Monday, 26 September 2011


Yes, I am talking about one of the most disgraceful websites on the Internet, the JERSEY HAUT DE LA GARENNE MURDER FARCE BLOG, which is run and contributed by a convicted criminal, a foul mouthed drunkard comedien, some very corrupt Jersey politicaians and some very creepy and desperate people.

I cannot say it is the worst site on the Internet though, as Ianboys Discipline Homepage, lucifer youth foundation, Searchlight Magazine and NAMBLA also have websites in cyber space I am sorry to say.

I am sick of that disgusting site making disgusting comments about people who have been abused and about people who try to help vulnerable people.

The people who are running that Blog of Doom are grieving the Holy Spirit.

This is an example of the horrible comments made on that horrible blog, and the police know about this cyber bullying as do Google but noone will do anything to stop it.

"alto ego hair products said...
It looks like the Nutter's blog has moved away from the election and they are now discussing his non existent love life possibly due to his nerdy addiction to blogging and talking crap about all and sundry. Still he could always get Rico to dress up in drag or invite Zoompad over for a weekend eh....;-0 "

"Anonymous said...
Syvret has even given up the ghost on killer nurses by the looks of it, maybe the penny has dropped that nobody cares anymore????

September 25, 2011 "

People DO care that they might need to go into hospital and be at risk of being murdered by aq nurse, but the criminals who are running the not so free press wont tell people what is happening, the people get propaganda rather than the truth on the Jersey news and the Jersey Evening Post!


Anonymous said...

and you're giving them loads of free advertising

Zoompad said...

It's my blog. I'll do what I like on my own blog. I don't go on your blog and tell you how to run it. This is my space, to have my own gay, good grief, I've been gagged and pushed around often enough in the past. You run your own blog the way you want to run it, and don't come here trying to be a control freak.

I am going to publish their horrible comments about me on here. The police read this blog and I want them to see how I am being harassed, they came whizzing round my house quick enough falsely accusing me of cyber harrassment, lets see if they will jump to my defence for the same crime, except this time with solid proof!

Zoompad said...

Though I expect the police are far too busy, what with having to moniter Christian bookshops for public order offences, such as having the Holy Bible broadcast on television screens and stopping people handing out leaflets on how to be saved from eternal damnation.