Friday, 13 September 2013



“The existence of the Cyril Smith sex abuse dossier was first revealed by The Daily Telegraph in November last year.

Tony Robinson, a special branch officer with Lancashire Police in the 1970s, said he saw a police dossier which was “thick” with allegations from boys claiming they had been abused by Sir Cyril.

He said that after taking the file out of the safe at special branch headquarters in Hutton, Preston, he was contacted by an officer from MI5 who told him it needed to be sent to London.

Mr Robinson also disclosed that the then Director of Public Prosecutions had examined the allegations but decided they were “not in the public interest”.

A former Lancashire police officer said he was told by Special Branch to stop his investigation into Smith and ordered to hand over the police dossier.

Jack Tasker said: “They made it quite clear that anything that was kept by us would bring repercussions if we didn’t hand it over; that as far as we are concerned, the inquiry is finished … you will take no more inquiries into Cyril Smith.”


Nick Clegg, you know damned well what has been going on. I urge you, beg you, please. just do the right thing. You know what you have to do. Please.


Zoompad said...

A political representative of the people has no right to be an agent of the Military Secret Services. How on earth can you be representing your constituents whilst doing the bidding of the Military Secret Services - you can't!

Zoompad said...

The Military Secret Services had NO RIGHT to use their secret powers and authority to cover up institutional child abuse, and everyone knows it.

We want the names of those who have done so.

Zoompad said...

I am not interested in any other classified information, only that which involves the institutional child abuse cover up.

Anonymous said...

the cyril smith episode was not revealed by the telegraph
which is a jew controlled rag
the telegraph article was a spoiler for an ex intell guy who has since doed who blew the whistle some time before that on a lot more which the telegraph hid up

Anonymous said...

The above item broke the news on cyril smith not the telegraph as claimed

Anonymous said...

among the men picked out as profusive abusers was greville janner the priminent jew.
I wa stoo small to remember who the men were who came round choosing young boys to go for a ride in a nice car, but the older boys do reember and they are now talking

Anonymous said...

Pastor raped small boys
" fot their own benefit"

Zoompad said...

"The above item broke the news on cyril smith not the telegraph as claimed"

I know, and the Torygraph is trying to score political points against the LibDems, none of the big boys are interested in stopping child abuse.

Zoompad said...

But I have a ray of hope for Nick Clegg, its a very faint ray of hope that he has a spark of integrity in him, very faint.

I have none for Scameron now, not after the Philip Scofield fiasco. He's still intent on keeping that 2002 Conference kicked into the long grass, the one he attended along with Tom Watson, David Rose, Bob Woffinden Richard Webster and other masonic "worthies"

Zoompad said...

I can understand anyone being so overawed by arguments from the Military Service they become persuaded to cover up crimes committed in the past by politicians, in the National Interest. I can understand that a person may have been persuaded by clever arguments that it was in the best interest of the country to keep a lid on the organised Childrens homes abuse, if there would have been a real effort put into making amends to the victims, ie by allowing such people to finish their education and access services to help them to heal and "get over it"

But we're talking of crimes still being committed now. Crimes against victims of crimes in the past, and crimes against young people now. And there is not a single argument that could allow that to carry on "In the interest of National Security" And the victims of the crimes have not been helped at all, they've been persecuted instead. And the abuse of children is still goin on, via the Secret Family Courts, which are knowingly using syndromes invented by paedophiles.

In fact I will go further, and say that it is putting the National Security of the country at grave risk by continuing to protect these paedophiles and human traffickers and traitors.

Anonymous said...

some fab comments here barbara, we all love you for exposing this,
but we are told it will soon be illegal to talk about such things, could that be true ?
they are that desperate to silence us

Anonymous said...

and another one on concealed child abuse

BTW i would not bother with nick clegg when jenny tongue was thrown out of the party, in what ws seen as a vicious racist campaign by lib dems
nick cegg did nothing, because he is an arsole

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoompad

I am so glad you feel national security os at risk.

Zoompad has spoken, national security is at risk from the abuse cover up.

Everyone check protocol and go to operation gladio, it's time.
Zoompad please don't stop posting

On behalf of a friend

Zoompad said...

"but we are told it will soon be illegal to talk about such things"

What things? The covering up of institutional child abuse?

Who is going to try to make a law that stops victims of child abuse talking about theabuse they suffered? The Vatican? They've already tried that one - I posted about the gagging clause their lawyers inserted into Irish child abuse victims compensation claims a couple of years ago - £20,000 fine and/or up to 2 years in jail was the threat for talking about the horrible way they were treated.

I do not think the Lord will let them go that far. They are besmirching the name of the Lord our God with these evil things.