being a whistleblower.

I think the BBC has a lot of explaining to do.

Queen’s soldier No2 arrested in paedophile hunt
Windsor Castle cavalry stunned
Published: Today
A SECOND member of the elite Household Cavalry regiment has been arrested by cops probing an alleged paedophile ring.
Detectives swooped on the home of married Lance Corporal Mark Neal, 28 — who has guarded the Queen.
Neal, stationed in the shadow of Windsor Castle, was away on exercise. Detectives drove 90 miles to detain him at a tank training range at Bovington, Dorset.
He was quizzed on suspicion of conspiracy to sexually assault a child and possessing indecent images.
Neal lives with wife Amy on a Windsor army estate — 100 yards from the home of his pal Lance Corporal of Horse Simon Davies, 37, who is charged with raping a pre-teen girl.

Davies' teaching assistant wife Fiona, 44, is accused of aiding and abetting rape. The couple, arrested a week ago, have been remanded in custody.

Held ... Davies' wife Fiona
Neal and Davies were serving at the time that Princes William and Harry joined the Household Cavalry as officers.

The cavalrymen's arrests came after cops seized a computer from a suspected paedophile in London and found a sick video of a man raping a schoolgirl. It is suspected the images were put on the internet for viewing by perverts.

One shocked friend of Neal said: "I would have bet anything he would not be involved in anything like this.

"Mark is a loving husband and an exceptional soldier. He was decorated in Afghanistan and is a great bloke and keen Tottenham Hotspur fan."

Neal was a member of mounted ceremonial escorts for the Queen several times until 2008. Then he switched to the regiment's tank section at Combermere Barracks, Windsor.

Raid ... our story
Davies joined the cavalry from the Royal Logistic Corps. He took part in pistol training on ranges in Norfolk before a sixth-month tour in Afghanistan in 2009.

Both soldiers are being investigated by the Met Police paedophile unit.

Neal was later released on police bail until September 11. Cops guarded his three-bedroom house on the Broom Farm Estate as forensic experts removed a computer, photo albums and documents.

One cavalry officer said the regiment — traditionally the Queen's personal bodyguards — was "in meltdown" over the arrests.

He said: "This is a total nightmare. The men are feeling it dreadfully. We dearly hope this is the end of it."

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