Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I want to put the Christian view of the Freeman movement.

The Freeman movement is the view that none of us are bound by the Maritime law that is enforced by the police and the courts.

I am probably going to upset some of my more headstrong friends with this blog posting, because I believe it is not right to disrupt courts just to make a political point.

Jesus gave two examples that the Freemen ought to bear in mind whenever they are thinking about defying the authority of the courts and political leaders. One is Matthew 22 verse 15, when Jesus was asked wether the people needed to pay tax to Ceaser. The other example is Luke 14 v 5. These were both legal questions, as it was unlawful according to Jewish law to do any work on the Sabbath and pulling someone out of a well was strictly speaking work.

Jesus always stressed time and time again that not only did he not belong to this world, none of hisw followers did either. He warned the npeople who followed him not to get too attached to this world. He taught that this world is only part of our lives, and that he would rise again and live for ever, and promised the same gift bof eternal life for all his followers.

So while I can see the corruption and depravity of the Secret Family Courts and the MOJ and the other institutions which ought to be doing one thing but have another secret and wicked agenda, I do urge all my friends - and that includes some people who I may have had sharp words with recently - please, don't conform to the standards of this world, but look higher, don't follow any man for your moral standard, but follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, the courts are corrupt, don't I just know it! Well, how many of you ask the Lord for help in putting right what is wrong? We ought to be asking God to help us, not (in the words of Phillip Bailhache), "Making it up as we go along!"

I do worry about the Freeman Movement. I know that Jordan Maxwell is involved in this, and I do not trust any man who allows himself to be worshipped as if he is God, even allowing people to call him the Messiah in a public arena. I think a little humility might not go amiss for Mr Maxwell.

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Zoompad said...

That does not mean to say that people should obey every wicked law, as there are now satanists and paedophiles in positions of authority, not to oppose such people is sinful and cowardly.

Lord Justice Wall, for example, has attempted to try to justify the secret - and therefore illegal - family courts, which are stealing children using syndromes invented by paedophiles and giving them to all sorts of people, some of them paedophiles and satanists. It should be obvious to everyone that this has to be opposed vigourously by every decent man and woman, and stopped.

The snatching of new born infants from first time mothers by social workers aided and abetted by the police must be stopped.