Wednesday, 25 September 2013


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


God didn't have to do that for us. He didn't have to do anything for us, after our race rejected him and decided to follow Lucifer.

God CLEARLY told Adam and Eve that if they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil - the forbidden fruit - that they would surely die.

Adam and Eve didn't have to eat that fruit. It wasn't an apple - people keep saying it was an apple - it wasn't an apple, apples weren't forbidden fruit. It wasn't a mango, it wasn't a fig, it wasn't a tomato, it wasn't a melon, it wasn't a banana. It was the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. All the other fruits and more were food for Adam and Eve.

The nearest people can get to to that paradise nowadays is when they (if they can afford it) go to a tropical rain forest holiday. Warm weather, beauty surrounding you everywhere, food in abundance to just pick off the trees. Funny how mankind is wrecking even the last traces of the nearest you can get to earthly paradise, no-one can blame God for that, when everyone can clearly see its humans doing it.

God made this planet for us to live in - he planned it very carefully. He made the atmosphere, the landscape, the plants and animals and last of all, the people. He made it just the way he wanted it. I don't really know why he made it, or us. He made it just because he wanted to, same as I made a nice bag for my pencils last week, because I wanted to. God can do anything he likes, because he is God.

I think God is a magician. He can say "Let there be light" and light appears.

Lucifer isn't a magician. He pretends to be one, but his power is limited. His power has to come through human beings enslaved to him. Not like God. There isn't any real magic in the devil, he's just an obnoxious bully who has to get weak human beings - flesh and blood - to do his running around for him.

God is the Creator. The devil is the Wrecker.

God loves us and died for us, to save us from destruction. The devil hates us and has always been jealous of us, since Adam and Eve were created, after he rebelled against God.


Zoompad said...

This is the time to choose between God and Satan. Which will you choose?

Good v Evil.
Honesty v Lies
Repentance v Cover ups

It's up to every man and woman to make that choice for themselves. No-one will be able to say to God "I never had the chance and the choice"

Anonymous said...


I choose god and his son Jesus every time

The masons say lucifer is good and Jesus is evil at the higher degrees.

I stand with you Zoompad, with god with us, we will be ok

A friend

Zoompad said...

"The masons say lucifer is good and Jesus is evil at the higher degrees."

I know they do, and the way the devil is portayed in horror films is wrong, all the devils power comes from the human beings who allow their own bodies to be a channel for him.

The devil is a tricker, he tricked Adam and Eve into tasting the forbidden fruit, and he's still tricking people into worshipping him, as if he is some kind of magician, when what he really is is a rebellious fallen angel.

All those unrepentant dead people ie Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager who enabled the devil will be in hell right now, there isn't any more time for them, because they are dead, once you are dead time is irrelevent, because time is for the living not the dead. They will be in eternal damnation, this is why Jesus kept saying that people have to repent WHILE THE BREATH OF LIFE IS STILL WITHIN THEM!

It's leaving it a bit too late when you are dead. If you leave it till then you've missed the boat.

The Catholic church has been teaching people heresy, making out that other people can pray away someone elses sins away, they can't. They can count as many rosaries as they like, it doesn't mean anything to God, once that person is dead its a complete waste of time praying for their soul.

I loved my father, but I didn't pray for my father once he was dead. There was no point. I prayed for my father whilst he was alive.

The Catholic church should stop teaching people false things, necause they are leading people down the wrong road.