Tuesday, 10 September 2013



Zoompad said...

I suppose they'll laugh at me for posting this, but one day they will remember.

The Lord won't allow the human race to mock Him for ever.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoompad

No one is laughing I assure you.

Some news, John alllen has been released on conditional bail, I wonder if he's gone back to needham market in Suffolk, foxglove close or gardens I believe, perhaps an asset near there could conduct door to door enquiries on the seedy looking flats there to check please.
John Allen is the chap connected to north wales.

Speaking of Suffolk, today Simon Warr has been charged with seven counts of sexual abuse of boys, some at his old school St Georges Finborougj, Warr offended there it's said at the same time as Derek Slade.

Also Warr is charged with abusing a boy at the royal hospital school Holbrook, the eadt reports Warr attended the royal Masonic school for boys in watford, the school is also used by Suffolk Freemasons for their annual general meeting, and if you check the website for Suffolk province of Freemasons you will see the school there.

Canon Kevan McCormack also taught at rhs with wart, McCormack is now the chaplain for the provine of Suffolk Freemasons.

Derak Slade was a freemason.

Warr also has connections Ipswich sea cadets, where there are rumours of ongoing child sexual abuse and links to the prostitute murders.
The links are huge, Simon Warr and his links could as big as saville

A friend

Anonymous said...


Here is more, Warr was a presenter on radio suffolk, along with freemason Mark murphi, murphy is still on there regularly, and has a range of guests.

One of these guests is a Matt Porter, who is connected to metal frog web design in norwich, and porter runs a web design company himself.

Porter is good friends with a chris bergdahl in Ipswich, again a mason, this bergdahl works for a shadowy security company called Chs security in lowestoft, these guys are the freemasons dirty tricks department.

Metal frog has connections to local MPs and counsellors, see the consliracy yet everyone, Warr is involved in everything masodic and political, remember the names, they will come up again and again in this.

Bergdahl has a file on zoompad and other campaigners kept at his home in Ipswich, he has assistance from Freemasons in Suffolk police, bergdahl has files on victims of abuse, and porter has recently been actively persecuting victims of abuse.

There's much more to come out.
In essence, the Suffolk Freemasons have much to answer for, they have killed and will kill again, some of us will die, but whoever is left will fight on, it's operation eye glass now

A friend

Zoompad said...

I've never heard of Chris Bergdahl before, he also has a company called Bergdahl Associates, it is an American company dealing with adhesives for the aircraft industry.

I have known the Secret Military Services have a file on me for years, because of the stuff I found out about the Military Services sending a paedophile called Richard Gardner all over the world to spread his pro-paedophile junk science theory PAS and make it easy for paedophiles and human traffickers to get children to abuse.

They have bent over backwards to cover up the Pindown child abuse, and I thought at first that it was to avoid paying compensation to the victims, but I have changed my mind about that, I don't think its that at all now, so many victims are crying out its not compensation they want, its simply to be allowed to heal, BUT THEY WONT EVEN ALLOW US TO DO THAT, THEY ARE EVEN DELIBERATLY BLOCKING US FROM SERVICES THAT WOULD HEAL OUR BROKEN HEARTS, and the reason they have determined to cover up the Pindown child abuse is because the wicked ones have managed to persuade good non abusers that it would cause a meltdown of law and order if the truth comes out. Thats how they are getting away with persecuting VICTIMS and WHISTLEBLOWERS of institutional child abuse.

In fact, it is the very opposite, as the concealment of these vile and wicked crimes is causing meltdown. I would go as far to say that paedophiles and human traffickers are leading us into WW3

Zoompad said...

If someone has been abused, and all the agencies and people who are SUPPOSED to be guardians against abuse gang up and try to make out that person is a troublemaker, attention seeker, liar ect, what they are doing is locking up the very soul of that person into an unbearable trap. How can they ever expect that person to "get over it", when they have made his or her whole life to be a wicked lie?

Thats what they have tried to do to the Pindown child abuse victims and whistleblowers.

Everyone knows that there has been a cover up, but still the wicked ones are being allowed to carry on persecuting the victims! Not only that, they are putting this country into terrible danger, because so desperate are they to cover their tracks, even though it is futile to do so, that they are willing to risk the national stability of the whole country to conceal their crimes.

I had no idea what a psychopath was until I got dragged through the Secret Family Courts, and found out that the thing I had been accused of having was PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME, which was invented by a PSYCHOPATHIC PAEDOPHILE called RICHARD GARDNER.

Psychopaths are selfish. They don't have any moral virtue. They cause chaos wherever they go.

What amazes me is that Great Britain has put up for so long with these secret courts all over the land. Anyone with half an eye ought to be able to see that secret courts are wicked, illegal and wrong!

The paedophiles have had a field day in this country.

Anonymous said...


read the above, house of commons speaker up on perversion charges
buggering young men

Zoompad said...

Stephen Wright — Daily Mail Sept 10, 2013

Commons Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans was last night charged with a string of sex attacks on seven young men.

The 55-year-old Tory MP was told he will stand trial accused of eight offences, the most serious of which carries a maximum life penalty.

The decision to charge the openly-gay politician – a popular figure in Westminster – came after he was arrested for a third time yesterday morning.

Last night Evans was charged with the rape of a man between March 29 and April 1, 2013, five sexual assaults dating back to 2009 and two indecent assaults dating back to 2002.

Evans dismissed the original allegations against him as ‘completely false’, and said they had been made by two people he had ‘regarded as friends.

In June, after his second arrest, he said: ‘I continue to refute all allegations.’

Evans has now resigned from his Speaker duties, but last night said he would ‘robustly’ fight to prove his innocence from the back benches.

After spending more than 12 hours in custody, he joked to reporters about the darkened sky: ‘Is it still Tuesday?’

He continued: ‘May I assure everyone at this time that I will robustly defend my innocence.

‘I have today answered bail following complaints I have said were incredulous.

‘While I am saddened this case has not been closed today I am certain of two things – firstly that I am innocent, and secondly that my innocence will be demonstrated.’

Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC said: ‘Following an investigation by Lancashire police, the Crown Prosecution Service has received a file of evidence in the case of Mr Nigel Evans MP which concerns allegations of a sexual nature.

‘After careful consideration, we have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and that it is in the public interest to prosecute Mr Evans.’

Evans was detained and quizzed on fresh allegations of indecent assault and sexual touching against two men in their 20s when he answered bail at Preston police station yesterday.

He had previously been arrested by Lancashire Police on suspicion of rape, sexual assault and three indecent assaults against five men, also all in their 20s.

Evans’s initial arrest in early May related to offences alleged to have been committed in Pendleton, Lancashire, between July 2009 and March 2013.

The three counts of indecent assault, over which he was arrested in June, are alleged to have happened in Blackpool and London between 2003 and 2011.

The two fresh allegations he was quizzed over yesterday related to alleged incidents in London between 2002 and 2009.

His trial is expected to take place next spring or early summer, something which will be will be of major concern for Tory strategists with a General Election looming in 2015.

He was one of three deputy speakers elected in a secret ballot of MPs in 2010. Later that year, in an article in The Mail on Sunday, he came out as gay, saying that he was ‘tired of living a lie’.

He had in the past received threats of blackmail from political enemies threatening to expose him, he said.

Evans was brought up on a Swansea council estate and worked in his parents’ shop before studying politics at Swansea University. He joined the Conservative Party when he was 16.

His career in politics began when became a councillor in 1985. He won Ribble Valley for the Tories in the 1992 General Election.

Evans will appear before Preston magistrates on September 18.

Zoompad said...

"Evans dismissed the original allegations against him as ‘completely false’, and said they had been made by two people he had ‘regarded as friends."

That is an interesting comment

Zoompad said...

I hope there will not be any gagging orders on this case, and that the people of this country will not be denied by the Secret Services to hear the WHOLE case (not just selected and edited parts of it)

Zoompad said...

This might be totally unconnected (but I dont think it is) but I like to go on Justin Hayward (of the Moody Blues) website because I like his music, I dont go on it for any research purposes or anything like that, purely for entertainment purposes, because I happen to like his music.

Well, for the last few weeks I have had massice problems accessing his site, and now I cant do it at all, all I get is a blank page and my computer freezes, I can't move the cursor and I get a white screen.

I tried to get on again, and my antivirus software quarenteened a virus called variant.graftor.113428.

I don't know why anyone would want to stop me going onto Justin Haywards website, it seems insane to me. I can't get onto the Moody Blues website either.

Zoompad said...

I know the good ones look at my blogspot as well as the bad ones, and so hopefully posting the details of this virus might help them because all virus's sources are traceble. I am sure that only criminals invent virus's, and I don't believe in that big lie about criminals code of honour any more, the Krays weren't rough diamonds with a code of honour, they were bad men.

Anonymous said...


Information just in, the Freemasons are now fighting amongst themselves, and one of our own has been physically assaulted, a friend has been badly attacked by soldiers from Wattisham airfield, he is alive and laying low.

Can everyone please be extra vigilant, things are at the stage where they will do anything to silence people speaking out.

A friends friend

Anonymous said...

It is well known that israel has teams of people but mainly students planting viruses on any site where they say that site is against them, be careful
and nigel evenas is a self confessed pervert, how can he deny the charges ?

Anonymous said...


We all need to be careful, the final struggle seems to be upon us.

Remember they have now pitched army and other military against us in and on our own streets, remember that's why we didnt over protest at thatchers funeral, and now we have them anyway, no one is safe, we will only be safe if we all soon go out and simply say that's enough, and hold a peaceful prtest, they can't shoot us all

Zoompad said...

We're not doing anything wrong for to have the military set against us, all we're doing is telling the truth of what happened, about the institutional child abuse and cover up by the police (leant on by the Military Secret Services)of the Pindown childrens home abuse.