Sunday, 29 September 2013


Jesus was accused of being a nutter.

He had enemies, people who were desperatly trying to cover up their crimes and vested interests.

Things weren't so differently 2000 years ago.


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Pervert advises kid porn group.


AN Irish pervert has been giving advice to a top legal group on how to sentence people caught with child pornography.

Tom O'Carroll told lawyers on the British Sentencing Advisory Panel to go easy on the sickos.

Carlow-born O'Carroll, 56, is listed on the influential group's website as a contributor - even though he is a convicted paedophile paedophile or US pedophile

a person who is sexually attracted to children

Noun 1. paedophile - an adult who is sexually attracted to children
pedophile .

He made submissions to the respected organisation despite being convicted in July of smuggling indecent images into Britain, where he now lives.

He is also a founding member of the Paedophile Information Exchange The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was a prominent UK pro-pedophile activist group, founded in October 1974. It disbanded in 1984 [1] Early history and activity which campaigns for the legalisation n. 1. the act of legalizing; same as legalization.

Noun 1. legalisation - the act of making lawful
legalization, legitimation

group action - action taken by a group of people of child abuse.

But the panel's chairman Martin Wasik said: "It is not the job of the panel to research the background of people sending the submissions."

The public body caused outrage last month when it published guidelines which children's charities said would, if adopted by the British Court of Appeal, make it harder to convict people caught with child pornography.

News that O'Carroll was advising the panel was greeted with shock by MPs in England.

Tory Dominic Grieve told the Sunday Express: "It's remarkable that this man has been able to add his views and worrying that he's able to do it without anybody knowing his background."

O'Carroll identified himself as a 56-year-old journalist when he made his submissions to the panel.

He contacted the panel in April, just four months before he was convicted of three charges of being knowingly concerned in the importation of indecent material.

The self-confessed paedophile was held last year after Customs chiefs at Heathrow airport discovpictures of children in his luggage.

Zoompad said...

"News that O'Carroll was advising the panel was greeted with shock by MPs in England.

Tory Dominic Grieve told the Sunday Express: "It's remarkable that this man has been able to add his views and worrying that he's able to do it without anybody knowing his background."


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Anonymous said...

Its pressure from the Jewish lobby to go easy on pedos, they want it decriminalised, and the offenders to be called "monor oriented "
why cant we have an english lobby?

Zoompad said...

I'm not so sure all the pressure to cover up for paedophiles is coming from the Jewish/masonic lobby, as some of the paedo cover uppers aren't Jewish.

Anonymous said...

The jewish lobby want sex with minors decriminalised, because in jewish law its nota crime
see jonathan king, charlie chaplin and roman polanski all claimed they committed no crime\ Simon Cowell puts up 50 000 pounds defence fund for every jew caught doing this.
so yes this does come from jews

Zoompad said...

"so yes this does come from jews"

Yes, absolutly, but its not just Jews who abuse little kids. These child abusing gangsters don't actually care about religion, they are not spiritual people, they don't care about God.

They are from all sorts of religious and non religious organisations, hiding behind a facade of religion, but their hearts are like slabs of marble.

I have no doubt that lots of Jews go to their Synagogue with good intention, aren't child abusers, hate child abuse, just the same as plenty of Christians go to their Church with good intention, just the same as plenty of Muslims go to their Mosque with good intention. Can you see what I am saying?

Is Keith Vaz a Jew?

I'm choosing my words carefully because I have in my mind all the time what Jesus Christ said about wheat and tares growing in the same field together.

Anonymous said...

I always like your comments barabra
but walt disney has been taken over my Michael Eisner, he has put allopsrts of subliminals in for child sex, look up the vids on youtube
you will be sick
the BBC has done the same, they say its only for homosexuality,
but no matter everywhere you look we are deluged with subliminald encouraging perversion
they did this in 30s germany
Hitler had to come and clean it all up.

Anonymous said...

A homosexual man i work with insists that have sex with boys does not damage them in any way, i argued with him that the damage is very long lasting
and he said ah they get over it.
How can these pervs be so flippant ?

Zoompad said...

"everywhere you look we are deluged with subliminald encouraging perversion"

I know, it's horrible.

The perverts are infiltrating everything. They hate anything that is wholesome, kind, sweet and innocent. They worship the devil, who is a wrecker.

Zoompad said...

When I say they worship the devil, I don't mean they necessarily bow down to him in ritual. They do his bidding, they worship him with their wicked deeds.

I dont suppose they even realise its the devil they are helping when they do these vile wicked things, they just think they are pleasing themselves.

Their ringleaders do worship the devil.

Anonymous said...

barbara i read and re read your comments on the devil and these pervs who do his bidding,
there is so much wisdom here.
In the old days the NHS would provide free counseling for those with strange desires my brothers freind thought he was homosxual and was interfering with schoolboys, but he got help and never offended again, he settled down with a girl from my work.

Anonymous said...

This blog has helped me so much and shown just how prolific is child abuse.
Boys dont often admit it was done to them and it took me years to be able to take about it.
My pal who retired from the BBC a while back told me the comic Frankie Howard was a compulsive pest to young lads and he had to have a minder when the carry on films and TV progs with him in were being made.
Do they not realise what they are doing destroying the lives of every young boy who is abused ?

Zoompad said...

As a child I couldn't stand Frankie Howard, I didn't find him funny at all, just very creepy.

Zoompad said...

"Boys dont often admit it was done to them"

It's hard enough in this day and age for girls to talk about what was done to them, and getting harder because the paedophiles are getting trained in the law and ganging up on victims of child abuse to the extent they are threatening to prosecute victims of child abuse that they have managed to block the justice system to.

How it must be for men to tell what happened to them as children I can only imagine. It strips you of your dignity as a human being - it makes you feel like a nothing - thats how it feels for me as a woman, having to continually say what happened to me in the face of constant accusations of being a compensation gold digger.

Thats the only accusation these child abusing cover up bastards can come up with, and anyone who can be bothered to look can see what a stupid accusation it is to make to people who have been crying out for decades about stuff that happened, with evidence.

There is not a shred of evidence that people are making up stories about child abuse in order to claim compensation handouts. The paedogangsters never have any concrete evidence when they come out with that nonsense - its all hearsay.

The same gangsters try to dismiss as hearsay concrete evidence of child abuse. They like to throw out that word. I will throw it back at them.

Zoompad said...

One day we who have been abused and reabused by the so called justice system (which has largely been taken over by wicked gangsters who don't give a shit about justice) will be taken into the arms of the Lord who was also ganged up upon by the 2000 year ago gangsters, and we will be consoled for all the horrible things that have been done to us.

In the meantime, all we can do is stand strong, keep telling the truth, never deviating left or right, even pray for these gangsters - because sure as anything they are going to hell if they dont repent of what they are doing.

Jesus did say to pray for your enemies, its very hard to for me, but I do pray for the gangsters, because I know that most if not all of them were themselves abused as children, thats no excuse at all for what they are doing to us right now, but thats what has happened, abuse is a vicious circle that needs to be broken.

Jesus did say that noone would be able to make the claim that God never gave the damned a chance. I know the paedogangsters read my blog, they are learning the truth about the Lord right here on this blog as they spy on me. They can either choose as the people of Ninevah did after Jonah preached the truth to them, or they can stay wallowing in their own filth and face their Creator in that state, and be damned for all eternity.

Anonymous said...

The irish minister who said child abuse should be legalised yesterday was only telling us what is coming soon, it will be decriminalsied and yes this is coming from the jewish lobby as another commenter suggested, look at what the jews did to germany, they are doing the same here and in the USA.
Unles w espeak out it wil get worse