Tuesday, 17 September 2013



He stopped me from signing my name to a faintly pencilled in statement in a Police Notebook last Friday.

I have no doubt that what I would have been signing my name to would have caused me and my family even more stress and distress than that we have already been through. Its very easy to rub out faint pencil marks and insert something else. What was it going to be, a Police Caution? Did DC Phil Ruskin ever recieve my letter to him - clearly marked as CONFIDENTIAL? I didn't write it to Stafford Police, I wrote it ABOUT Stafford Police!

Stafford Police, why can't you understand that the Lord is not happy about the way you are behaving? If you really wanted truly to put right the wrong you have done to this little family, why on earth did you not simply do so? A PROPER apology, not even more of these creepy James Bond capers! A PROPER apology and an attempt to put right the wrongs, so that I truly can "move on" as everyone (including myself) would dearly like to do, but can't because I am STILL being abused by you lot!

You will never get one over my father The Lord my God, you might be watching everything I do but you're being watched by God even more closely!


Anonymous said...

yes never sign anything written in pencil and always sign directly underneath the writing- never leave a gap where other stuff can be inserted.
I found this site through aangirfan which has since been disrecredited as a sleep site for socialist jews, these are the people who twist the law prostiute it and make it their own and always have done, " first lets kill all the lawyers" Shakespeare
he knew alright

Anonymous said...

So now w eare told the police were worried in the Cyril smaith case that if they knicked him he could bring down the whole liberal party with him, well they said this about jeremy thorpe who said him labour and tory parties woulod be wrecked, what sort of politicians do we have now ?

Anonymous said...


this deals with institutional child abuse ( mainly boys for the homosexual agenda )

Zoompad said...

"yes never sign anything written in pencil and always sign directly underneath the writing- never leave a gap where other stuff can be inserted."

She caught me at a bad time, I wasn't having a good day emotion wise. She caught me by surprise with the notebook, it was only afterwards I realised she'd written her bit in faint pencil. But the Lord protected me, he nudged me into writing a little statement underneath her pencil writing and signing that.

She pretended to come round to see if I was all right, after I'd had my very half hearted written apology from Stafford Police. Talk about rubbing salt into wounds!!!

And then, on the open doorstep, she said something about me being glad to know that she wont be coming round again. I thought about that afterwards and it sounded dead creepy to me, like a veiled threat.

I bet that letter was never passed on to DC Phil Ruskin.

I can't understand why she came round again. I'd already told her down the phone when she rang me up that I was very glad to get the apology, even if it isn't sincere, its better than nothing I suppose. But why the heck did she come round again and try to trick me? Why won't they leave me alone, its disgusting!